Alternate Undergraduate Admission Programs


Former students of the University must apply for readmission to the University before registering for courses. Active status at the University is maintained only if the student registers in every semester through the completion of the degree level to which he/she was admitted, and if registration is sustained beyond the Census Date in every semester.

Readmission to the University is required if a former student is withdrawn from the University, left the University without filing a "Leave of Absence" form with the Office of Registrar, or if the student failed to register at the University before the expiration date of an approved leave of absence. Readmitted students must satisfy the requirements of the College/School/Program which are in force at the time of their re-entry into that College/School/Program.

The readmission of a student who has withdrawn from the School of Nursing and Health Professions will depend on space availability. Currently enrolled students receive priority over readmission applicants or transfer students. The student must inform the School of Nursing and Health Professions of his/her intent 90 days before returning.


Eligible veterans may enter any of the schools or colleges of the University of San Francisco to take day or evening courses through any of the Department of Veterans Affairs educational assistance or vocational rehabilitation programs. Information pertaining to educational benefits may be obtained by contacting the Department of Veteran Affairs at 1(888) 442-4551 or by accessing the main Veterans Affairs website at

Once the proper Veterans Affairs forms have been filed and eligibility has been established, the Office of the University Registrar at USF is responsible for providing certification of enrollment to the Veterans Affairs Regional Office. The Registrar's VA representative can be reached at (415) 422-6716.

Admission of Special Status Students

A special status student is one who takes a modified course of study for credit, but is not required to follow a particular curriculum leading to a degree at this University. Formal application for admission as a special student must be filed with the Office of Admission.

Special student status may be granted to applicants who meet the University's regular admission standards. Prior to the end of the semester, he/she must meet with the dean of his/her college to receive permission to continue in this category and to obtain an outline of his/her course of study for the ensuing semester. A special student who wishes to change to regular status must petition the dean of his/her college and, if accepted, will be expected to complete all general and particular subject requirements for a degree.

Visiting Student Status

A student classified as a visitor is one who is not formally admitted to the University but who is permitted to attend classes. A student in this category must apply as a Visiting Student to register for not more than 8 credits per semester on a space-available basis. A visitor is not aligned with a college and is not seeking a USF degree. A visitor is required to seek permission to enroll through the Office of Admission. To renew this status, the student must reapply through the Office of Admission each subsequent semester. Completed course work taken by students with visitor status may not count toward a USF degree without formal acceptance to the University.

Admission with GED

Students will be considered for admission on the basis of GED (General Education Development) test results on a case-by-case-basis. A minimum score at the 80th percentile or higher is required on each of the five subject areas.