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2011 Recipient - Daniel Lurie

Daniel Lurie 2011 CA Prize RecipientDaniel Lurie, CEO and founder of Tipping Point Community, is passionate about eliminating poverty in the Bay Area. He is inspired and driven to change the way those who serve our most marginalized citizens are supported. In 2005 Mr. Lurie started Tipping Point Community, a groundbreaking philanthropic organization with a name chosen to reflect Malcolm Gladwell’s notion that a few passionate people with a good idea can spark change.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Mr. Lurie worked for Bill Bradley’s presidential campaign and Accenture Consulting. He joined the Robin Hood Foundation in New York City the week before September 11, 2001. Following that tragedy, he was inspired by the foundation’s efforts to address the city’s needs and give those who wanted to help both a direct and effective way to give. He used his time in graduate school to adapt the Robin Hood model to fit his Bay Area home.

It is beautifully simple: “We fight poverty.”

The Tipping Point model finds, funds, and partners with the most effective nonprofit groups connecting Bay Area individuals and families to the services needed to break the cycle of poverty and achieve economic self-sufficiency. Intensely dedicated to helping those who assist others, Tipping Point has screened hundreds of non-profits and made hundreds of site visits to identify the best poverty-fighting organizations in the Bay Area. Beyond financial assistance, Tipping Point provides their grantees with the technology, strategic planning, executive coaching, and communications tools they need to grow and increase their effectiveness.

Tipping Point Community focuses on tangible outcomes because achieving results means breaking the cycle of poverty for good. Every grant given to an organization is tied to measurable goals because low-income families deserve access to the most effective services available. Tipping Point’s nonprofit partners provide comprehensive support in the four key areas of education and youth, employment, family wellness, and housing. Since 2005, Tipping Point Community has raised more than $30 million to educate, employ, house, and support nearly 150,000 Bay Area people in need.

Tipping Point is the only non-profit organization on the West Coast whose board underwrites all operating costs. That means 100 percent of every dollar donated goes directly to the most capable poverty-fighting organizations in the Bay Area. Tipping Point has no endowment. Each year it start its fundraising efforts from zero. All the funds raised go out their door and directly to innovative poverty-fighting organizations within 12 months.

"For an area as wealthy as the Bay Area, there is still an incredible amount of need," said Mr. Lurie. "In our community, 25 percent of the population is too poor to meet basic needs. More than 600,000 people live in poverty. Shockingly, 71,000 people are homeless in the Bay Area, and 40,000 of those are families. In my mind, those numbers are unacceptable, and they're unacceptable to our board and donors.”