G Sport Management

The Program

What Makes our Program Unique?

Networking Starts Here

Professional Connection
More than just classes, your residency in the Sport Management Master’s Program is a two-year adventure in building a network of professional contacts that can serve as the foundation for lifelong career growth. Faculty, guest lecturers, staff, alumni and fellow students all can provide referrals to key personnel for insight about career strategies, organizations of interest and new opportunities.

Cohort Experience
Each class of students begins the Sport Management Master's Program as a "Cohort", a single group of peers who start together and finish 23 months later. The cohort serves both as a learning community of scholars and a support network. This model of education allows faculty to tailor practical examples and assignments in the courses to the unique needs and interests of individuals in each cohort.

Academic Foundation & Practical Training

Program of Study
The program consists of 36 graduate units. Each class meets one evening a week from 6:30p to 10:30pm. The entire program is two years or 23 months in length. Visit the Courses page for specific details.

A cornerstone of the Sport Management Master's Program is the internship experience. Internships are available in all facets of the sports industry, which helps students build professional competencies and a network of industry contacts. The Sport Management Program is committed to helping students find and take advantage of available internship opportunities.

Career Goals
Students in the Sport Management Master's Program develop skills that lead to long-term professional growth in the sport marketplace. The Sport Management Program is designed to provide professional preparation for management and leadership positions across a range of organizations in the sport industry.


Classes Meet One Evening Per Week
The Sport Management Program is designed to serve the needs and schedules of today's busy students. Classes meet one evening per week, allowing students to complete their Master’s Degree in just 23 months.

The Sport Management Program is designed for both working professionals who seek graduate education to facilitate career advancement and for those with an undergraduate degree whose objectives are to pursue careers in Sport Management through graduate study.

Two Locations, One Team

USF offers its Sport Management Master’s Program in both Southern California and the San Francisco Bay area. An identical academic curriculum is offered at both locations and all core courses are taught by the same full-time faculty. Additionally, local industry professionals teach electives that allow students to specialize and gain the necessary depth within their chosen area of expertise.

The program at the San Francisco campus features internships throughout the San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Sacramento metropolitan areas.

Students in the Southern California program take advantage of internship opportunities in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara and San Diego County metropolitan areas.

With senior staff at both program sites, students find support through academic and career advising, internship connections and other university services.