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Concur Technologies Suite

Concur Technologies Suite provides the Expense, Travel & Invoice systems. Effective June 1, 2012, all employees are required to submit a request for a non-purchase order payment through Concur Invoice. All employees are required to submit out-of-pocket expenses, purchasing card/declining balance card transactions and cash advance requests through Concur Travel & Expense (effective 1/1/08). For training & contact information, please refer to the chart below.




Reconcile purchasing credit card transactions, submit out-of-pocket reimbursements and cash advance requests. Book flights, hotels & car reservations that will later seamlessly integrate into your expense report. Submit payment requests for vendors, wires, petty cash, or non-employee reimbursements.
Training Training For training, please contact Melissa Melnikoff at mmelnikoff@usfca.edu to be invited to the online training class on Canvas.
Morgan Maich x5977 Anna Kessel x2387 Melissa Melnikoff x2735

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