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Advanced Certificate in Japanese Studies

 As the Bay Area is more deeply integrated into the economy and culture of the Pacific Rim, it becomes ever more desirable for Americans involved in business, scientific, and artistic activities to become more familiar with Japanese language, customs and culture. The Japanese minor and advanced certificate program at USF provide an exceptional opportunity to develop such expertise in a city alive with opportunities to apply what students have learned.

Students can pursue the Japanese minor or advanced certificate concurrently with a major in business, pre-law, education, or other professional degree. The Bay Area provides excellent opportunities for professional internships at the Japanese Consulate, the Asia Foundation, the Japan Society, and other nonprofit entities and businesses. USF also supports an exchange program at Sophia University in Tokyo, a Jesuit school, which is also one of the premier institutions of higher learning in Japan.

The Japan Club at USF offers exciting opportunities for students to expand their knowledge about Japanese culture, art, society, and business, including hands-on tutorials on Japanese calligraphy, the tea ceremony, and on making and eating sushi.


Download the Japanese Studies Advanced Certificate Checklist

The Advanced Certificate requires completion of thirty-two (32) credits in Japanese, as follows:

Required courses (24 credits):
  • JAPN - 101 First Semester Japanese
  • JAPN - 102 Second Semester Japanese
  • JAPN - 201 Third Semester Japanese
  • JAPN - 202 Fourth Semester Japanese
  • JAPN - 301 Intermediate Japanese I
  • JAPN - 410 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
Choose two from the following (8 credits):
  • JAPN - 195 Reading Osaka from San Francisco
  • JAPN - 302 Intermediate Japanese II
  • JAPN - 310 Zen and the Art of Japanese Calligraphy
  • JAPN - 350 Japanese Culture
  • JAPN - 351 Contemporary Japanese Culture
  • JAPN - 355 Japanese Literature in Translation
  • JAPN - 357 Naturalism in Japanese Literature
  • JAPN - 360 Japanese Calligraphy and Ink Painting
  • JAPN - 401 Advanced Japanese I
One course among the following can be counted toward the 8 credits:
  • HIST - 383 Modern Japan Since Perry
  • HIST - 387 History of U.S.-Japan Relations
  • THRS - 368 Japanese Religion and Society
  • THRS - 370 Zen Buddhism
  • THRS - 379 Buddhist Paths
  • BUS - 397 Japanese Study Tour