The Program

The Department of Biology prepares students for a broad spectrum of careers in the life sciences. The curriculum is uniquely designed to:

  • Provide hands-on experience with modern instrumentation.
  • Offer a diversity of lecture, laboratory and field courses.
  • Give students ample opportunities to conduct significant research at the university.
  • Satisfy all requirements for admission to professional health programs (medical, dental, pharmacy and veterinary schools).
  • Establish a framework for the consideration of ethical issues inherent to science and technology.




Our department offers two concentrations that provide a more in-depth examination of the life sciences:

Molecular Biology Emphasis

The molecular biology emphasis prepares students for positions in academic, clinical or industrial biotechnology laboratories. It also prepares students for graduate study in genetics, molecular biology and other fields of the life sciences. The molecular biology emphasis substitutes a molecular course for the field/ecology requirement and requires specific upper-division elective courses.


Ecology Emphasis

The ecology emphasis prepares students for careers in research, consulting, and outreach focused on ecology and the environment. It also prepares students for graduate study in marine and terrestrial ecology, astrobiology, environmental science, and medicine. Requirements follow the standard biology curriculum with the addition of extra field courses from the upper-division (UD) biology elective category.



Supplementary Minors

Students majoring in biology may consider complementing their studies with a minor in another area, including:


Honors Program

The Department of Biology offers a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors that requires a research thesis. The program is designed to provide undergraduate students with opportunities to conduct original, high caliber research in preparation for graduate school, professional training, or a position in an industrial or government research laboratory.


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