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Minor in Philosophy

The Minor in philosophy requires the completion of 20 units (5 4-credit courses) in philosophy. Students minoring in philosophy will automatically satisfy their Core Curriculum Philosophy and Ethics requirements.

Students typically declare a Minor in Philosophy after having taken a Core D1 Philosophy or Core D3 Ethics course. However, it is not necessary to enroll in any 100- or 200- level courses in Philosophy, and students interested in declaring a Philosophy Minor should:


  • Enroll in PHIL 310 - Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, to satisfy their Core D1 Philosophy requirement.
  • Enroll in PHIL 315 - Ethics for Majors, to satisfy their Core D3 Ethics requirement.


Summary of Requirements for the Minor

Download the Philosophy Minor Requirements Checklist

Core D1 (take no more than one)
  • PHIL 100- or 200-level course, OR
  • PHIL - 310 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (satisfies Core D1 Philosophy)
Core D3
  • PHIL - 240/241, OR 
  • PHIL - 315 Ethics for Majors
Elective Courses (3)
  • PHIL 300- or 400-level
  • PHIL 300- or 400-level
  • PHIL 300- or 400-level
(Some courses in Politics, Honors, SII may also count toward a Philosophy Minor - contact a Philosophy Advisor or the Department Chair.)