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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is under the supervision of the Director of Disbursement Services and provides the following services:

  • Vendor payments for goods and services
  • Employee and student reimbursement payments
  • Wire transfer payments – foreign & domestic
  • Unclaimed property compliance & reporting
  • Stop payment and check cancellation requests
  • Vendor & employee electronic fund transfer (EFT) setup and maintenance
  • Oversight and distribution of IRS 1099 forms
  • W-9 compliance
  • Vendor maintenance
  • Verify that adequate documentation exists prior to releasing payments to vendors
  • Monitor vendor statements and investigates billing or payment errors


Who Do I Contact for What?

Melissa Melnikoff

Concur Invoice, Vendor Payments, PO Payments, Library Payments, SUA Payments Unclaimed Property, Vendor EFT/ACH Setup, Vendor Statements & Credits




New Purchasing Card Applications, 1099 Forms, Wire Payments, Service Payments, Concur Travel

Emmy Moore

Stop Payments on Checks, Check Cancellations, Reissuing Payments, Cashed Check Inquires



Samantha Wilkinson

Cashiering, Vendor Maintenance, W-9 Compliance, Cash Advances



Morgan Maich

Concur Expense, Purchasing-Card Training, Non-employee Reimbursements, Electronic Communication Authorization & Reimbursement Forms (ECP)



Concur Invoice Tips

How do I know what Request Type to select?

Vendor Payments Service Payments Non-Employee Reimbursements
Typical vendor payments include but are not limited to:  Typical service payments include but are not limited to:   Reimbursements to:  
Payment for Goods (i.e. Office Supplies, Books, Brochures) Subscriptions, Membership Dues, Software Licenses, Koret Refunds, Application Fee Refunds, Other Refunds Consulting, Honorariums, Awards/Prizes, Psychiatric Services, Close Captioning, Freelance Writing, Copy Editing, Proof Reading, Translation, Transcription, Graphic Design, Film Editing, Photographer, Videographer. Student Workers, Speakers/ Lecturers, Consultants, etc. 
This category also includes payment for services for corporations. Please check www.usfca.edu/iatc to review the list of payments that do not require Independent Contractor Approval.  This category also includes Petty Cash Reimbursements.