Student Profile - Alexander Lozano

Sociology Major
Class of 2012

Why did you choose to attend college at the University of San Francisco?

When I look back, I can think of tons of reasons I decided on USF. After I got all of my acceptance letters, it came down to Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco. I visited all of the schools and I was really interested in all of them. However, USF stood apart for a lot of reasons. Most significantly though is that it is smack in the middle of San Francisco, one of the most diverse and dynamic cities on the west coast. For a sociology major, that means a lot. San Francisco offers everything, every kind of person, and any kind of situation--all available for constant studying. By the time that registered, no other city or college seemed appropriate, and San Francisco has done nothing but deliver ever since.

Why did you choose to major in sociology?

In high school I always saw myself as a punk. That is, I never really cared for mainstream culture--at least not to the degree that the majority of my friends cared. Coming from the Los Angeles area, I was more annoyed by popular culture mainstream anything. So when it came to choosing a major, I wanted to choose something that gave me a chance to understand that annoyance, as well as why there was so much pressure on me to sign on to that culture. On a more political level, I wanted to learn more about my social surroundings--why are some people Democrat or Republican, pro-life or pro-choice, for the war in the middle east or against it, etc. In general, I wanted to study why some people live one way and others live another, and USF turned out to be the perfect place to find those answers.