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Driver Authorization & Automobiles

Driver Pull Notice Program

Only authorized drivers may operate a vehicle on University business. Authorized drivers shall grant the University permission to obtain a copy of their driving record.

Drivers employed by the University with a valid US driver’s license must complete the driver training and form located here. A release form must also be signed and sent in to Melissa Diaz at Office of Accounting & Business Services, LMN 3rd Floor. The release form can be found here.

Drivers with CA licenses please allow for up to 10 business days for processing by the DMV.

Drivers with out-of-state licenses must submit a scanned version of their license to usftravel in order to request a Motor Vehicle Record. Please allow for up to 4 weeks for processing by the DMV.

All drivers should also complete the driver training and form located here. The driver's record must be in compliance with the provisions stated herein. Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing by the DMV. If the driver needs to be cleared prior to the allotted 3 weeks a copy of their driving record can be individually acquired at the Department of Motor Vehicles. A copy of the attained record should be forwarded to usftravel.

The following guidelines shall be used when designating authorized drivers. Any violation of these guidelines will be cause for review of one's driving record and/or revocation of University driving privileges:

  • Driver must possess a valid California driver's license and be familiar with California motor vehicle laws
  • Must be over the age of 21
  • No major violations in the last 3 years (major violations include, but are not limited to DUI, vehicular homicide, reckless driving, drugs, leaving the scene)
  • Maximum of 2 moving violations in the last 3 years with one at-fault accident
  • Maximum of 3 moving violations in the last 3 years with no at-fault accidents
  • Maximum of 2 at-fault accidents in the last 3 years with no moving violations
  • Drivers must complete online safety training and submit a certificate of completion
  • Drivers must read and understand the provisions of the Vehicular Use Policy 


Auto Insurance/Deductible

The University carries blanket liability insurance on University vehicles to protect against bodily injury or damage to property of others. The University funds the repair or replacement cost of University vehicles, less a $250 deductible - borne by the department responsible for the vehicle. A USF insurance information card should be stored in the glove compartment of University vehicles.

The University reserves the right to seek reimbursement from the authorized driver if an investigation shows misuse of the vehicle or negligence that results in an accident.

Private vehicles used on University business must be insured as required by California state law.

What to Do In Case of Accident:

  • STOP AT ONCE. Check for personal injuries and send for an ambulance, if needed. Do not leave the scene, but ask for the assistance of a bystander.
  • DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY. Make no statements regarding fault, liability or payment of bills.
  • DO NOT ARGUE OR DISCUSS THE INCIDENT. Speak only with University Officials, Police or your insurance representative.
  • SECURE THE ASSISTANCE of a police officer whenever possible and record their name and badge number.
  • RECORD the names and addresses of all witnesses and occupants of involved vehicles.
  • COMPLETE THE ACCIDENT REPORT FORM AT THE SCENE, found in the University vehicle, and fax or email copies immediately to: Arthur J. Gallagher & Co 1255 Battery St. #450 San Francisco, CA 94111 Attn: Helen Kong;  Melissa Diaz at (415) 422-2530 mddiaz2@usfca.edu
  • WITHIN 24 HOURS CALL and report the incident to: Helen Kong (415) 536-8601

Auto Rentals

Rental vehicles shall be arranged pursuant to the Travel & Entertainment Policy.

At the time of rental, the option of purchasing a collision policy through the rental agency is offered. The University has a non-owned auto policy that covers this type of exposure. Therefore, authorized drivers of commercially rented cars shall not purchase a collision damage waiver from the agency, when renting in the United States. If the driver desires coverage for personal effects, the driver may purchase this insurance through the rental agency at his or her own expense.

Any personal use of a rental vehicle is not covered by the University’s non-owned auto policy. An example would be renting a vehicle for University business and then extending a trip to visit family or take vacation on personal time. Drivers must determine if they wish to purchase the optional collision coverage for their personal use of the vehicle, and keep all charges separate.

Rentals in foreign countries are discouraged; however, if it is necessary to rent an auto in a foreign country, to ensure compliance with the laws of the country, the renter shall purchase all insurance coverage available. Students shall not rent or drive vehicles in a foreign country in conjunction with University activities.


Adding or Disposing of Vehicles

When a department purchases or disposes of a vehicle, please provide the year, make, model, Vehicle Identification Number, and License Plate number to Melissa Diaz at mddiaz2@usfca.edu, x5899, Office of Accounting and Business Services within 10 days. A vehicle insurance card will be issued for that vehicle and forwarded to you.