Past Honorees

San Francisco Free Clinic (2013)

The San Francisco Free Clinic, founded by Drs. Tricia and Richard Gibbs, has been caring for the community for 20 years, offering no cost, high quality health care to people without medical insurance. More


San Francisco Giants (2012)

The San Francisco Giants, CEO Larry Baer and the Giants Community Fund work together to identify, develop, support, and raise awareness for people, issues, and programs that are important to their fans and the Bay Area. More


Daniel Lurie (2011)

Daniel Lurie, CEO and founder of Tipping Point Community, is passionate about eliminating poverty in the Bay Area, partnering with the most effective nonprofit groups to get services to people who need them. More


OnePacific Coast Bank & Foundation (2010)

This community foundation, now known as Beneficial State Foundation, engages in charitable and educational activities that primarily support Beneficial State Bank’s community development mission and activities. More


Alice Waters (2009)

Alice Waters is a renowned chef and champion of food grown locally. She is credited with helping found the "slow food" movement that has revolutionized how we think about sustainable and organic agriculture. More


Lynn C. Fritz (2008)

The Fritz Institute is dedicated to finding innovative systems that will improve the delivery of essential, life-saving services to victims of natural disasters.The goal is to develop a set of best practices for speedy, efficient disaster relief.