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Concur Time-Saving Tips

  • When on your USFconnectaccount page, click on the Employee Tab. On the left hand side of the screen, under Employee Resources, click on Concur.
  • For finance users, click on the Finance Tab and on the left hand side of the screen, click on the Concur Logo.

Save the web address for Concur in your Favorites: http://expense.usfca.edu

Sign up for direct deposit with Disbursement Services

Fill out only the required fields in Concur. Filling out non-required fields is unnecessary.

Create one expense report each month:

Rather than creating multiple reports each month combine purchasing card and out-of-pocket expenses in one report.

Add business purpose notes several times throughout the month based on your availability, but send all the receipts at the end of the month.

If you need to incur an expense for another department get that approving budget managers approval via e-mail and forward it to millerd@usfca.edu. Do not create the expense report until you have received confirmation that the budget number has been added.

Mileage reimbursement:

  • If you use the Mileage Calculator--directly linked to GoogleMaps you do not need to provide a Mapquest printout.
  • If you have a round trip excursion you can just click roundtrip and the Mileage Calculator will automatically compute both the distance and the reimbursement amount.
  • If you have an identical trip that repeats, simply select the expense and click copy. This will automatically duplicate the expense (note:please make sure that the transaction date is accurate for the copied expense). 

Business Meals:

If you have a group of 10 or greater, choose Reception - 10 or greater (listed under Catering) rather than Travel or Entertainment Meal. You will provide the function description and number of attendees (e.g.10 faculty members and 30 students), but you will not need to list every attendees name in this case.

Meals with all USF employees are non-reimbursable.

Per Diems are offered for foreign travel only. Please see the brochure for foreign travel per diem information. Several departments have approved meal allotments (Arts and Sciences, Business, International Relations, and Athletics). If you are interested in participating in USF's meal allotment program, please consult your business manager.

In Expense preferences set up the e-mail notifications for when a receipt image has been received. This way, you won’t have to keep checking in case your digital receipts haven’t yet attached to your expense report.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Entering the incorrect password (Your default password is not your USFconnect password, but your Campus Wide ID found on your timesheet or it can be researched through your USF Connect personal account)
  • Submitting multiple reports each month
  • Forgetting to put the starting address (e.g. San Francisco to Cupertino) can delay reimbursement
  • Forgetting to list full names of all attendees for a meal (including oneself)
  • Forgetting to double check that receipts have attached after they have been faxed or scanned
  • Submitting out of pocket expenses for USF Purchasing card transactions
  • Submitting expense reports for others under your name