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Mailing Address

Office of Accounting & Business Services
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1080


Lone Mountain North 3rd Floor

(415) 422-6521 Phone
(415) 422-2530 Fax





Anna Kessel akessel@usfca.edu 2387 Disbursement Analyst
Anthony Retort aretort@usfca.edu 5899 Risk Services
Courtney Colburn cmcoburn@usfca.edu 5967 Administrative Assistant
Cyndy Johnson cljohnson3@usfca.edu 2734 Business Services
Dennis Miller millerd@usfca.edu 2102 Disbursement Services
Emmy Moore moore@usfca.edu 2639 Business Services
Frank Wasilewski fmwasilewski@usfca.edu 2402 Controller
Gale Bettencourt gbettencourt@usfca.edu 6575 Senior Analyst
George Chin gmchin@usfca.edu 2837 Payroll Services
Ivy Efendioglu efendioglu@usfca.edu 2731 Financial Applications
Jennifer Chan chanjn@usfca.edu 2772 Financial Reporting
Kim Kvaal klkvaal@usfca.edu 6732 Associate VP, ABS
Liz Denefeld zarate@usfca.edu 2569 Expenditure Transfers& Account Inquiries
Maggie Wong mywong@usfca.edu 2564 General Accounting, Miscellaneous Receivables
Melissa Melnikoff mmelnikoff@usfca.edu 2735 Disbursement Analyst
Michael O'Neill mtoneill@usfca.edu 5968 Policy Coordinator
Mona Cannon mcannon@usfca.edu 5181 Gifts & Endowments
Reuben Concepcion concepcion@usfca.edu 2438 Payroll Services
Morgan Maich mrmaich@usfca.edu 2579 University Cashier
Rina Signh ssingh9@usfca.edu 2871 Payroll Services
Sharon Fusick smfusick@usfca.edu 2488 University Receivables
Sybil Cheng swcheng@usfca.edu 2570 One Card Accounting/Check, Wire & ACH deposit Inquiries
Teresa Zane zanet@usfca.edu 2577 Financial Applications
Wanda Hicks wfhicks@usfca.edu 2832 Payroll Services
Vacant        5977 Disbursement Assistant
Yolanda Pan ypan@usfca.edu 4650 Payroll & Benefit Accounting
Yuan Yuan yyuan4@usfca.edu 5171 Bank Reconciliation