Research Areas

Our faculty’s research expertise covers a substantial range of disciplinary fields and methodologies, both within religious studies and theology proper.In terms of global religions, our faculty has strong coverage in Roman Catholicism and other Christianities, as well as in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Two scholars cover anthropology of religion, both in Asian contexts — one in Hinduism in South Asia, the other in East Asian Buddhism. Another covers the sociology of religion in the United States and Latin America.

Collectively, more than half the faculty work in Christian scriptures and spirituality, Christian systematic or constructive theologies, or Jewish and Muslim studies. Many of the faculty have overlapping interests in various fields of religious ethics — including environmental ethics and feminist ethics, gender theory, and sexuality. Three faculty members do work in theologies of liberation in Latin America and Africa and Third World regions. Two faculty do substantial research and teaching in peace, conflict, and reconciliation studies.

In all these endeavors the faculty covers most of the globe geographically — particularly Latin America, Africa, South Asia, and East Asia. Among specific subthemes in the research portfolio of our Department we have the following:

  • African Christianities
  • Buddhist temples in contemporary Japan
  • Celtic Christian Spirituality
  • Christian marriage
  • Christology
  • Christianity and Homosexuality
  • Contemplative Christian Traditions
  • Decolonial theory / postcolonial criticism
  • Ecofeminism / Ecofeminist ethics
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Ethics of the Commons
  • Feminist exegesis of the Qur’an and Islamic masculinities
  • Gender and spiritual autobiographies
  • Globalization
  • Hindu mythology
  • HIV/AIDS in Africa
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict & Jewish-Muslim relations
  • Latin American liberation theologies
  • Latin American religious history
  • New Testament exegesis
  • Peace, conflict, and reconciliation studies
  • Religion and Culture in Japan
  • Religion and Immigration
  • Santa Muerte in México
  • U.S. Latino/a theologies

Please visit the individual websites of our faculty members or contact the Program Assistant, Monica Doblado, for more information about specific topics at 415-422-6601 or