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USF's Philosophy Department has a thriving Major program, while still serving the entire University community by providing an array of Core courses in Philosophy and Ethics for all undergraduate students. Our 12 full-time professors are accomplished researchers and teachers, garnering USF Awards in Teaching, Service, and Research, as well as prestigious national fellowships. Most of the part-time instructors have Ph.D.'s in Philosophy and substantial experience teaching philosophy - many of them also have active research agendas with books and articles published and more on the way.

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Philosophy Professors study a range of topics, ranging from the History of Ancient Philosophy to Eighteenth-Century Moral Philosophy to Contemporary Issues in Free Will, Philosophy of Race, and more. Students in the program take courses directly related to their Professors' interests, keeping classes fresh and exciting. The Department also hosts national and international conferences, bringing highly-regarded scholars to USF each year for public presentations, small group discussions, and research circles.

Alumni Upon graduation, Philosophy majors excel in many and varied fields including: law, education, social action, and business. Each year, a few students continue on for graduate studies in Philosophy, and some have gone on to a Ph.D. and successful careers in other universities. Those whose study of Philosophy ends at USF nonetheless learn to think clearly, systematically, and creatively - skills they cherish for their entire lives, with vision and perspective that have given them an edge in almost any field that they want to enter.


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