Speaker Showcase Video Archive

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2014 Speaker Showcase: speeches and debate demonstration  

Speeches performed:

Sarah Ashley: "Funding for K - 12 Public Education in the U.S."
Sarah Richardson: "Intersex Babies"
Katherine Pantangco: "Social Media and Social Movements" (instructor: Brian Dempster)
Gabriella Sergi: "SF - An Accessory to Domestic Violence"
Kelsey Weise: "Women and Movies"

2013 Speaker Showcase: speeches and debate demonstration 

Speeches Performed:

Emily Brown - "'Mountain Dew Mouth': Solving Appalachia's Dental Crisis
Linnea Doan - "Prescription Resistance"
Katherine Pantangco - "Social Media and Social Movements"
Anaisa Cerda - "Water Conservation: Why is this so Vital to Humanity and How can we Help?"
Hafsah Badar - "In Support of Nurses' Unions"

December 2011 Speaker Showcase 

May 2011 Speaker Showcase 

2010 Speaker Showcase