Graduation And Awards

Psychology Department Graduation

Beginning in spring of 2005, the department initiated hosting a small ceremony prior to the main University graduation. This ceremony is designed to honor and recognize graduates in psychology and their family and friends. It is also the time to recognize faculty and staff and allow students, parents, friends, faculty and staff to mix socially and meet and greet. The ceremony also allows the department to honor a psychology student identified by the faculty to receive the Fred Minnigerode award.

About the Minnigerode Award

Each spring since 1989, the department of Psychology honors a graduating student with the Fred Minnigerode Memorial Award for Outstanding Psychology Student. Fred was a Professor who taught child psychology and related topics and who died unexpectedly at a relatively young age. The award was initiated to honor his contributions to the department and its students. It recognizes a high-achieving student who has made a significant contribution to the research and study of psychology within the department. These contributions may be based on volunteer work, tutoring, service as a research or
teaching assistant, and generally involves all of these factors.

List of Minnigerode Awardees

  • 2013 Helena Rose Karnilowicz
  • 2012 Emily Reich
  • 2011 Majel R. Baker 
  • 2010 Allison R. Foertsch 
  • 2009 Han Yang Khiew (Peter) 
  • 2008 Roberta Sutton 
  • 2007 Kaili Chen 
  • 2006 Alexandra Summer Garber 
  • 2005 Michelle Gonzalez 
  • 2004 Francesca Fotenbaugh 
  • 2003 Adam Kleinhenz 
  • 2002 Eliza Congdon 
  • 2001 Melissa Maglione 
  • 2000 Zoë Westwood 
  • 1999 Abigail Fernandez 
  • 1998 Dawn de Gere 
  • 1997 Shawn Giammattei 
  • 1996 Suzanne Murphy 
  • 1995 Moira McGovern 
  • 1994 Melinda Mattingly 
  • 1993 Dena Athanasiou 
  • 1992 Samuel Posner 
  • 1991 Maryann Dennehy 
  • 1990 Deirdre Allen 
  • 1989 Raymond Gamba

The psychology department has recently initiated a new award subject to the award being funded from contributions in the near future.

About the Maureen O’Sullivan Fund for Student Research and Travel

In January 2010, Maureen O’Sullivan retired from USF after 38 years. Unfortunately, shortly after her retirement she died. Maureen was extremely committed to involving students in her research and supporting students in their own research endeavors. To honor her commitment in this area of her service to USF, the department has established a fund designed to support student research and student travel to local and national conventions for presentation of their research. Once the fund is fully endowed, several annual awards will be made to students as outlined when the fund was established. 

Alumni and other interested parties may contribute to one of the two funds by sending a donation to University Relations and identifying the fund to which you wish your contribution to be applied.