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Performing Arts and Social Justice Major

The first undergraduate program of its kind in the nation, the Performing Arts and Social Justice major is deeply committed to the training and development of young artists fully engaged with the social issues that affect our lives. USF provides a training program in Dance, Music, and Theater, with a core community component and a space for critical reflection, based on the conviction that the arts, and the artists who practice them, do not exist in a vacuum, but are active participants in the process of shaping our culture.If you are a young artist with a thirst for learning, and you believe that creativity and imagination are powerful instruments to change lives and build a better world, join us as a Performing Arts and Social Justice Major. 

Foundational Courses

Every PASJ major, regardless of area of concentration, takes six foundational courses:

  •  PASJ 160-series: Body and Performance (2 credits) 
  •  PASJ 170-series: Production and Design (2 or 4 credits) 
  •  PASJ 180-series (Dance/Music/Theater) and Social History (4 credits) 
  •  PASJ 280: Contemporary Performance Practice (4 credits) 
  •  PASJ 380: Performing Arts and Community Exchange (4 credits) 
  •  PASJ 480: Senior ProjectThe remaining credits will be specific to the practice and craft of the concentration. 

Required Courses: Dance Concentration

PASJ Foundational Courses:

  • PASJ 161 Body in Performance: Laban (2)
  • PASJ 171 Production and Design I (2)
  • PASJ 181 Dance and Social History (4)
  • PASJ 380 Performing Arts and Community Exchange (4)
  • PASJ 480 Senior Project (4)

Dance Concentration Courses

  • DANC 140 Music for Dancers (1-2)
  • DANC 151 Partnering and Contact Improvisation (1-2)
  • DANC 210/310 Intermediate Ballet (1-2)
  • DANC 211/311 Intermediate Modern Dance (1-2)
  • DANC 230 Improvisation/Composition I (4)
  • DANC 231 Dance Composition II (4)
  • DANC 360 Dance in the Community (4)

Other Dance Concentration Requirements:

  •  Dance 200-300 series Electives (4 credits). May be taken as Intermediate/Advanced technique or as a Dance and Culture course.
  • Participation in two USF Dance Ensemble Productions
  • Participation in tech support of one Performing Arts Department production.

Required Courses: Music Concentration

PASJ Foundational Courses

  • PASJ 160 Body in Performance Alexander Technique (2)
  • PASJ 171 Production and Design I (2)
  • PASJ 180 Music and Social History (4)
  • PASJ 380 Performing Arts and Community Exchange (4)
  • PASJ 480 Senior Project (4)

Music Concentration Courses

  • MUS 300 Music Theory I (4)
  • MUS 301 History of Western Art Music (4)
  • MUS 305 Anthropology of Music (4)
  • MUS 392 Seminar in Western Art Music (4)

Other Music Concentration Requirements:

  • Music 200 series: Music Elective (4 credits)
  • Music 310 series: Theory/Comp topics (4 credits)
  • Music 210 series: Private Lesson (4 credits): All majors must take two semesters worth of directed private study in an instrument or voice.
  • Music 110 or 111: Instrumental or vocal ensembles (0-8 credits, counting as USF electives, not major credits): All majors must participate in 4 semesters of performance with one of our USF ensembles.

Required Courses: Theater Concentration

PASJ Foundational Courses

  • PASJ 162 Acting 1: Body in Performance: Laban Movement Analysis (2 credits)
  • PASJ 172 Production and Design II (4 credits)
  • PASJ 182 Theater and Social History (4 credits)
  • PASJ 380 Performing Arts and Community Exchange (4 credits)
  • PASJ 480 Senior Project (4 credits)

Theater Concentration Courses

  • THTR 120 Acting I: Spoken Text (2 credits)
  • THTR 220 Acting II - Scene Study (4 credits)
  • THTR 230 Composition I (4 credits)
  • THTR 272 Laboratory in Theater Practice (1credits)
  • THTR 320 Acting III: Viewpoints (4 credits)

Other Theater Concentration Requirements

  • THTR 303: Performance and Cultural Resistance (4 credits)
  •  THTR 305-316: Performance and Culture Series (4 credits)
  •  THTR 330-390: Theater Technique Electives (8 credits)
  •  Perform in two Performing Arts Department Theater productions.Participation in tech support of two Performing Arts Department productions.

Learning Outcomes for the Department of Performing Arts

  • Students will gain a historical foundation of the Performing Arts from the classics to contemporary practices within a context of cultural diversity.
  • Students will develop technical and conceptual skills related to the practice of their craft (Dance, Music, Theater).
  • Students will acquire and use practical skills for community-based artistic work, and learn how this form of artistic engagement contributes to a more inclusive and just society.