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Program Reviews

Academic program review (APR) is a process of regular, systematic review and evaluation of all academic programs offered at the University of San Francisco. The academic department normally constitutes the basic unit of review and all department-based, interdisciplinary and university-administered programs are to be reviewed every 5 to 8 years, depending on the needs of the program. The majority of programs are reviewed every 7 years. 

The basic purpose of an academic program review is to examine, assess and develop the quality of academic departments/programs to identify strengths and weaknesses so that priorities can be established for department/program improvement and modification. The ultimate goal is to promote and maintain academic excellence and ensure that departments/programs are being efficiently administered and working in ways consistent with the University’s mission and values. 

Academic program review can be useful when is it not seen as an end in itself and when it is not perceived as a bureaucratic exercise demanded by the Dean and external accreditation agencies. Program reviews are integral to formulating realistic plans for future departmental growth and improvement and will be viewed as such by the Dean and other University administrators.

Important Resources:


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