Watch our past Showcase speakers below.

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Video of speeches and debate demonstration from the February 20, 2013 Speaker Showcase:

Speeches Performed:
  • Emily Brown, "'Mountain Dew Mouth': Solving Appalachia's Dental Crisis" (instructor: David Holler)
  • Linnea Doan, "Prescription Resistance" (instructor: Ehle-Beasley)
  • Katherine Pantangco, "Social Media and Social Movements" (instructor: Brian Dempster)
  • Anaisa Cerda, "Water Conservation: Why is this so Vital to Humanity and How can we Help?" (instructor: Michelle LaVigne)
  • Hafsah Badar, "In Support of Nurses' Unions" (instructor: Marla Lowenthal)

Speeches from the December 6, 2011 Speaker Showcase event:

Speeches and Outlines from the May 10, 2011 Speaker Showcase event: