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Minor in Performing Arts

The minor in Performing Arts is intended to complement the major in the same area. Like the major it follows an interdisciplinary model combining the technical with the physical, the individual with the collaborative and the imaginative with the real. The students learn the art of performance combined with the discipline of intellectual rigor and a heightened sense of social responsibility.

The minor requires 20 units, chosen from:

  • PASJ - 130 Dance Studio: Craft
  • PASJ - 110 Acting for Non-Majors
  • PASJ - 230 Composition 1
  • PASJ - 208 Acting II: Scene Study and

Four (4) additional units chosen from:

  • DANC - 180 Popular Dance Culture and Subcultures
  • PASJ - 172 Production and Design II
  • PASJ - 231 Composition II
  • Intermediate Dance course 300-level or above
  • Advanced Dance course 300-level or above