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Past Recipients

San Francisco Free Clinic (2013)

The San Francisco Free Clinic, founded by Drs. Tricia Hellman Gibbs and Richard Gibbs, has been caring for the community for 20 years, offering no cost, high quality health care to people without medical insurance. More


San Francisco Giants (2012)

Since 1991, the Giants Community Fund, headed by Giants CEO Larry Baer, has donated millions of dollars to improve the lives of underserved youth and their families, serving more than 20,000 at-risk children annually. More


Daniel Lurie (2011)

Daniel Lurie is CEO and founder of Tipping Point Community, which has raised more than $30 million since 2005 to break the cycle of poverty by educating, employing, housing and supporting nearly 150,000 Bay Area people in need. More


Beneficial State Foundation (2010)

This organization, formerly One PacificCoast Foundation and founded by Kathryn Taylor and Tom Steyer, pictured, works to alleviate economic distress and increase financial literacy and support the bank’s community development mission. More


Alice Waters (2009)

Alice Waters is a renowned chef and champion of food grown locally and sustainably. Her work supports educational programs that use food to nurture, educate and empower youth. More


Lynn C. Fritz (2008)

Social entrepreneur Lynn Fritz co-founded the Fritz Institute, which is dedicated to finding innovative systems that will improve the delivery of essential, life-saving services to victims of natural disasters.