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The ASUSF Senate creates legislation to address the needs of students at USF.

Our resolutions are aimed at either issues that affect students or at improving our own structure.

Passed resolutions by the ASUSF Senate will be frequently updated throughout the 2012-2013 school year. To find out more about how resolutions work and what effects they have, join us at our public meetings every Tuesday from 6-8pm in the UC 4th floor lounge, or contact us at

ASUSF Senate Governing Documents:

Below you can find the ASUSF Constitution, By-Laws and various codes that allow the ASUSF Senate to function. In an effort to increase transparency, the ASUSF Senate has published these documents online. After careful consideration and revision, all documents have been amended and updated to better reflect the current functions of the ASUSF Senate. 

ASUSF Constitution     

ASUSF Senate By-Laws

ASUSF Senator Code

All Committee Codes can be found here