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Fostering research and creative opportunities at all levels—undergraduate, graduate, and faculty—is central to the University of San Francisco's mission to be a diverse, socially responsible learning community of high quality scholarship and academic rigor.  The University of San Francisco promotes research as a humanizing, social activity, rather than a competitive exercise, to expand learning beyond the classroom. The University of San Francisco's student-to-faculty ratio of 15-to-1 forges close, collaborative relationships between faculty and students. In contrast to larger universities, the University of San Francisco gives undergraduates the chance to do graduate-level research directly with their professors. The results are in-depth inquiry and creative expression in areas ranging from computational neuroscience and ecofeminist ethics to acculturation’s impact on the health of Asian American immigrants.

Are you attending a conference? The Dean's Office in the College of Arts and Sciences will print posters for students (both undergraduate and graduate) and faculty attending a conference. Remember that you MUST send the poster to the Dean's Office at least one week before you need it. 

Antarctica Sampling
Antarctica Sampling

From L to R: Iva Neveux (Desert Research Institute, Reno), Austin Gajewski (USF Biology major, class of 2013) and Bethany Goodrich (USF Biology major, class of 2011) riding in a Zodiac inflatable boat on the way to a sample site in Antarctica. The students work with Dr. Deneb Karentz (Departments of Biology and Environmental Science) collecting samples for her work on the functional genomics of Antarctic phytoplankton.  Dr. Karentz’s research is funded by a 3-year grant of $229,625 from the National Science Foundation.. 





USF Faculty Honored for Top Scholarly Works & Research

2-13-2015 USF Faculty Honored for Top Scholarly Works & Research

Four USF professors have been named College of Art and Sciences Dean’s Scholars for 2014. This year’s award honors outstanding publications and research on matters as varied as the role of religion in immigrants’ lives, previously undiscovered molecular species, fictional short stories about broken hearts, and the roots of international conflict in Africa.