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USF Course Student Learning Assurance Results

As a Catholic Jesuit institutional of higher learning University of San Francisco (USF) is dedicated to academic excellence that ...[involves] every dimension of a person's humanity - intellectual, moral, social, religious and aesthetic - so that they reach their full human potential and acquire the knowledge, skills, sensitivities and motivation to effectively and intelligently contribute to fashioning a more humane and just world for all (USF 2028). In support of these efforts USF has undertaken a variety of student learning assurance activities throughout the University academic, co-curricular, and non-curricular programs. The table below provides links to specific activities that include student learning assurance plans, and student learning assurance results across the course level of the student learning assurance model.

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For a copy of the Course Level Student Learning Assurance Plan Guidelines click here.

Academic Course SLO's

Academic Unit
Course Syllabi
Student Learning Assurance Evidence
College of Arts and Sciences Syllabus Evidence
School of Management Syllabus Evidence
School of Education Syllabus Evidence
School of Nursing and Health Professions Syllabus Evidence
Core Curriculum Syllabus Evidence