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Performing Arts and Social Justice Courses

PASJ  130 - Dance Studio: The Craft (4)

Intensive study in the rudiments of the dancer's vocabulary and craft, with intensive instruction in movement in order to develop range of motion, strength, coordination, balance, centering, while learning to care for the body.

PASJ  160 - Body in Perf: Alexander Tech (2)

Careers in music are often accompanied by physical problems such as back pain, tendinitis and repetitive stress injuries. The Alexander Technique is an educational process that helps musicians use their "primary instrument"- mind and body- without strain and excessive tension. All the basic principles of the Technique will be covered and all students will participate in applying the Technique to performance and counteracting stage fright and nervousness. No pre-requisite, required of PASJ majors with Music Concentration.

PASJ  161 - Body in Performance: Laban (1 - 2)

This course provides an introduction to Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals and their applications to movement description, observation, and execution. Students in all artistic disciplines will develop physical approaches to their training that address core support, postural concerns, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Through the cultivation of a vital, conscious relationship with one's body, dancers, actors and musicians will become aware of personal movement patterns that help and/or hinder expressive potential.

PASJ  171 - Production and Design I (0 - 2)

Production and Design I focuses on the design, technical, and managerial elements that are essential to the presentation of any performance. These include lighting, sound and multi-media components, as well as management and organizational structure. In this course, students will learn about the history of stage technologies, as well as their contemporary applications, with an emphasis on innovation and the self-producing artist.

PASJ  172 - Production and Design II (4)

This experiential course, required for Performing Arts and Social Justice Majors with a Theater Concentration and an elective for Theater Minors, focuses on the design, technical, and managerial elements that are essential to the presentation of any performance. Topics include: lighting, sound and multi-media for the stage, as well as stage-management and producing organizational structures. Students will learn about the history of stage technologies, as well as their contemporary applications, with an emphasis on innovation and the self-producing artist.

PASJ  180 - Music and Social History (4)

This course looks at the relationship between music and social justice. Using case studies from different historical times and different parts of the world we will examine how musicians create and perform music both in reaction to the social environment and to change it. Required for PASJ majors with music concentration, and for Music Minors.

PASJ  181 - Dance and Social History (4)

Dance, like all of the arts, is a product of the culture in which it is created. Social and political climates, cultural values, and issues of personal identity create the framework within which all dance artists create their work. Throughout history, dancers and choreographers have responded to their cultural contexts in more or less conscious ways. Many have used the craft of choreography to give a voice and/or visibility to ideas, issues or populations that directly challenge the attitudes of their communities. This has manifested itself in many ways as dance has evolved as a presence in our culture. This course will use the history of Western concert dance as a means for exploring these connections in greater depth. Particular focus will be paid to the history of ballet, jazz and modern dance and the principle figures of these fields whose work has impacted the ways we think about dance as an agent for activism, artistic innovation and change.

PASJ  182 - Theater and Social History (4)

This course studies the role that theater and theater artists have played in creating a "safe space" for engaging relevant social issues affecting communities throughout time. With a focus on western traditions it looks at performance as part of processes of social consciousness and transformation. Required for PASJ majors with theater concentration, and for Theater minors.

PASJ  280 - Contemp Perf. Practices (COPP) (4)

Prerequisite: PASJ 180-series. This required course for all Performing Arts and Social Justice majors will investigate the role of the artist in contemporary society. Through case studies of notable contemporary performance artists, students will critically examine the aesthetic, social, and political value systems within which artists create their work. Within this context, students will learn to recognize their own belief systems, thereby adopting an approach to art-making that is driven by cultural consciousness and personal choice.

PASJ  369 - Workshop in Dance Production (1 - 4)

PASJ  380 - Performing Arts and Community Exchange (4)

This course is designed for students who are interested in merging social activism, dance/theater and teaching. Students will learn how to use movement and theater as tools for social change in settings such as senior centers, schools and prisons. In studio sessions, students will identify, approach and construct classes for community sites. Selected films and readings will provide a context for discussion and assist in the development of individual student's research and teaching methods. The class will include lab sessions at designated off-camps sites where students will lead and participate in teaching workshops.

PASJ  390 - Special Topics (2 - 4)

PASJ  480 - Senior Project (2)

Required for all PASJ majors, this is the final course in the major where students will develop an individual or collective project in their area of concentration. Depending on your concentration (Dance, Music, Theater) you may enroll in a different section. See you advisor for guidance on specific projects before enrolling in this class.

PASJ  480 - Laboratory (0)