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As one component of the Center for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (CIPE) the Office of Assessment contributes critical, timely and accurate information regarding the student experience at USF in active collaboration with other CIPE units for promoting data driven strategic decision making.


The Mission of the Office of Assessment shall be to promote "excellence in learning" within the University of San Francisco academic and non-academic units through the development of a faculty and staff led student learning evaluation process. The primary function of the office shall be to advise, support and oversee "student-centered learning" evaluation processes in keeping with the University mission, vision, and values.


The Office of Assessment aspires to support USF institutional planning relative to student-centered learning. We will do this through the identification of appropriate models for analysis that advances our understanding of student learning; building an integrated data resource system of effective student learning; and employ methodological best practices within a longitudinal time-frame.

Strategic Goals: 2013 - 2016

The primary goals of the office in meeting its mission shall be to systematically:

  1. Create a system of key performance indicators (KIPs) of student-centered learning in keeping with the WASC Standards of Accreditation;
  2. Create a system of key performance indicators (KIPs) of the student experience in academic and non-academic endeavors that includes a commitment to effective collaboration between the office and USF Schools and Colleges in reporting student satisfaction, engagement, value-added educational practices that promote student learning, expectations, etc.;
  3. Create a University model of the influences on student satisfaction and retention through an ongoing comprehensive and analytical model of student success;
  4. Collaborate with other CIPE Units to contribute to a centralized data warehouse for evidence of student learning;
  5. Create a model for incentives which encourages faculty and staff to advance a student–centered learning environment within USF;
  6. Develop workshops for faculty and staff that advances student-centered learning through evidence based reporting, analysis, and improvement.

Strategic Outcomes in Support of Above Strategic Goals

  • Provide leadership and support to the University for evaluation of programs and activities including the identification and measurement of student learning outcomes;
  • Design workshops and information dissemination strategies to support student learning evaluation efforts by faculty and staff;
  • Provide support for program reviews;
  • Participate in regional and specialty accreditation efforts;
  • Serve as an expert to Academic Affairs and Student Life for current evaluation practices and research findings about student learning in higher education;
  • Participate in the analysis and reporting of results of major University-wide student-centered evaluation projects;
  • Evaluate University-wide efforts to address issues including but not limited to:
    • the implementation of the University's Mission;
    • student learning;
    • alumni experiences;
    • improving student retention and graduation rates;
    • optimizing the first year student experience;
    • enhancing student leadership and empowerment;
    • enriching graduate and professional student life;
    • expanding and enhancing student services;
    • and, increasing the effectiveness of the co-curricular learning environment.
  • Monitor trends and provide information on the student experience;
  • Promote opportunities for shared data collection across divisions and across student learning evaluation projects;
  • Participate in the integrated learning experiences and provide support for evidence collection.