USF and the city
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Q. How can I reach USF's Public Safety Office to report a crime in progress on campus or a suspicious person?

A. In an emergency call 422-2911 or call San Francisco 911.  For non-emergency disturbances, 422-4201.

Q. How can I find out information about the membership in the Koret Health and recreation center?

A. Visit the website or call 422-6821.

Q. Does the University have a public post office?

A. The University staffs a US Postal Service contract station that is open to the public. Call 422-6341

Q. Does USF clean up the surrounding neighborhood?

A.Student workers police the sidewalks up to 80 hours per week normally mid week and during the weekend. In other nearby neighborhoods student workers police the sidewalks if the sidewalk is within one block of the the University campus.

Q. How can I find out about free campus events? 

A. Please see the University Events calendar - Click Here: Campus lectures and free events

Q. I am having a problem with noisy students who live next to me.

A.You have several options: 

  • In an emergency, call San Francisco Police Department (911) 
  • For a non-emergency issue where an immediate response is needed (large parties, excessive noise): 
    • Call the San Francisco Police Department and...
    • Following your call to SFPD call. USF Public Safety (422-4201) to let them know you've contacted SFPD. 
  • Send an email to, or 
  • Submit a Information & Incident Report online detailing negative patterns or concerns you have in reference to alleged student behaviors in your area.