USF Campus and cityscape
row houses and church


Q. How can I find out information about the membership in the Koret Health and recreation center?

A. Visit the website or call 422-6821.

Q. Does the University have a public post office?

A. The University staffs a US Postal Service contract station that is open to the public. Call 422-6341

Q. Does USF clean up the surrounding neighborhood?

A. In the University Terrace area (Golden Gate-Turk between Masonic and Parker) a student worker policies the sidewalks two times per week normally mid week and during the weekend. In other nearby neighborhoods a student worker policies the sidewalks if the sidewalk is within one block of the the University campus.

Q. How can I reach USF's Public Safety Office to report a crime in progress on campus or a suspicious person?

A. In an emergency call 422-2911 or call San Francisco 911.  For a routine inquiry 422-4201.

Q. How can I find out about free campus events? 

A. Send an email to or call 422-4000

Q. I am having a problem with noisy students who live next to me.

A. Send an email to Glenn Loomis or 422-4000 he will try to assist you with this problem.