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European Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

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John Zarobell, Director

The European Studies Minor is a 20-credit program that offers interdisciplinary perspectives on twentieth-century Western and Eastern European politics and society. The program combines a European language requirement with courses from Politics, History and other departments. Apart from the coursework, the program encourages - though does not require - students to enroll in a semester abroad program, study tour, or internship program in Europe to acquire experience and knowledge of European society.

European Studies is a rapidly developing field of inquiry. In little more than a decade and a half, Europe has seen the collapse of the communist systems in its eastern half along with the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. Europe has moved towards increasing economic, military and even political unity with the growing integration of the European Union and the expansion of NATO; but Europe, nonetheless, continues to contend with divisive issues such as resurgent nationalisms and controversial immigration policies as well as ambivalent attitudes towards the United States and the new Russia.

European Studies Minor Requirements

The European Studies Minor requires completion of five 4-credit courses (20 credits).

Required Course (4 units):

  • POLS 357 Politics and Society in Europe OR
  • BAIS 370 European Lives

Elective Courses (12 units)

Students must complete three courses in Europe-related topics.

Choose four of the following: 

  • ART - 101 Survey of Western Art History I OR
  • ART - 102 Survey of Western Art History II
  • ART - 302 Renaissance Art
  • ART - 303 Baroque Art
  • ART - 305 Modern and Contemporary Art
  • ART - 306 Women and Art
  • ECON - 306 Economies of Modern Europe
  • ENGL - 290 Survey of British Literature and Methods
  • FREN - 315 Paris: Biographie d'une ville
  • FREN - 322 Le bon sens et la folie
  • FREN - 324 Guerre et paix
  • FREN - 340 French Cinema and Literature
  • FREN/GERM - 350 Paris-Berlin
  • GERM - 318 Jewish Literature and Culture in 20th Century Europe
  • GERM - 320 German Literature and Culture from 1945 to Today
  • HIST - 110 European Civilization
  • HIST - 317 Transatlantic Encounters: Europe in the Americas, 1492-1700
  • HIST - 318 From Plague to Revolution: Early Modern Europe
  • HIST - 319 Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Medieval Europe
  • HIST - 322 The Holocaust
  • HIST - 327 Modern European Intellectual History
  • HIST - 335 History of Modern Germany
  • HIST - 338 History of Russia and the Soviet Union
  • POLS - 340 Politics and Change in Russia/Neighboring States
  • POLS - 343 Politics and Change in East-Central Europe
  • POLS - 356 The Vatican in Global Politics
  • POLS - 357 Integration of Europe
  • SPAN - 338 Love and Sex, Vengeance and Death: Honor in Early Spain
  • SPAN - 355 Cultural Studies of Spain
  • SPAN - 455 Cultures in Contact and Conflict: Christian, Muslims and Jews in Early Modern Spain

Language Selected (4 units)

Students must demonstrate competence in a modern European language equivalent to four semesters of study at USF.