Other Opportunities

Overseas Study and Internships

As part of the program, students may spend a semester or summer at a university abroad and earn six (6) units of credit toward their degree at USF. Students may choose this option as a substitute for the electives in their respective concentration areas. Overseas study must be approved by the program advisor and the coordinator of the area of concentration. On a more limited basis, students may also substitute an internship for one elective course upon approval by the graduate program advisor. Students choosing the internship option must complete ECONG 696.

Research Paper, Thesis, and Honors Program

The Masters degree requires that all students undertake a research project in their area of concentration. All students must present their completed research project in the Graduate Seminar (ECONG 690) before the entire Economics faculty and turn in a research paper.

The Department highly recommends that students choose an area of concentration by the end of their second semester of graduate studies or after having completed twelve (12) units of graduate work. Students should choose a research area within their area of concentration by the beginning of the Fall Semester of their final year at the latest. The research paper will be completed during the Graduate Seminar (ECONG 690) offered in the Fall Semester.

Students who have completed ECONG 601 and 602 with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, or who have undertaken outstanding research work (in ECONG 697 and 690), are eligible to write a Master's Thesis within their area of concentration. The petition for thesis completion must be addressed to the Economics Department along with the research paper and the endorsement of the research advisor. The completion of a Master's Thesis will follow the traditionl procedure, which includes an oral examination, signature of the final product by three faculty members including the thesis advisor, and final approval by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. A copy of the thesis will be made available for general consultation in Gleeson Library.

Not more than six (6) units of the basic program minimum of 33 units may be counted toward research associated with a thesis or research project. Students may register for additional research units over and above the basic program requirements.