Faculty and Staff

Program Director: Tanu Sankalia, tssankalia@usfca.edu, Xarts 014
Program Assistant: Shanley Jacobs, sbjacobs2@usfca.edu

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Jesse Anttila-Hughes

Assistant Professor

Professor Anttila-Hughes received his Ph.D. in Sustainable Development from Columbia University. His research focuses on understanding the social impacts of environmental processes, particularly those influenced by environmental degradation and climate change.

Professor Anttila-Hughes' current research areas include: public health impacts of the climate; behavioral responses to new information about environmental risks; and determinants of the spread of environmental attitudes and ideas.

Tel: 415-422-2667

Rachel Brahinsky

Assistant Professor

Rachel Brahinsky serves as Faculty Director of the Graduate Programs in Urban Affairs and Public Affairs. She also teaches in the undergraduate Urban Studies program. She earned her Ph.D from the University of California, Berkeley. Her research and teaching center around the challenges of race and inequality in the context of rapidly changing American cities. Her current projects are focused on the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Tel: 415-422-5989

Kathleen Coll

Assistant Professor

Kathleen Coll is a political anthropologist whose research and teaching focuses on immigration politics and policies, cultural citizenship, and grassroots community organizing in the U.S., with special emphasis on the Bay Area. Her book Remaking Citizenship: Latina Immigrants and New American Politics (Stanford University Press, 2010) is an ethnography of San Francisco immigrant women’s experiences and activism in the context of hostile national immigration, welfare, and labor policies.

Tel: 415-422-6163

Corey Cook

Associate Professor

Corey Cook earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His doctoral dissertation considers the impact of race and gender on political representation and explores the contemporary significance of identity politics. His current research focuses on election results and political geography in California.

Tel: (415) 422-5297

Sergio De La Torre

Director Film Studies/Assistant Professor Art and Architecture

Sergio De La Torre's project work has focused on issues regarding immigration, tourism, surveillance technologies, and transnational identities.  Spring 2013 office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Tel: 415-422-2071

Roberto Gutiérrez Varea

Theater Program Coordnator

Roberto Gutiérrez Varea began his career in theater in his native Argentina. His research and creative work focuses on live performance as means of resistance and peacebuilding in the context of social conflict and state violence. Varea's stage work in the United States includes directing premieres of works by Migdalia Cruz, Ariel Dorfman, Cherrié Moraga, and José Rivera, among others. He is the founding artistic director of  Soapstone Theatre Company , a collective of male ex-offenders and women survivors of violent crime, and  El Teatro Jornalero! , a performance company that brings the voice of Latin American immigrant workers to the stage. Varea is a member of the Steering Committee of Theater Without Borders, and a member of the Artists in Distress Services of freeDimensional. He is a regular contributor to journals in performance and peacebuilding, and is co-editor and co-author of the two-volume anthology "Acting Together: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict" (New Village Press). Varea is a founding faculty of the Department of Performing Arts, and the Performing Arts and Social Justice Major at USF.

Tel: 415 422 2864

Susanne Hoelscher

Adjunct Professor

Susanne Hoelscher is the Coordinator of the German Program. She completed the Erste Staatsexamen at the Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster, Germany, with a major in German and History. She received two teaching credentials and an M.A. in German from San Francisco State University. She completed her PhD in the German Program at the University of California, Davis, with an emphasis in Critical Theory.

Susanne Hoelscher's research is focused on late 19th to 21st century German literature and culture and includes psychoanalytic thought, critical theory, and film studies. She is particularly interested in issues of national and gender identities and has presented and published in this area. At the University of San Francisco, she has been teaching in the German and Comparative Literature programs since 2004.

Tel: (415) 422-5543

Marco Jacquemet

Professor and Chair

I teach courses in communication and culture, intercultural communication, geographies of communication, and justice and social change. My scholarship focuses on the communicative mutations produced by the circulation of migrants and media idioms in the Mediterranean area. I am currently writing a book based on this research, called Transidioma: Language and Power in the 21st Century, to be published by Blackwell in 2015. I am also present in Italian media activist networks, where I investigate the link between media and  power.

Tel: (415) 422-5141

Susana Kaiser

Associate Professor

Susana Kaiser teaches at the Media Studies Department and the Latin American Studies program. She earned her Ph.D. from the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, her M.A. from the Department of Communication at Hunter College of the City University of New York, and her B.A. in Advertising from the Jesuit University of El Salvador, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, her country of origin. On sabbatical 2014-2015 academic year.

Tel: (415) 422-5061

Dorothy Kidd

Chair, Media Studies Dept. Professor/Faculty Adviser KUSF

Dorothy Kidd received her Ph.D. in Communication from Simon Fraser University. She has published in the area of political economy of media, media and social change and community media. She has also worked extensively in community radio production. Spring 2015 office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 p.m. and by appointment.

Tel: (415) 422-6135

Pedro Lange-Churión


Associate Professor, received his Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati, specializing in Latin American Contemporary Narrative and Critical Theory. His academic areas of specialization include Latin American Literature and Culture, Film Studies, Urban Studies, Comparative Literature and Critical Theory; particularly Psychoanalytic theory.

Tel: (415) 422-4379

Keally McBride


Dr. Keally McBride received her graduate degrees at University of California at Berkeley with a focus in political theory. She has published two books, Collective Dreams: Political Imagination and Community, and Punishment and Political Order. Her current research is on political theories of decolonization; investigating how ideas of liberation can change our views on global politics and also our understanding of power and social change.

Tel: (415) 422-5173

Noriko Milman

Assistant Professor

Noriko Milman received her B.A. in Women's Studies and Sociology, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology, all from UCLA. She was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst before joining the faculty at USF in 2012. She currently teaches several courses, including Introduction to Sociology, Research Methods, Sociology of Education, and Urban Education.

Tel: 415-422-3318

Megan Nicely

Dance Program Coordinator

Megan Nicely is an artist/scholar whose research on choreographic experimentation through the medium of the body combines critical dance and performance studies theory, philosophy, cultural histories of the avant-garde, and physical practice in contemporary dance, butoh, yoga, and the Alexander Technique. She received her MFA in dance from Mills and her PhD in performance studies from New York University. Her group Megan Nicely/Dance has performed on both US coasts, in the UK, and in Europe, and her writing has appeared in TDR: The Drama Review, Performance Research Journal, InDance, and others. She has served as managing editor of TDR and as a board member and facilitator for The Field SF. An adjunct professor at USF from 2000-06, she became Assistant Professor in 2010.

Tel: (415) 422-5790

Tanu Sankalia

Associate Professor

Tanu Sankalia received his Master of Urban Design from the University of California, Berkeley. Prof. Sankalia's research interests cover areas of architecture and urbanism from the local context of the San Francisco Bay Area to the global perspective of India. Current projects include a co-edited volume of essays, Urban Reinventions: San Francisco's Treasure Island, which examines future plans for Treasure Island in the context of global, large-scale land development, and against the backdrop of the island's seventy-year urban history.

Tel: (415) 422-5624

Cecília Santos

Associate Professor

Cecília MacDowell Santos received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. She teaches courses on gender and development, globalization, sociology of law, and Brazilian culture and society. Her research focuses on legal mobilization within and across national borders, violence, memory, and women's and human rights. She is interested in investigating how legal mobilization relates to politics and shapes the recognition of violence and subjects of rights on the basis of gender, race, class, and/or sexual orientation. This was examined in her book, Women's Police Stations: Gender, Violence, and Justice in São Paulo, and guides her current projects on transnational legal mobilization and human rights in Brazil and in Portugal.

Tel: 415-422-5319

Ronald Sundstrom


Ronald Robles Sundstrom is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Francisco. His areas of research include political theory, critical social and race theory, and African American and Asian American philosophy. He has published several essays and a book in these areas, including The Browning of America and The Evasion of Social Justice (SUNY, 2008). He continues to work on the social and political theories of American and European figures from the 19th and 20th centuries, and the topics of civic belonging and exclusion. He was a co-winner of the 2010 University Distinguished Teaching Award.

Tel: 415-422-5063

James Lance Taylor


James Lance Taylor received his graduate degrees at the University of Southern California (USC). His teaching and research scholarly interests are in religion and politics in the United States, race and ethnic politics, African American political history, social movements, political ideology, law and public policy, and the U.S. Presidency. He is author of the book Black Nationalism in the United States: From Malcolm X to Barack Obama.

Tel: (415) 422-6043

Ana Urrutia-Jordana

Associate Professor

Associate Professor, earned her B.A. in Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Spanish Literature at Stanford University (1996). Prof. Urrutia-Jordana has taught at the University of San Francisco since 1996 and has been a recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain.

Tel: (415) 422-6087

Seth Wachtel

A + A Department Chair, Associate Professor

Seth Wachtel is the Chair of the Dept. of Art + Architecture and is Co-Director of the Garden Project Living-Learning Community at the University of San Francisco.

Tel: 422-5987

Maggie Winslow

Assistant Professor

Dr. Winslow specializes in ecological economics, macroeconomics, and managerial economics.  Her past research examined the relationship between economics growth, democracy and environmental quality. Her current research focuses on valuing ecosystem services and alternative economics.

Tel: 415-422-4734

John Zarobell

Assistant Professor

John Zarobell is Assistant Professor of International Studies and Program Chair of European Studies at the University of San Francisco. Formerly, he held the positions of assistant curator at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and associate curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Tel: (415) 422-4168

James Zarsadiaz

Assistant Professor

James Zarsadiaz specializes in United States history. He received his Ph.D. in History from Northwestern University and his B.A. in American Studies and Political Science from George Washington University. Dr. Zarsadiaz’s research and teaching interests include urban and suburban studies, California and the U.S. West, oral history, and Asian American studies. He is also affiliated with the Asian Pacific American Studies, Critical Diversity Studies, Urban Studies, and Yuchengco Philippine Studies programs.

Dr. Zarsadiaz is currently working on a manuscript about suburban development and Asian American suburbanization in post-WWII Los Angeles. He is serving as a fellow at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History for summer 2014 and summer 2015.

Administrative Appointments:

·      Coordinator, Yuchengco Philippine Studies Program

 Courses Offered:

·      History of the United States

·      Asian American History

·      The Ideal of Citizenship

·      The City in American History

·      The American West

Tel: (415) 422-4643

Rue Ziegler

Adjunct Professor

Rue Ziegler received her M. Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University in the UK.  Before coming to USF she taught at Cambridge and at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Her previous training and professional experience is in architecture and urban studies. At USF Ziegler teaches the Anthropology of Food and Anthropology and Global Health. In addition to teaching, she manages a research firm specializing in the history of land use in northern California.