Students' FAQs

Who can I contact about -------?
Please go to our "Contact Us" page for details

How do I order my textbooks online?
There are two methods for ordering your books

1) At the Bookstore's shopping site, hover over the "Books" button at the top, then click on "Textbooks & Course Materials" and go through the drop-down menus to pull up your course

2) Through USFConnect (see the Students Tutorials section for details)

Either method you choose, you can do in-store pick-up or we offer FedEx ground shipping for just $5.50 (2nd Day and Overnight shipping also available for a great price)!

Where can I get details about my course books (such as ISBN, publisher, etc)?
You can go to the Class Schedule search here. In the search results, each course will have a "View Book Info" button next to it. Clicking on this will take you to a new tab/window that displays all the detailed information.

What forms of payment do you accept?
American Express, Discover Card, Visa, MasterCard, Gift Card and DonsDollars

American Express, Discover Card, Visa, MasterCard and Gift Cards

What is this textbook rental all about?
Any titles that are rentable will have a rental option listed on the shelf tag in-store or when ordering online. Any copy of that title (used or new) is available to rent out at a savings of up to 50% off the retail price. You can write and highlight in the book and would return it by the due date for that semester. Check out our Rent-a-Text site for more details and to get pre-registered!

What are eBooks/do you offer eBooks?
eBooks (short for electronic books) is a book that is provided as digital content instead of a physically bound text. You can acquire them via apps, through eReader devices or as a download from the web.
Here at the USF Bookstore, we offer eBooks through BryteWave where it's not just about reading your text. Start discussion groups, highlight, bookmark or add a note to any section of the text and so much more! It's just 3 simple steps:

1) Find & Buy: Find the eBooks you want and purchase them either in-store or via the BryteWave website. On the website you can try them free for 3 days, before deciding to pay.

2) Sign in to the BryteWave reader and activate your eBooks; no need to download anything! As long as you have a browser and internet connection, you're good to go! Or check out the BryteWave App in the Apple App Store or on Google Play!

3) Use your eBook and start learning smarter!
For more details, visit BryteWave!

How can I sell my books back to the USF Bookstore?
There are two ways you can do this:
1) Sell them online!  From the site, you can get a quote, print out a shipping label and send it off. In a little while you'll then get a check or money order in the mail for the amount quoted!

2) Come in to the store and sell them!*

The best times are usually at the end of Fall and Spring semester but we certainly buy back books year-round! If we can offer you money for it, we'll buy it back!
*At a branch campus? No problem! Either sell them online or get a quote and find out the nearest affiliated location from where you are to bring it in to sell!

Have a question? Let us know! It might just end up on this page!