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Advertising Courses

ADVT  340 - Advertising Creative Strategy and Copy (4)

Prerequisite: COMS - 202. This course provides a practical understanding of the ad-making process with emphasis on a strategic approach to copywriting. Students learn to create effective communication strategies for specific audiences with the goal of forming or changing opinions and attitudes. Offered every Fall.

ADVT  341 - Advertising Principles and Practice (4)

This course surveys advertising as communication and examines its place in a free society where corporate rhetoric best serves the community when ethically sound. Areas covered: history, the modern marketplace, societal effects, best practices, creativity, communication, ad placement and critical evaluation.

ADVT  342 - Advertising Presentations (4)

Prerequisite: ADVT - 341. Offers a practical understanding of the communication dynamics of an advertising agency. Students create, write and present a comprehensive campaign for a real-world client, then enter their campaigns in the National Student Advertising Competition, where professionals in the advertising industry evaluate and provide valuable feedback on their work. Offered every Spring.

ADVT  343 - Advertising Planning and Placement (4)

Prerequisite: ADVT - 341. This course studies the placement of advertising as "communication," rather than merely creating "exposure" to a message as it relates to the advertising/marketing process. Topic areas covered include: terminology, research and analysis, resources and evaluation of placement as to ethics, audience and message.

ADVT  344 - Advertising and Social Media (4)

Advertising is commonly known as the art of persuasive communication, not a force for social justice. However, a growing number of communications professionals, especially those representing nonprofit organizations and government agencies, are using a process known as social marketing to encourage behavior change that benefits society. This course will examine how the tools and concepts of commercial marketing – which encourages consumers to choose iPod over other MP3 players, Target over Kmart, or Levi’s over Wrangler – can be used to influence behaviors such as using alternative transportation, practicing safe sex or getting out the vote.

ADVT  390 - Special Topics (2 - 4)

One-time offerings of special interest courses in the field of advertising.

ADVT  398 - Directed Study (1 - 4)

The written permission of the instructor, the program director, and the dean is required. Offered every semester.

ADVT  496 - Advertising Internship (4)

Prerequisite: completion of 12 units of Professional Development coursework in Communication Studies or ADVT 341. Field experience in a setting that relates communication study to the student's professional goals. Students may count no more than four (4) units of Internship credit toward the major. Offered every semester.