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What's New

External Site

Another option to access Concur is through the external site. If you type in expense.usfca.edu into any internet browser you are directed to a log on screen. The user name will be the first portion of your USF email address and the password will be your 8 digit campus wide ID number.

Password Issues

From expense.usfca.edu you can select "Forgot your Password". From there follow the instructions, and a new password will be emailed to you. Please email pcard@usfca.edu if you continue to have password issues.

Concur Delegate Access

Instead of sharing your passwords, simply grant delegate access to your account. Please contact Morgan Maich for more information and/or for delegate set-up assistance.

Car Rental Insurance Provided by Visa

If you pay for your car rental with your purchasing card you are automatically enrolled in the insurance program provided by Visa. For more information and terms and conditions click here.

Concur Mobile

The Concur Mobile app allows Concur users to reconcile their expenses in a timely manner without having to use an actual computer. This new feature is a great solution for travelers who need to manage their expenses, approve expenses, or capture/view receipt images.

For more information about this new feature or if interested in using this feature, please click here or contact Purchasing Card Services at pcard@usfca.edu


Top 5 reasons why expense reports are sent back:

Insufficient business substantiation provided (lack of receipts and business purpose details)

Expense types need to be changed

Expenses need to be itemized and/or marked as personal

The user or approver has contacted P-card services to send the report back for corrections to be made

FOAP corrections need to be made and cannot be made at the approver or in accounting for review level

Top 5 reasons why P-cards are declined:

Single transaction limits are exceeded

Monthly limits are exceeded

Expenses are incurred in a foreign country

The expiration date given to the merchant is incorrect

The 3-digit code on the back of the card code given to the merchant is incorrect