ELDNP Curriculum

Executive Leadership Doctor of Nursing Practice (ELDNP) Curriculum Pattern
Semester 1 Spring  
NURS 710E Scholarly Inquiry and Communication 4 credits
NURS 712E Population Focused System Improvement and Design 4 credits
NURS 790 Practicum I: Micro-System 1-5 credits
  Semester Total 9-13 credits
Semester 2
NURS 720E Quality and Safety Improvement with Information Technology 4 credits
NURS 791 Practicum II Focus: MicroSystem 1-5 credits
  Semester Total 5-9 credits
Semester 3
Legal and Risk Management in Administrative Practice 4 credits
NURS 749 Qualifying Project 1 credit
NURS 792 Practicum III: Meso-System 1-5 credits
  Semester Total 6-10 credits
Semester 4 Spring  
NURS 764E Advanced Management of Financial Resources 4 credits
NURS 742E Strategic Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship 4 credits
NURS 793 Practicum IV: Macro-System 1-5 credits
  Semester Total 9-13 credits
Semester 5 Summer  
NURS 754E Policy and Ethical Implications for Healthcare Outcomes 3 credits
NURS 794 Practicum V: Synthesis Integrated and Complex Organizations 1-5 credits
  Semester Total 4-8 credits
Semester 6 Fall  
NURS 789 DNP Project 1 credit
NURS 795 DNP Residency 3-5 credits
Semester Total
4-6 credits


*DNP chairperson visits student workplace in fall year 1 and year 2.

For course descriptions, see the online catalog.