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Minor in Advertising

The Communication Studies Department views communicative behavior as central to human activities, one of which is persuasion. If you're interests are in a career in persuasion, our Minor in Advertising is designed to give you the basic skills to pursue a career in advertising or related businesses.

The Minor in Advertising requires 20 credits (five courses) as follows:

  • COMS - 340 Advertising Creative Strategy and Copy
  • COMS - 341 Advertising Principles and Practice
  • COMS - 342 Advertising Presentations
  • COMS - 343 Advertising Planning and Placement
  • COMS - 496 Communication Studies Internship

Students interested in Advertising are encouraged to enroll in the following courses in Communication Studies as electives or as part of the major.

  • COMS - 322 Advertising Public Relations Law and Ethics
  • COMS - 332 Rhetorical Criticism
  • COMS - 334 Rhetoric and Citizenship
  • COMS - 336 Rhetoric of Law
  • COMS - 358 Persuasion and Social Influence