Student Support Services

Special student support services are available to students through USF’s Counseling Center, Student Disability Services Office, and Multicultural Student Services Office.

Learning and Writing Center

USF’s Learning and Writing Center offers free services to help students achieve their academic goals. Services include tutoring and short workshops on topics such as time management, note taking, and following research guidelines. The Writing Center is staffed with faculty consultants who will work with students to improve their writing skills through one-on-one interactive conferences tailored to meet individual needs. Students at the branch campuses may visit the main campus for services or receive assistance electronically. For more information regarding specialized services available for students, please visit the Learning and Writing Center’s web page at

Career Center

USF's Career Services Center is dedicated to helping students advance their professional career. The Career Services Center offers services such as resume writing skills workshops, career and internship fairs, job listings and opportunities to interview with prospective employers.

The Career Advisor Network consists of USF alumni working in a wide range of fields and occupations who are available to assist students both before and after they graduate with first-hand information about their careers and industries. Branch campus colleagues collaborate with Career Services to regularly host career exploration and career planning workshops and job fairs locally.

For more information regarding the services available through the Career Services Center, please visit their web page at

Global Alumni Network

USF’s thousands of alumni span the globe and provide invaluable career mentoring and networking opportunities for students and new graduates. For more information regarding the services available through Alumni Relations, or for information regarding a local Alumni Regional Council, please visit the Alumni Relations web page at