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Are you thinking of changing to Psychology as a major?

As Psychology is an impacted major, with the largest number of students in the College of Arts and Sciences, undeclared majors who wish to declare Psychology as a major or students with a different major who wish to change to Psychology must first complete the introductory course, General Psychology (PSYC 101), and pass it with a "C" or better. Due to heavy advising loads, Psychology faculty only advise students who have been admitted to the program. 

For major requirements, please consult the General Catalog at the link above. Non-majors in the process of taking General Psychology and wishing to change to Psychology as a major should plan to register for Psychological Statistics (PSYC 260) and Writing in Psychology (RHET 301) the following semester. (A student who has not completed the College writing requirement will need to complete it before taking Writing in Psychology.) These three courses are prerequisites for many other courses in the major, and taking them as soon as possible will give a student the best chance of graduating on time.

For further information on changing into the major, please contact the Program Assistant in the Psychology Department (Kalmanovitz G65) or call 415 422-6151.


Academic Advising


Students entering USF as Freshmen or new transfers are asked to attend a Student Orientation organized by the College of Letters and Sciences. Following this orientation, students meet with faculty of the department to discuss their program of study. 

            Group Advising

Continuing students who have not yet completed the foundation courses are asked to attend a Group Advising session before registration each semester. 

            Individual Advising

Each Psychology major is assigned a faculty member, with whom he or she may consult regarding academic or career matters. The following documents will be used to track a student’s progress:

                         Major Requirements Checklist

                         Core Requirements Checklist

Psychology courses meeting the Major Requirements:

                         Major Diversity Requirement

                         Major Elective Courses

To find your advisor, or for other useful Banner information see below: 

                         Student Banner Self-Help Guide

            Waiver/ Substitution

Transfer students who would like a course completed at a different university counted for completion of the Psychology major will find instructions and a form below:

                         Transfer Courses in Psychology  

            Other forms

                         One Stop Forms (Registration, Financial Aid, Tuition and Graduation)

            Additional information for Psychology majors

                         Tips for Psychology Majors


Career Notes

The major in Psychology prepares students for a wide range of careers. The research-based psychology program at USF is designed to fully prepare students competing for a position in a graduate program. Other career paths taken by Psychology majors are outlined in the following document: 

                       What Can I Do With This Major?

Some of these careers (for example, "counseling", "psychotherapy", "mental health services", etc.) will require a mental health license (which requires graduate work, at least at the masters level). If you are interested in these areas, please consult the following two documents:

                         So, You Want To Be a Therapist?

                         Sorting Out Graduate Degree and Licensure Options   

For more information on careers:

                        Careers in Psychology

Academic Resources

A list of academic resources to support the study of Psychology at USF is in process of development and can be found below:

                        Reading Resource List for Psychology Majors