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The Program

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The Master's in Sport Management Program is designed to serve the needs of today's busy students. The 36-unit interdisciplinary graduate curriculum is structured in such a way that courses meet one evening a week so that working adults who have professional goals in the sport marketplace may complete their Master's Degree in 23 months.

The Master's Program is designed for both working professionals who seek graduate education to facilitate career advancement and for those with an undergraduate degree whose objectives are to pursue careers in Sport Management through graduate study.

The Master's Program is designed to facilitate management and marketing skills that lead to long term professional growth in an interlinked and expanding sports marketplace that includes professional, intercollegiate, and recreational sports and the wide variety of private and public organizations that promote and organize fitness and health programs.

Northern California Program

The Sport Management Program was established at University of San Francisco's Main Campus in 1991. Our 52-acre San Francisco Main Campus, just one block from Golden Gate Park, is the home base for USF. The University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Management, the School of Education, the School of Law, and the School of Nursing and Health Professionals. The University of San Francisco is fully accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges and a host of discipline-specific accreditation agencies.

Students in the Master's Program in Sport Management enjoy the atmosphere and amenities offered at our lushly landscaped hilltop campus situated in a quiet residential neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco. A host of support services enhance the educational experience for graduate students, including:

Southern California Program

The Southern California Program has been serving students at its location at the St. Joseph Center in the City of Orange since 1983. The Southern California Program is one of six regional satellite campuses of the University of San Francisco. Each of the regional campuses offers select professionally-oriented degree programs tailored to meet the needs of mid-career working adults. These programs also serve traditionally-aged students who are looking for an educational opportunity that will allow them to more conveniently develop professional skills tailored to market niches.

The University of San Francisco's Southern California Sport Management Program opened in August 1999 to serve students aiming to develop management and marketing careers across the sports marketplace in professional sports, intercollegiate athletics, and in fitness and recreational sports. This location has the same features of the program offered at our San Francisco Main Campus since 1991. The Program is supplemented by a distinguished professional faculty who have been working in positions of leadership in the Southern California sport marketplace.

The Southern California Program features classrooms, multi-purpose facilities, a large auditorium, the St. Joseph Center Library, and administrative offices for the University of San Francisco. Anchored by the headquarters for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, and adjacent to the St. Joseph Hospital, the campus offers students a port to all University of San Francisco services in a centrally-located landscaped retreat. At the site for the Sport Management Program are computers, library and information systems services, all of which are linked to USF Main Campus resources and support services.

Course Information

The program consists of 36 graduate units. Each course is either 2, 3 or 4 units and meets one evening a week. The entire program can be completed in 23 months.

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The Internship Program

A key component of The Master's Program is the internship program. Internships are available in a wide variety of sports settings and help the student build professional competencies and a network of industry contacts. The Master's Program maintains an Internship Site Database and helps students arrange Internship opportunities. In order for students to take advantage of the Internship component, the Internship in Sport Management class has four meetings spaced out throughout the length of the program.

The Cohort Experience

Each class of students begins The Master's Program as a "Cohort", a single group of peers who start together, in January or July, and finish 23 months later. The cohort serves both as a learning community of scholars and a support network. This model of education allows faculty to tailor practical examples and assignments in the courses to the unique needs and interests of individuals in each cohort.

The blend of students working together on projects and research gives students the opportunity to experience the diverse perspectives of a "quality circle". Complementary strengths within each cohort provide students with the opportunity to learn with, and from, one another throughout the program. The cohort structure also encourages study groups that provide mutual support during the Sport Management program — and encourages graduate students to develop collegial and professional networks that continue well beyond the program.

Undergraduate Background

Students in The Master's Program come from a wide range of undergraduate majors. While some students come with an undergraduate background in Exercise Science and Physical Education, many others come from business, the social sciences, the natural sciences, communications and the liberal arts. This diversity of undergraduate majors complements the interdisciplinary nature of The Master's Program. In addition, students admitted to The Master's Program bring a breadth of undergraduate extracurricular experiences to our courses.

Professional Background

Students come to The Master's Program with a wide variety of professional and work experiences. While some students are currently employed in the sport industry, others come from professional or business backgrounds in other sectors. Included in the student mix are managers with professional sports teams, intercollegiate athletics programs, corporate marketing/sponsorship firms, fitness and health clubs, and corporate wellness and fitness programs. We also see coaches and administrators in youth and scholastic sports programs in The Master's Program. Other students bring professional backgrounds in financial management, law, marketing and sales, teaching, social service and other areas. Students who recently graduated from a college or university may have played varsity or club sports, or may have worked or volunteered in a sport-related area.

Career Goals

Students come to The Master's Program to develop management and marketing skills that lead to long-term professional growth in the sport marketplace. Some students come with one area, such as professional sports or intercollegiate sports, as a target. Others come to explore the opportunities in a wide range of areas to develop skills that will help them navigate the increasingly interlinked sport marketplace over the course of a career.

The aim of The Master's Program is to provide professional preparation for management and leadership positions across a range of organizations in the sport industry. These organizations include professional sports teams, high school athletics, large and small colleges with intercollegiate, intramural and recreation programs, amateur athletic organizations, private and public health and fitness clubs, corporate fitness and wellness programs, sports stadia and arenas, and sport and fitness marketing, management, and communications firms that service the larger marketplace.

Building Networks

More than just classes, your residency in The Master's Program is a two-year adventure in building a network of professional contacts that can serve as the foundation for lifelong career growth. Faculty, guest lecturers, staff, alumni and fellow students all can provide referrals to key personnel for insight about career strategies, organizations of interest and new opportunities.

The Professional Connection

In addition to the teaching faculty, leading professionals in the sport industry are frequent speakers in courses and special events sponsored by The Master's Program. This group of professionals keeps our students connected to the pulse of current developments in the industry.