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Latin Courses

LATN  101 - Language in Ancient Rome (6)

An intensive introduction to phonology, morphology, and syntax supplemented with readings from various Latin authors and simple composition. Offered every Fall.

LATN  102 - Language and Power (6)

Continuation of LATIN 101, with emphasis on reading prose authors, on prose composition, and simple Latin poetry. Offered every Spring.

LATN  201 - Third Semester Latin (4)

Selections from various prose authors and Virgil's Aeneid, I-IV. Offered every Fall.

LATN  202 - Fourth Semester Latin (4)

Selections from Cicero and Ovid. Exercises in composition. Offered intermittently in the Spring.

LATN  398 - Directed Reading and Research (1 - 6)

Offered every semester.