Master of Arts in Urban Affairs

The Master's Program in Urban Affairs can be completed in four semesters. Students completing their degrees in MAUA will be well prepared for a variety of careers in community-based non-profits; advocacy and public interest organizations; political organizations; governmental agencies; think tanks, philanthropic organizations; and private sector entities; as well as for further graduate study.

The program of study includes 36 credits and the completion of an Urban Affairs Internship:

First Year Core Classes

MAUA 601: History of Urbanism Seminar

MAUA 602: Issues in American Urban Policy 

MAUA 603: Urban Politics and Sociology Seminar

MAUA 604: Research Methods in Urban Affairs

Second Year Core Classes

MAUA 641: Community Based Research Seminar

MAUA 642: Research Prospectus

MAUA 643: Urban Affairs Internship

MAUA 644: Masters Capstone Project


MAUA 611: Public Policy Process

MAUA 611: Urban Field Study: San Francisco Bay Area

MAUA 612: Non-Profits and Public Policy (crosslisted with MOPA 612)

MAUA 613: Race, Organizing & Policy Advocacy (crosslisted with MOPA 613)

MAUA 614: Globalization, Social Justice and the City 

MAUA 615: Critical Sustainabilities

MAUA 616: Urban Political Economy

MAUA 617: Public Finance and Fiscal Management

MAUA 618: Nonprofit Administration

MAUA 621: Urban and Regional Planning

MAUA 622: Non-Profits and Philanthropy

MAUA 623: Urban Politics: San Francisco (crosslisted with MOPA 623)

MAUA 627: Policy Theme Seminar (crosslisted with MOPA 627)