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English Major with Literature Concentration

This program requires the completion of forty-eight (48 credits ), as follows:

Level One (8 credits):

  • ENGL - 192 Introduction to Literary Study
  • ENGL - 299 Critical Analysis

Level Two (16 credits)

    • ENGL 310-329 Literature Area A (4)
    • ENGL 330-349 Literature Area B (4)
    • ENGL 350-369 Literature Area C (4)
    • ENGL 3xx Literature Elective (4)

Level Three (20 credits)

    • Five 400-level Literature Courses (4 credits each)
    • Note: One course at the 300 or 400 level must be a Minority Literature course.

Level Four (4 credits)

  • ENGL - 490 Senior Seminar in Literature
Learning Goals/Outcomes for the B.A. in English
    • Students will have acquired a basic understanding of the literary, historical, social, or cultural influences that inform literary works.
    • Regardless of the language of the texts or the language of instruction, students will have articulated in writing and discussion their responses to literary texts.
    • Students will have developed a basic critical ability to identify, interpret, and evaluate the ideas and formal features of an integrated body of literary texts.
    • Students will have developed a sensitivity to the plurality of meanings within a literary text.