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Graduate International Studies Courses

MAIS  601 - International Studies:Themes, Theories and Perspectives (4)

This foundational seminar provides an interdisciplinary survey of major approaches, theories, issues, debates, and methodological tools in the field of International Studies.

MAIS  602 - History and Politics of Global Issues (4)

This seminar examines the majors events, actors, and global processes of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries with emphasis on political and diplomatic history.

MAIS  603 - Human Rights and International Law (4)

A seminar that examines the major issues and controversies in international human rights, including their history and development, cultural and ideological distinctions; their role in international law, international relations theory, and foreign policy; their relevance to governmental and non-governmental institutions; and their relationship to the causes and consequences of terrorism.

MAIS  611 - Development and the Environment (4)

This seminar explores the phenomenon of globalization, its impact on economic development and environmental resources, and transnational resistance movements.

MAIS  612 - Politics of Conflict and Peace (4)

This seminar explores the political, economic, social and environmental factors associated with transnational conflicts and assesses different approaches to conflict resolution.

MAIS  613 - Research and Thesis Writing (4)

Each student completes a course in a specified world region of interest: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East.

MAIS  614 - International Studies Master's Research Project or Thesis (4)

Students receive guidance and supervision in completing their own research projects. In the final semester of the program, students present their research to faculty members.

MAIS  690 - Special Topics (4)

MAIS  698 - Directed Reading (1 - 4)