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Major in Communication

USF offers a unique and diverse degree completion program for transfer students at its offsite campuses that prepare students for a broad spectrum of communication-related careers. The Communication major combines social scientific and critical study of communication and media with courses that develop foundational communication knowledge and skills in areas such as public relations and organizational settings like those found in business, government, education, and non-profit sectors. The study of communication prepares students for leadership in the professions and a sound foundation for graduate or professional school in a variety of disciplines.


The communication Major requires completion of 45 units that are subdivided into three areas: (1) Foundations (13 units); 2) Research Methods (8 units); and 3) Advanced Area Studies (24 units).

Three of the four foundations courses will be taken at a Junior College and the remaining foundational course should be completed by students during their first semester. These courses provide an introduction to the communication process, the social role of media, the fundamentals intercultural, and the social construction of messages in the public sphere.

Research Methods courses are recommended for students in their second semester in the degree completion program. These courses are tailored to engage students in the research process through the use of quantitative, qualitative, and critical methods.

Advanced Area Studies courses are recommended senior year. By carefully choosing Advanced Area Studies courses with the approval of a faculty advisor, students can fashion a constellation of courses to meet diverse educational and professional goals.