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The University Academic Assessment Committee serves the vital function of overall coordination for all student learning assessment projects at USF. The Committee reports directly to the Vice Provost. In response to the strategic priorities set by the USF Leadership Team, the Committee establishes yearly student learning assessment activities within four main areas of interest: institutional strategic goals, program/service quality and effectiveness, the student/alumni experience, and student learning (see below). The Vice Provost or his/her designee takes responsibility for informing other divisions of the University of the results and implications of the various student learning assessment projects.

Our Mission

The mission for the University Academic Assessment Committee shall be to promote excellence of the University of San Francisco academic and non-academic units through the development of a faculty and staff led student learning assurance process. The primary function of the Committee shall be to advise, support and oversee student-centered learning processes and to provide USF leadership with current and accurate reporting on the USF student experience.

Our Goals

The primary goals of the Committee in meeting its mission shall be to systematically analyze:

  1. the learning experiences of our students.
  2. the transference and application of learning.
  3. the assessment and evaluation of what our students are learning.
  4. steps that should be taken to assure students are learning.
  5. the achievement of a mission driven student-centered process.
  6. the assessment of non-academic, co-curricular, and alumni activities as related to learning.

Our Charge/Outcomes 

The charge given the Committee by the Vice Provost shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Report on University wide measures for Institutional goals and outcomes.
  2. Oversee all Student Learning Assessment Plans.
  3. Work collaboratively with the WASC steering committee on all matters concerning the student experience.
  4. Oversee the preparation and processing for data reported for all WASC related activities.
  5. Provide the Leadership Team with current and accurate reporting on the USF student experience.
  6. Initiate and encourage student learning assurance activities throughout the University.
  7. Make recommendations for improving student learning assurance activities and the application of results.

University Academic Assessment Committee Membership

This University Academic Assessment Committee shall include the following people with expertise and interest in student learning assurance and improving the student experience:

  1. Vice Provost for Institutional Planning, Budget and Effectiveness (Ana Karaman)
  2. Assessment Coordinator, (Claribel Torres-Lugo)
  3. Associate Vice Provost, Planning & Budget (Michael Harrington)
  4.  Director, Trend Analysis (Bill Murry)
  5.  Senior Director, Institutional Research (Ted Lydon)
  6.  Assistant Director, CIPE (Linda Wong)
  7. Assistant Dean, Student Disability Services, Student Life (Tom Merrell)
  8. College/School Representatives:
    1. School of Education, Associate Dean (Elena Flores)
    2. College of Arts and Sciences, Associate Dean, Faculty Scholarship and Academic Effectiveness, A&S (Shirley McGuire)
    3. School of Nursing and Health Profession, Associate Dean (Patricia Lynch)
    4. School of Management,