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Special Editors: Christiane Fröhlich and Giovanna Gioli, University of Hamburg
Christiane Fröhlich and Giovanna Gioli, Gender, Conflict, and Global Environmental Change
Adrienne Stork, Cassidy Travis, and Silja Halle, Gender-Sensitivity in Natural Resource Management in Côte d'Ivoire and Sudan
Holly Dunn and Richard Matthew, Natural Resources and Gender in Conflict Settings
Deepa Joshi, Gender Change in the Globalization of Agriculture?
Brittany Ajroud, Kame Westerman, and Janet Edmond, Men and Women as Conservation Partners in Conflict Settings
Henri Myrttinen, Jana Naujoks, and Janpeter Schilling, Gender, Natural Resources, and Peacebuilding in Kenya and Nepal
Kerstin Rosenow-Williams andKatharina Behmer, Gendered Environmental Security in IDP and Refugee Camps
Tobias von Lossow, Gender in Inter-State Water Conflicts
Joane Nagel, Gender, Conflict, and the Militarization of Climate Change Policy
Eric Bonds, Challenging Global Warming's New "Security Threat" Status
Steve Dobransky, The Tragic Script of Thucydides in Political Science
Michelle Bentley, The Problem With the Chemical Weapons Taboo
John Saroyan, Suppressed and Repressed Memories Among Armenian Genocide Survivors
Peace Profile: Waldo Williams by W. John Morgan

Special Editors: Rachel Julian, Leeds Beckett University and Christine Schweitzer, Institute for Peace Work and Nonviolent Conflict Transformation
Rachel Julian and Christine Schweitzer, The Origins and Development of Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping
Alessandro Rossi, The Glass Ceiling for UCP in Inter-Governmental Organizations
Luis Enrique Eguren, The Notion of Space in International Accompaniment 
Ellen Furnari, Relationships Are Critical for Peacekeeping
Tiffany Easthom, The South Sudan Weapons Free Zone
Tim Wallis, Saving Lives, Saving Souls
Georgi Engelbrecht and Vidushi Kaushik, Community-Based Protection Mechanisms
Richard Gehrmann, Matt Grant, and Samantha Rose, Australian Unarmed Peacekeepers on Bougainville, 1997-2003
Bernardo Venturi, Mainstreaming Un
armed Civilian Peacekeeping
Patrick Babajanian, Identity and Power in Perpetrating Genocide
Alex Otieno, Unconditional Hospitality as Discursive Practice
Peter Shields, The Human Cost of the European Union's External Border Regime
Dean Laplonge, The Absence of Masculinity in Gender Training for UN Peacekeepers
Peace Profile: Danilo Dolci by Lawrence Baldassaro

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Special Editors: Robert Elias and Erika Myszynski, University of San Francisco
Robert Elias, Peace Review, 25 Years On
Jannie Malan, African Journal on Conflict Resolution
Annika Björkdahl and Martin Hall, Cooperation and Conflict
Eva Erman, Ethics & Global Politics
Dale T. Snauwaert, In Factis Pax: Journal of Peace Education and Social Justice
Gordon L. Anderson, International Journal on World Peace
Michael Pugh, International Peacekeeping
Lynne M. Woehrle, Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict
Jeannie Lum, Journal of Peace Education
Henrik Urdal, Gudrun Østby, and Nils Petter Gleditsch, Journal of Peace Research
Erin McCandless, Journal of Peacebuilding and Development
Ross Ryan, Peace and Conflict Review
Robin Cooper, Peace and Conflict Studies
Birte Vogel, Oliver P. Richmond, Roger Mac Ginty, Ioannis Tellidis, and Stefanie Kappler, Peacebuilding
Gregory Shank, Social Justice
Nemanja Džuverović, Inequality-Conflict Research Beyond Neo-Liberal Discourse
Mohja Kahf, The Syrian Revolution, Then and Now
Faruk Ekmekci, Social Trust, Democracy, and the Kurdish Issue in Turkey
Marina Malamud, Private Military and Security Companies in UN Missions
Peace Profile: Desmond Mpilo Tutu by 
Muhammed Haron
Interview: Drew Francis Cameron by Erika Myszynski

Special Editors: Alexandre Guilherme, Liverpool Hope University and W. John Morgan, University of Nottingham
Andrej Zwitter and Michael Hoelzl, Augustine on War and Peace
David Thomas Orique, The Life, Labor, and Legacy of Bartolomé de Las Casas
Daniel Rosenberg, War and Peace in the Political Philosophy of Julien Freund
Geneviéve Souillac, Violence, Mimesis, and War
Christina M. Brennan, The Kantian Sublime in David Finkel's The Good Soldiers (2011)
Tom Pynn, The Dao De Jing on Cultivating Peace
Jennifer Ang, Revolutionary War and Peace
Paul Schuurman, Clausewitz on Real War
Ademola Kazeem Fayemi and Olusegun Steven Samuel, Africa Versus the West of Reparation
Juliet A. Schiller, Using Torture Against Women
Naohiko Omata, The End of Refugee Life?
Indira Rampersad, The Anti-Cuban Embargo Movement in the United States
Dorcas Ettang, Factors for Successful Nonviolent Action in Africa
John S. Moolakkattu, Nonviolent Resistance to Nuclear Power Plants in South India
Peace Profile: Aldo Capitini by Priya Darshini Baligadoo


Special Editor: Lois Ann Lorentzen, University of San Francisco
Jonathan Darling, From Hospitality to Presence
Nicholas Zavediuk, Kantian Hospitality
Josefina Echavarría Alaverz, (Re)Imagining Migration
José Luis Rocha Gómez, Hospitality as Civil Disobedience
Roland Bleiker, David Campbell & Emma Hutchison, Visual Cultures of Inhospitality
Michael Strange & Anna Lundberg, Education as Hospitality
Alejandro Olayo-Méndez, Stephen Nathan Haymes, & Maria Vidal de Haymes, Mexican Migration-Corridor Hospitality
Helen Hintjens & Ahmed Pouri, Toward Cities of Safety and Sanctuary
Ruth Ann Belknap, Hospitality on the Border
Karina Fonseca Vindas, Central American Migrant Campaign
Joshua K. Leon, Why Is the World Bank Financing Forced Evictions?
Teresa Lorena Jopson, Revolutionary Justice in the Philippines
Seth Kershner & Scott Harding, Addressing the Militarization of Youth
Houston Wood, The Global Peace Network
Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo & Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo, Containing (Un)American Bodies in Arizona
Giovanni Pasquali, The Role of Diplomatic Culture in International Disputes
Peace Profile: Salvador Allende by Mollie Flynn

Special Editor: William Hoynes, Vassar College with his Nonviolence in Theory and Practice seminar students
William Hoynes, Assessing Nonviolent Movements
Timothy Braatz, The Limitations of Strategic Nonviolence
Kelly Rae Kraemer, Dealing With Military Defectors
Paul Di Stefano and Mostafa Henaway, Boycotting Apartheid From South Africa to Palestine
Jade Batstone, The Use of Strategic Nonviolent Action in the Arab Spring
Emily E. Welty, Occupy Wall Street as "American Spring"?
Naomi Dann, Nonviolent Resistance in the Western Sahara
Caitrin Hall, The Seed of Nonviolence
Shanna Kohn, Tibetan Nonviolence
Matt Meyer, Rebuilding Revolutionary Nonviolence in an Anti-Imperialist Era
Khadija El Alaoui, The Ethics of Tahreer Square
Stephen Zunes, Nonviolent Action and Anti-Imperialist Struggles
Laurie Calhoun, The Limits of Lethality
Iain Watson, Rethinking Peace Parks in Korea
Abhinav Singh and Bharathi M. Purohit, Public Health Impacts of Global Warming and Climate Change
Ivan Sascha Sheehan, Conflict Transformation as Counterinsurgency
Shereen J. Kajouee, The Case Against Attacking Iran
Peace Profile: Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV) by Patrick Kennelly and Emily Malloy

Special Editor: Richard Matthew, Center for Unconventional Security Affairs, University of California, Irvine
Randall Amster, Toward a Climate of Peace
Philipp Babcicky, A Conflict-Sensitive Approach to Climate Change Adaptation
Joseph Besigye Bazirake, Climate Change Discourse in Peacebuilding
Tom H. Hastings, Climate Chaos and Conflict Management
Marvin Joseph F. Montefrio, The Green Economy and Land Conflict
Oluwaseun Bamidele, Climate Change, War, and Global Struggle
Afolabi Aribigbola, Olakunle Michael Folami, and Adejoke Olubimpe Folami, Climate Change and Insecurity are Like a Chain Reaction
Marisa O. Ensor, Youth, Climate Change, and Peace in South Sudan
Jay Famiglietti, Arturo Jimenez-Bacardi, and Daniel Wehrenfennig, Climate Science and Peace in the Middle East
Ira Helfand, Nuclear Famine
Tobi Petrocelli, Samantha Newport, and Dennis Hamro-Drotz, Climate Change and Peacebuilding in the Sahel
Kathryn Russell, Will Fracking Bring the Soldiers Home?
Simon Dalby, Peace in the Anthropocene
Paul Wapner, Climate Change and Inner Peace
Salvatore Babones, Austerity Economics and the Threat to Human Infrastructure
Rebecca Gould, To Boycott or Not? A Moral Conundrum
Stephen Zunes, Lessons and False Lessons From Libya
Peace Profile: Herbert José de Souza by Caroline Rehill

Special Editor: Jennifer M. Murphy and Eloísa Nos Aldás
Universitat Jaume I de Castellón, Interuniversity Institute of Social Development and Peace
Eloísa Nos Aldás and Jennifer M. Murphy, Occupy Movements and the Indignant Figure
Sonia París Albert, Philosophy, Recognition, and Indignation
Eloísa Nos Aldás and Daniel Pinazo, Communication and Engagement for Social Justice
Jennifer M. Murphy and Sidi M. Omar, Aesthetics of Resistance in Western Sahara
Fatuma Ahmed Ali and Hannah Muthoni Macharia, Women, Youth, and the Egyptian Arab Spring
Robert Macpherson and David A. Smith, Occupy as a World Anti-Systemic Movement
Eric Turner, New Movements, Digital Revolution, and Social Movement Theory
Amador Iranzo and Alessandra Farné, Occupy Movements in the Media
Vicente J. Benet, The Victim in World War I Antiwar Films
María José Gámez Fuentes, Re-Framing the Subject(s) of Gender Violence
Irene Comins Mingol, Philosophical Perspectives on Caring Citizenship
Jess Bonnan-White, Learning Peace from "Lower" Primates
Anna Devol, Nonviolent Action on the Frontline
Daniel E. Agbiboa, (Sp)oiling Domestic Terrorism? Boko Haram and State Response
Peace Profile: Vicent Martínez Guzmán by Fabricio Forastelli

Special Editor: Ron B. Aviram, Columbia University
Charles Ashbach, Beyond the Pale
Charles Webel and Charles Fisher, The Group Psychology of War and Peace
Henri Parens, War Is Not Inevitable
Ron B. Aviram, The Drums of War Beat in the Unconscious
Wilita D. Sanguma, The Power of Identity in Local Conflict
Zachary Green and Andres Bernal, Droning Toward the Boundless War
Roy J. Eidelson, How Leaders Promote War by Exploiting Our Core Concerns
Hakim Djeriouat and Etienne Mullet, People's Mental Models of War Initiation
Diana Francis, The Construction of Masculinity as a Motivator for War
Joseph de Rivera, Conflict Over the Consequences of Humiliation
William Perry, The Road Less Traveled
Patrick G. Coy, Whither Nonviolent Studies?
Tim Coles, Iraq's Mental Health Crisis
Nhina Le, Xayaburi and the Mekong Critical Point
Ramin Hajian Fard, Iranian Painters for Peace
Eric Bonds, Assessing the Oil Motive After the U.S. War in Iraq
Peace Profile: Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement by Keturah Scott
Book Review by Robert Elias: Peter Dreier, The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century: A Social Justice Hall of Fame

Special Editors: Dave Webb, Leeds Metropolitan University and Diane Morgan, University of Leeds
Dave Webb, Projecting Ideas on a Perpetual Peace
Diane Morgan, What Peace Isn't, Or Why the Term "Perpetual Peace" is Almost a Pleonasm
Carol Hayman, Local First in Peacebuilding
Colin Archer, Military Spending and the UN's Development Agenda
Mark Levene, Struggling for a Transformative Space Against the Reality of Biospheric Emergency
Diana Francis, Making Peace Global
Crispin Hemson, Violence at the End of the Rainbow
Peter Van Den Dungen, Projecting Peace Through History and Museums
Mike Love, Leeds, a Workshop for Peace
Hugh Lacey, Technology for Social Inclusion
Tamela Knight, Climate Change and Its Implications for Violent Conflicts
Kunal Mukherjee, "New Wars" in Contemporary South Asia?
Salvador Santino F. Regilme, Jr., Is International Labor Migration Good for Democratic Consolidation?
Olakunle Michael Folami and Adejoke Olubimpe Folami, Climate Change and Inter-Ehtnic Conflict in Nigeria
Leah Ragen, How Valuable Are Your Values?
Gerard B. McDermott, Barriers Towards Peace in Southern Thailand
Peace Profile: The Raging Grannies (Global Exchange) by Dana Sawchuk

Special Editor: James Ker-Lindsay, London School of Economics and Political Science
James Ker-Lindsay, Introducing the Cyprus Problem
Àlvaro de Soto, Can Cyprus Be Solved?
Kudret Özersay, Exhaustion and Time for Change
Praxoula Antoniadou Kyriacou, A Matter of Leadership
M. K. Flynn and Tony King, Deadlock and (Mis)Trust in Cyprus
Alexander Apostolides, Costas Apostolides, and Erdal Güryay, From Conflict to Economic Interdependence in Cyprus
Nicolas Jarraud, A Practitioner's Perspective
Samer Abboud, Warren Haffar, Steven F. Harter, Allyson M. McCreery, and Hannah Simon-Girard, Crisis as Impetus Toward Conflict Resolution in Cyprus
Costas M. Constantinou, Multidirectional Diplomacy and the Privatization of Settlement
Cengiz Gunes, Unblocking the Impasse in Turkey's Kurdish Question
Maximilian Rapp and Markus Rhomberg, Seeking a Neutral Identity in Northern Ireland's Political Wall Paintings
Patrick Cannon, A Feminist Response to Rape as a Weapon of War in Eastern Congo
Muzaffer Ercan Yilmaz, Egypt's Chance to Become a Democracy
Michael J. Shapiro, Bosnian Blues
Judith Soares, Peace Through Ecumenism?
Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, The Reasonableness of Sentimentalism and Violence
Peace Profile: Guardians of the Written Word by Jorge Albor

Special Editor: Jean-Pierre Karegeye, Macalester College
Beth Karlin and Richard A. Matthew, Kony 2012 and the Mediatization of Child Soldiers
Donna Sharkey, Picture the Child Soldier
Jean-Claude Djereke, What Hides Behind the Question of Child Soldiers in Cóte d'Ivoire?
Marisa O. Ensor, Child Soldiers and Youth Citizens in South Sudan's Armed Conflict
Oluwaseun Bamidele, Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration of Children in Armed Conflict
Joy Brooks, The Struggle of Girl Soldiers Returning Home
Elizabeth A. Galway, Competing Representations of Boy Soldiers in WWI Children's Literature
Sarah Maya Rosen and David M. Rosen, Representing Child Soldiers in Fiction and Film
Célia Sadai, The Cinematic Representation of Child Soldiers in Liberia
Sarah Nilsson Dolah and Jean-Pierre Karegeye, The International Community in Child Soldiers Narratives
Elizabeth Senja Spackman and Ariane Nina Zaytzeff, Theater With Former Child Soldiers
Michelle Bumatay and Hannah Warman, Illustrating Genocidaires, Orphans, and Child Soldiers in Central Africa
Bojana Blagojevic and Luka Jordan, Human Development Tree Life Cycle Model
Lucy Kang, Transnational Humanitarian Aid in Burma
Etienne Mullet, Lonzozou Kpanake, and Félix Neto, Lay People's Views About Truth Commissions
David Roberts, Saving Liberal Peacebuilding From Itself
Peace Profile: Christian Pacifism and War Objection in Early Twentieth-Century Japan by Yuichi Moroi

Ranjan Bandyopadhyay, Child-Sex Tourism, HIV/AIDS, and Social Justice in India
Jade Batstone, From Rubble to Respect at "Ground Zero Mosque"
Erik Brattberg, Revisiting UN Peacekeeping in Rwanda and Sierra Leone
Laurie Calhoun, Human Rights or Just War?
Randolph Haluza-DeLay, Making Peace with All Creation
Meghna Manaktala, Defining Genocide
Rafi Nets (Zehngut), Israeli Memory and the Palestinian Refugee Problem
Samia Qumri, Iraqi Refugee Children's Quest for Education in Jordan
Judith Renner and Alexander Spencer, Reconciliation with Al Qaida?
Jean-Francoise Thibault, R2P and the Debt of the International Community
Lena Khor, Politics of Sentimentality and Postsentimentality
Peace Profile: Roger Casement by Patrick Cannon 

Special Editors: Emma Fuentes, University of San Francisco
Shabnam Koirala-Azad, University of San Francisco
Emma Fuentes and Shabnam Koirala-Azad, Introduction
Monisha Bajaj, Human Rights Education in Small Schools in India
Ana Laura Pauchulo, Encountering Breakdowns in Human Rights Education
Tracey Holland and Morrison Saidu, Post-War Challenges Facing Women and Girls in Sierra Leone
Andrea McAvoy, Human Rights Education and the Performing Arts
Maria Hantzopoulos, Considering Human Rights Education as U.S. Public School Reform
Jennifer Bronson, Human Rights Education for Underprivileged High School Students
Sara Ramey & the AFSC Human Rights Learning Project, Fighting for a Society that Respects Each Person's Dignity
Mike Klein, Online Partnerships for Human Rights Education Praxis
Rebecca Joy Norlander, A Digital Approach to Human Rights Education? 
Lindsey N. Kingston, Creating a "Human Rights Campus"
Salvatore Babones, The Revival of Militarist Language in the U.S.
Linda Heidenreich, Vampires Among Us
Bishnu Upreti, Nepal from War to Peace
Mary Zweifel, Taking up Arms
Peace Profile: Extending the Social Justice Discourse in Education by Emma Fuentes, Shabnam Koirala-Azad, and Susan Katz

Special Editor: Jonathan H.X. Lee, San Francisco State University
Jonathan H.X. Lee, Genocide, Healing, Justice, and Peace in Cambodia
Farrah Tek, Is Justice Attainable at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia?
John. D. Ciorciari, Cambodia's Trek Toward Reconciliation
Alistair D. B. Cook and Lina Gong, Cambodia's Legacy and the Responsibility to Protect in Asia
Phuong Pham, Patrick Vinck, Mychelle Balthazard, Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter, and Sokhom Hean, Dealing with the Khmer Rouge Heritage
Astrid Norén-Nilsson, Children of the Former Khmer Rouge Cadres
Beini Ye, Forced Marriages as Mirrors of Cambodian Conflict Transformation
Jonathan H.X. Lee, Cambodian-American Ethics of Identity Formation
Janet McLellan, Experiences of Genocide, Healing, Justice, and Peace Among Cambodians in Canada
Anomie, Healing through Belief, Biography, and Social Connection
Mary Thi Pham and Jonathan H.X. Lee, Creating Peace Through Cambodian-American Literature
Karen Quintiliani, Susan Needham, Robert Lemkin, and Thet Sambath, Facilitating Dialogue Between Cambodian-American Survivors and Khmer Rouge Perpetrators
Laura McGrew, Pathways to Reconciliation in Cambodia
Trent Walker, How Sophea Lost Her Sight
Robert M. Bosco and Lori Hartmann-Mahmud, The Securitization of Park51
Paul Di Stefano, Human Rights Violations and the Moral Permissibility of Military Intervention
Steven C. Roach, The Turbulent Politics of the International Criminal Court
Peace Profile: Laura Tevary Mam and the Like Me's by Wei Ming Dariotis and Jonathan H.X. Lee

Special Editors: Jason Mallory, Brooklyn College
Mechthild Nagel, State University of New York, College at Cortland
Helen Codd, The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Laura Magnani, Market Values Permeate Both Foreign Policies and Prison Policies
Priya Parmar, Anthony J. Nocella II, and Shykeem, Poetry Behind the Walls
Jason Lydon, A Theology for the Penal Abolition Movement
Mechthild Nagel, Anti-Black Racism, Gender, and Abolutionist Politics
Francesca Fois and Daniele Paragano, "Autonomous Geographies" in the Anti-U.S. Military Base Movement
Lena Behr, The Afterlife of Aung San Suu Kyi's Letters from Burma
Berit Albrecht, The Limits of Restorative Justice in Prison
Eleanor Novek, The Alternatives to Violence Project's Work for Peace Behind Bars
Christopher M. Lenn, Applying Buber's I-Thou Principle to Incarceration
Sarah M. Conrad, A Restorative Environmental Justice for Prison E-Waste
Alan Mobley, An Ex-Con Applies for A(nother) Job
Bonnie Kerness, Torture in U.S. Prisons
Kylie Alexandra, Peacekeeper's Privilege and Sexual Abuse in Post-Conflict Populations
Laurie Calhoun, The End of Military Virtue
H. Patricia Hynes, The Invisible Casualty of War
Stephen Zunes, Nonviolent Revolution in the Middle East
Peace Profile: The San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace by Marilyn Bordwell DeLaure

Special Editors: Gerrie Swart, Department of Political Science, University of Stellenbosch
Sadiki Koko, Babhuti Research Institute, Johannesburg
Sadiki Koko, From Conflict to Ever-Eluding Peace
Gerrie Swart, No War, No Peace in the Volatile East
John S. Moolakkattu, Greater Primacy for State-Building in Congo?
James Tsabora, Prosecuting Congolese War Crimes
Jane Freedman, Explaining Congolese Sexual Violence and Gender Inequalities
Maria Paz Ortega, The FDLR as an Obstacle to Peace in the DRC
Dorcas Ettang, The DRC's National Versus Regional Security Nexus
Theo Neethling, Towards the End of UN Peacekeeping in the DRC
Theirry Vircoulon, Free, Fair, and Dangerous Elections
Gregory Bourne, In Pursuit of a Killing-Free World
Andriana M. George-Duckworth, The Collective Goods Problem in Managing Environmental Issues
Shavkat Kasymov, The Right of Communities to Self-Determination
James Ker-Lindsay, Principles and the Partition of Kosovo
Yuichi Moroi, A Sociological Portrait of the Union Eight
Peace Profile: Abdul Ghaffar Khan's Nonviolent Jihad by Lester Kurtz

Special Editors: Roy J. Eidelson, Eidelson Consulting
Stephen Soldz, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
Luisa M. Saffiotti, Kairos-Transform
Roy J. Eidelson, Stephen Soldz, and Luisa M. Saffiotti, Introduction
Roy J. Eidelson, Inequality, Shared Outrage, and Social Change
Stephen Soldz, Fighting Torture and Psychologist Complicity
Steven Shapiro, Inequality is Great Fuel for Climate Change
Jancis Long, Doing Harm at Work
Mikhail Lyubansky and Dominic Barter, A Restorative Approach to Interpersonal Racial Conflict
Nahid Aziz, What Self-Immolation Means to Afghan Women
Brad Olson, Judah Viola, and Suzette Fromm-Reed, A Temporal Model of Community Organizing and Direct Action
Zachary Green, A Peace Deferred
Michael R. Jackson, Psychology and Social Justice
Tim Coles, How Britain Armed the Sri Lanka Massacre
Tracey Holland, Advancing Human Rights Education in Peacebuilding
Aislin O'Connor, Does Gender Matter in Cap-and-Trade Legislation?
Abhinav Singh and Bharathi Purohit, Street Children as a Public Health Fiasco
Peace Profile: Martin Buber by Alex Guilherme and W. John Morgan  

Special Editors: Klaus-Gerd Giesen,Université d'Auvergne 
Marcos Nobre, Universidade Estadual de Campinas and CEBRAP Sao Paulo
Klaus-Gerd Giesen and Marcos Nobre, World-System Inequalities Before and After the Crisis
Luis Carlos Bresser-Pereira, Why Inequality Does Not Fall
Peter Osimiri, Redistribution or Rectification for Global Justice?
Fouad Kalouche, The International Division of Labor of "Consumer Subjects"
Yohan Arrifin, On the Scope and Limits of Green Imperialism
Martin Koch, Perceptions of Global Inequality in World Society
Jean-Christophe Graz, Informal Institutions and Global Inequalities in the Service Industry
Lenart Škof, Pragmatism, Democracy, and Inequalities
Derrick Darby, Educational Inequality and Affirmative Action in Brazil
Wai Kit Choi and David A. Smith, China and the Global Apparel Commodity Chain
Vera Eccarius-Kelly, Nationalism Ethnic Rap, and the Kurdish Diaspora
Laurie Naranch, Remembering Democracy in Claiming Women's Rights
Ranan Omer-Sherman, Paradoxes of Jewish and Muslim Identities in Israeli Short Stories
Indira Rampersad, People-Centered Governance in Trinidad and Tobago
Peace Profile: Paul Robeson and Anne Braden by Harry Targ

Special Editor: Roberto Gutiérrez Varea, University of San Francisco
Roberto Gutiérrez Varea, Sites of Transfer
Scott Thomas Bruce, Memorializing Contested Space
Nora Strejilevich, Performative Memorial Sites and Resistance in Argentina
Steven Kaindaneh and Andrew Rigby, Promoting Co-Existence through Sacred Places in Sierra Leone
Claudia Bernardi, Whispers at El Mozote
Dorien Ediger-Seto, Collective Instruction in Crystal City, Texas
Clive Barrett, Your Place or Mine? Locality and a Culture of Peace
Elizabeth Strakosch, Counter-Monuments and Nation-Building in Australia
James Page, Making Sense of Australia's War Memorials
David Mitchell, Conditions for Peace in Northern Ireland and Israel-Palestine
Tyler Wall, U.S. Psychological Warfare and Civilian Targeting
Jianxing Yu and Tao Feng, Civic Education and Transition Governance
Peace Profile: Interview with Roberto González by Clare Szalay Howell

U.S. MILITARY BASES ABROAD (22.2, Summer 2010)
Special Editor: Joseph Gerson, American Friends Service Committee
Joseph Gerson, Introduction
Wilbert van der Zeijden, Building the Global No-Bases Movement
Andrew Yeo, U.S. Military Base Realignment in South Korea
Elsa Rassbach, Protesting U.S. Military Bases in Germany
Joseph Gerson, Offensive Military Bases and a Troubled Alliance in Japan
Orwa Michael Otieno, The U.S.-Africa Command and Pan-African Resistance
Hannah Middleton, U.S. Bases in Australia
Roland G. Simbulan, The Pentagon's Secret War and Facilities in the Philippines
Déborah Berman Santana, Struggles for Ex-Base Lands in Puerto Rico
Ellen-Rae Cachola, Gwyn Kirk, Lisa Natividad, and Maria Reinat Pumarejo, Women Working Across Borders for Peace and Genuine Security
Marcel M. Baumann, Contested Victimhood in the Northern Irish Peace Process
Richard Lappin, The Unique Challenge of Post-Conflict Democracy Assistance
Hannah Neumann, Reframing Identities and Social Practices Despite War
Jennifer Achord Rountree and Marc Pilisuk, Divine Politics and Warning Signs of Fascism
Peace Profile: Fela Kuti, An "African Man Original" by Meghan Langley

THE NEW ARMS RACE IN SPACE (22.1, Spring 2010)
Special Editor: Bruce K. Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
Bruce K. Gagnon, Introduction
Lynda Williams, Irrational Dreams of Space Colonization
Tim Rinne, Space as the Ultimate Imperial Base
Bruce Gagnon, U.S. Space Technology for Controlling China and Russia
Agneta Norberg, The North's Contribution to Space Militarization
Dave Webb, Loring Wirbel, and Bill Sulzman, From Space, No One Can Watch You Die
Loring Wirbel and Dave Webb, Toward a Common Space Policy in a Multilateral World
Alon Ben-Meir, Obama's Peace Offensive
James Ker-Lindsay, The Importance of Process in Peacemaking
David G. Kibble, Are Israel and Palestine Ready for Peace?
Claudia Moreland and Toby Terrar, Resisting the Professional Military During the American Revolution
Peace Profile: Staughton Lynd by Carl Mirra

SPECIAL TOPICS (21.4, Winter 2010)
Nicolas J. S. Davies, The Caroline Case and American Drone Strikes in Pakistan
David Medoff, Freud's Reply to Einstein on Delivering Mankind from War
Noam Schimmel, Media Accountability to Investigate Human Rights Violations
James Menkhaus, Ignatian Spirituality and the Just Peacemaking Theory
Etienne Mullet and Félix Neto, Lay People's Views on Intergroup Forgiveness
Ibram Rogers, On the American Black Campus Movement in 1968
Erika Carlsen, Ra/pe and War in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Liang-Yu F. Deng, Contrasting Women's Experiences in Beijing and Taipei
Roberta Ann Johnson, Reflections on Sexism in Political Science
Peace Profile: Simone de Beauvoir by Cecily Cook

POST-GENOCIDE RWANDA (21.3, Fall 2009)
Special Editor: Madelaine Hron, Wilfred Laurier University
Madelaine Hron, Icyireze in Rwanda Fifteen Years Post-Genocide
Gerry Caplan, Remembering Rwanda or Denying It?
Rwanda Research Group, Peace-Building through Good Governance and Capable Statehood
Chris Huggins, Agriculture Policies and Local Grievances in Rural Rwanda
Timothy Longman, A Preliminary Assessment of Rwanda's Gacaca Courts
Susan Thomson, Ethnic Twa and Rwandan National Unity and Reconciliation Policy
Phillip Cantrell, Rwanda's Anglican Church and Post-Genocide Reconciliation
Pierre Allard and Judy Allard, Prison Chaplaincy, Restorative Justice and Just.Equipping
Kirrily Pells, "We've Got Used to the Genocide; It's Daily Life That's the Problem"
Madelaine Hron, Interview with Writer Joseph Ndwaniye
Madelaine Hron, Interview with Artist Collin Sekajugo
Madelaine Hron, Interview with Film Producer Eric Kabera
Madelaine Hron, Interview with Arts Director Odile Gakire Katese
Johan Lagerkvist, Global Media for Globalizing Citizenship in India and China
Eleanor Novek, Mass Culture and the American Taste for Prisons
Peter Shields, Surveillance, Information Technology, and Reconfiguring Borders
Olivera Simic, Who Should be a Peacekeeper?
Peace Profile: Jayanti Kirplani by Rina Angela Corpus

IMAGING WAR (21.2, Summer 2009)
Special Editors: David Webb, Steve Wright, and Gavin Fairbairn, Leeds Metropolitan University
David Webb, Steve Wright, and Gavin Fairbairn, Introduction
Seidu Alidu, David Webb, and Gavin Fairbairn, Investigating "Truths" and "Re-Imaging" in the Reconciliation Process
Jürgen Altmann, Critical Analysis of New Weapons Technologies
Ayeray Medina Bustos, David Webb, and Gavin Fairbairn, (Un)Covering the Silence During the Argentinean Coup d' Ètat
Patrick Crogan, Tracing the Logics of Contemporary Digital Media Culture
Kristen Daly, Remediating War in Iraq
Aida Dias and Luisa Sales, War's Mental Health Legacies for Children of Combatants
Gavin Fairbairn, Empathy, Sympathy, and the Image of the Other
Charles E. Gannon, Imag(in)ing Tomorrow's Wars and Weapons
Gillian Huebner, Restoring the Story
Emily Ravenscroft, The Meaning of the Peacelines of Belfast
Adebola B. Ekanola, Realizing the Value of Peace in Africa
Andria K. Wisler, A Peace Research Perspective on the Yugoslav Conflicts
Muzaffer Ercan Yilmaz, Peacebuilding in War-Torn Societies
Peace Profile: Paul Grüeninger by Rebekka Sprenger

Special Editor: Kevin P. Clements, Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, the University of Queensland
Kevin P. Clements, Internal Dynamics and External Interventions
Volker Boege, M. Anne Brown, and Kevin P. Clements, Hybrid Political Orders, Not Fragile States
Tobias Debiel and Daniel Lambach, How State-Building Strategies Miss Local Realities
Volker Boege, Peacebuilding and State Formation in Post-Conflict Bougainville
Tobias Debiel, Rainer Glassner, Conrad Schetter, and Ulf Terlinden, Local State-Building in Afghanistan and Somaliland
Sylvia I. Bergh, The Emergence of Hybrid Political Orders in Rural Morocco
Tobias Denskus, The Fragility of Peacebuilding in Nepal
M. Anne Brown and Alex Freitas Gusmao, Peacebuilding and Political Hybridity in East Timor
Sinclair Dinnen, The Crisis of State in Solomon Islands
João Marcelo Dalla Costa, Developing the Brazilian School for Peace
Brad Evans, Revolution without Violence
Jenny Nielsen, Inconvenient Thorn or International Security Threat?
Peace Profile: Molly Bingham and Steve Connors by Keally McBride

Special Editor: Laura Carlsen, Americas Policy Program/ Programa de las Americas
Laura Carlsen, Introduction
R. Dennis Olson, NAFTA's Food and Agriculture Lessons
Gordon Laxer and John Dillon, Canada Freezing in the Dark?
Gustavo A. Flores-Macías, NAFTA's Unfulfilled Immigration Expectations
Laura Carlsen, NAFTA's Dangerous Security Agenda
Randall Amster, Repeal NAFTA, Adopt LAFTA
Marcel M. Baumann, The Trouble With the Peace Science's "Trouble-Makers"
Yossef Ben-Meir, National Sovereignty Through Decentralization
Joel Rookwood, Soccer for Peace and Social Development
Judith Soares, A Future for Liberation Theology?
Kurt B. Young, Walter Rodney's Pan-African Nationalism
Peace Profile: Eddie Daniels by Karen Bouwer

Special Editors: Tanya Basok, Suzan Ilcan, and Jeffrey Noonan, University of Windsor
Tanya Basok, Introduction
Tanya Basok, Constructing Grassroots Citizenship for Non-Citizens
Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo and Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo, Citizenship and the Browning of Terror
Eleanor J. Brown and W. John Morgan, A Culture of Peace via Global Citizenship Education
Stephen D'Arcy, The Militant Protester as Model Citizen
Margaret Greenfields, Gypsies, Travellers, and British Land Conflicts
Michael Karlberg, Discourse, Identity, and Global Citizenship
Tanya Korovkin, The Colombian War and "Invisible" Refugees in Ecuador
Charles T. Lee, Undocumented Workers' Subversive Citizenship Acts
Claudia Mora, The Peruvian Community in Chile
Christopher McKnight Nichols, Citizenship and Transnationalism in Randolph Bourne's America
Marc Schuilenburg, Citizenship Revisited - Denizens and Margizens
Bridget Wooding, Contesting Dominican Discrimination and Statelessness
Stephen Gallagher, The American Prison, Open for Business?
Robert Perry, Northern Ireland's Normal Politics?
Linda Stamato, Peace and the Culture and Politics of Apology
Peace Profile: Marjorie Cohn by Victor Rabinowitz

Special Editor: Anne Bartlett, University of San Francisco
Anne Bartlett, The Power to Name in Darfur
Gamal A. Adam, Why Has Darfur's Indigenous Population Been Put at Risk?
Gill Lusk, False Premise and False Response to the Darfur Crisis
Kurt Mills, Which Responsibility in Darfur?
Jonathan Horowitz and Manu Krishnan, Promoting Peace Through Accountability in Darfur
Mohamed Baraka Mohamed Nurain, The Decline of Darfur
Caitlin Christensen, Seeds of the New Society
Aaron Edwards, Drawing a Line Under the Past
Henry Gonshak, Pre-Holocaust Christianity in The Passion of the Christ
Judith Soares, Religion and Poverty in the Caribbean
Bernard den Ouden, Philosophical Fragments on Mutations of War
Peace Profile: Fridtjof Nansen by William F. Fuller

Special Editor: Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg, Babson College
Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg, Introduction
Greg Mullins, Labors of Literature and of Human Rights
Stephanie Athey, Rethinking Torture's Dark Chamber
Madelaine Hron, Torture Goes Pop!
Alexandra Schultheis, African Child Soldiers and Humanitarian Consumption
Paul Gready, Culture, Testimony, and the Toolbox of Transitional Justice
Brenda Carr Vellino, Seamus Heaney's Poetic Redress for Post-Conflict Societies
Georgiana Banita, Decency, Torture and the Words That Tell Us Nothing
Wendy Kozol, Visual Witnessing and Women's Human Rights
Margret Grebowicz, What's Glamorous about Human Rights?
Matthew Weinert, "Being" Witness to Human Rights Abuse
Belachew Gebrewold, Defining Genocide as Epistemological Violence
Frank Möller, Imaging and Remembering Peace and War
Tinaz Pavri, National Identity and Homeland in Bangladesh
Rajmohan Ramanathapillai, Modern Warfare and the Spiritual Disconnection from Land
Emilio Travieso, The U.S. Peace Movement During the Iraq War
Peace Profile: Sylvia Pankhurst by Hayley Higgins

Special Editor: Rob Quinn, Scholars at Risk, New York University
Taye Assefa, The Status of Academic Freedom in Ethiopia
Philip A. P. Begg, From Baghdad to the United Kingdom
Kees Bleichrodt, The Dutch UAF Model
Vladimir Dounaev, The Belarusian University in Exile
S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole, Academic Freedom in Sri Lanka
Abdul Sattar Jawad, Violence Against Ideas in Iraq
Larry Siems, Friends in Need in Iraq
Stephen Zunes, The Attack on Dissident Intellectuals
Erik Berg, Post-Development Theory in Africa
Bojana Blagojevic, Peacebuilding in Ethnically Divided Societies
Douglas Mattern, Beyond Nuclear Terrorism
James Page, Teaching Peace to the Military
Augustine Park, Making Sense of Amputations in Sierra Leone
Ajnesh Prasad, Cultural Relativism in Human Rights Discourse
Judith Soares, Legitimizing Injustice
Majken Jul Sørensen, Competing Discourses of Aggression and Peacefulness
Lonnie Valentine, The Gulf Wars Syndrome
Peace Profile: Edith Adamson by Marilyn Hébert

ENVIRONMENTALISM (19.3, Fall 2007)
Special Editors: Peter Jacques, University of Central Florida and Kerry Donoghue, University of San Francisco
Peter Jacques and Kerry Donoghue, Introduction
Sharon Ridgeway, Globalization from the Subsistence Perspective
William Hipwell, The Industria Hypothesis
John Gulick, Socio-Ecological Instability in China
Travis K. Sharp, Resource Conflict in the Twenty-First Century
Kenneth A. Gould, The Ecological Costs of Militarization
Paul Carr, "Shock and Awe" and the Environment
Kira Russo Bauer, Protecting Indigenous Spiritual Values
Robert A. Poirier, Ecotourism and Indigenous Rights in Australia
Daniel Ogbaharya, Ecological Degradation in Southern Ethiopia
Jill M. Fraley, Appalachian Stereotypes and Mountain Top Removal
Ilan Alleson and Stuart Schoenfeld, Environmental Justice and Peacebuilding in the Middle East
Wendy Varney, Green Nonviolent Resistance in Australia
Mark Manolopoulos, Hedonism and Peace
Greg Collins, Incorporating Africa's Conflicts into the War on Terror
Milton J. Esman, Toward the American Garrison State
James J. Brittain, FENSUAGRO'S Struggle for Social Justice
Stanzin Dawa, Building a Culture of Peace in Ladakh
Nicolas J.S. Davies, Evidence of an American Dirty War in Iraq
Timothy J. White, Civil Society and Peace in Northern Ireland
Camillo C. Bica, The Lessons of War
Peace Profile: Bud Day by Carol Thompson

THE CONCEPT OF WAR (19.2, Summer 2007)
Special Editors: Noemi Gal-Or, Kwantlen University College and Klaus-Gerd Giesen, Université d'Auvergne/Universität Leipzig
Noemi Gal-Or and Klaus-Gerd Giesen, The Concept of War
Anna Geis, Lothar Brock and Harald Müller, From Democratic Peace to Democratic War?
Andrew Fiala, Crusades, Just Wars and the Bush Doctrine
Kenneth A. Parsons, Structural Violence and Power
Margaret Van den Pitte, What is Wrong with a Military Career?
Sheldon Wein, From MADness to SANity
Dominique Strieder, The Security Council War in the Twenty-First Century
Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, Humanitarian Intervention and Disinterestedness
Dominika Svarc, Anticipatory and Preventative Force Under International Law
Thomas Franck, When Nations Collide, Must Law Be Silent?
Laurie Calhoun, We Are Good and They Are Evil
Robert Getso, Revisiting Holocaust Memorialization
Jason Royce Lindsey, America and the New Dynamics of War
Y. Sienlej, Bushification of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime
Ashley Souther, Professional Wrestling as Conflict Transformation
Peace Profile: Jiddu Krishnamurti by Aaron Peron Ogletree

LAND RIGHTS AND CONFLICT (19.1, Spring 2007)
Special Editors: Saturnino M. Borras, Jr., Institute of Social Studies, The Hague
and Eric B. Ross, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague
Saturnino M. Borras, Jr. and Eric B. Ross, Land Rights, Conflict and Violence Amidst Neo-Liberal Globalization
Cristóbol Kay, Conflict and Violence in Latin America
Ray Bush, Market Violence in Egypt's Countryside
Nancy Lee Peluso, Violence, Decentralization, and Resource Access in Indonesia
Lungisile Ntsebeza, Land-Reform Politics in South Africa's Countryside
Richard Matthew and Anne Hammill, Resource Rights and Conflict in South Asia
Vera Eccarius-Kelly, Deep and Ragged Scars in Guatemala
Eric B. Ross, Clearance as Development Strategy in Rural Colombia
Jennifer C. Franco and Saturnino M. Borras, Jr., Struggles Over Land Resources in the Philippines
José Juliano de Carvalho Filho and Maria Luisa Mendonça, Agrarian Policies and Rural Violence in Brazil
John S. Moolakkattu, Land Reforms and Peaceful Change in Kerala
Kathryn Cantrell, Un-Volunteering
Marc Lafleur, Culture, Amnesia and Proliferation
Judith Soares, Terrorism as Ideology in International Relations
Stephen Gallagher, Jessica Lynch, Simulacrum
Peace Profile: Kevin Bales by Zoe Trodd

Special Editor: Ronald Sundstrom, University of San Francisco
David Cole, Double Standards, Democracy and Human Rights
Ronald Sundstrom, Torture and Legitimacy
Rebecca Gordon, Torture Comes Out of the Closet
Falguni A. Sheth, Unruly Muslim Women and Threats to Liberal Culture
Special Editor: Cecilia Santos, University of San Francisco
Karen Bouwer, Women and Water
Heather Hoag, Stories from a River's Edge
Susana Kaiser, Why Women's Day?
Elisabeth Jay Friedman, Bringing Women to International Human Rights
Maria Amélia de Almeida Teles, Women's Human Rights in Brazil
Namhee Park, Korean Women Workers' Activism
Special Editor: Erik Ehn, California Institute of the Arts
Tessa Hicks, Humanizing the Other in "Us" and "Them"
Ananda Breed, Performing Reconciliation in Rwanda
Chantal Kalisa, Theatre and the Rwandan Genocide
Christopher Merrill, The Folded Lie
Hitomi Takemura, Disobeying Manifestly Illegal Orders
Rotem Mor, Youth as a Form of Effective Resistance
Peace Profile: Roberto Fernández Retamar by Nigel De Juan Hatton

Special Editor: Randall Forsberg, Institute for Defense & Disarmament Studies
Randall Forsberg, Thinking About Nonproliferation and Disarmament
Chaim Kaufmann, Why Nuclear Proliferation is Getting Easier
Manochehr Dorraj, Behind Iran's Nuclear Pursuit?
Tom Sauer, The Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime in Crisis
Karsten Frey, Of Nuclear Myths and Nuclear Taboos
Jonathan Schell, Proliferation and Possession, Nonproliferation and Disarmament
Lawrence S. Wittner, The Success of the Nuclear Freeze Campaign
Alan F. Kay, Public Opinion on Nonproliferation and Disarmament
Tony Jenkins, Disarming the System, Disarming the Mind
Helen Hintjens, Global Social Justice in a Cold Climate
Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic and Natasa Hanak, Truth, Reconciliation and the Serbian Victimology Society
Judith Soares, Deprivation Theory Deprived
Zoe Trodd, The Protest Literature of Military Dissent
Daniel Wehrenfennig, The Human Right of Religious Freedom in International Law
Peace Profile: Swami Vivekananda by Jerome Teelucksingh

MILITARY DISSENT (18.2, Spring 2006)
Special Editors: James M. Skelly, Brethren Colleges Abroad and Juniata College and Emily Rainville, Brethren Colleges Abroad
James M. Skelly, Reflections on Dissent and the Military
Ovadia Ezra, Consistency and Selective Disobedience
Guy Grossman and Rami Kaplan, Courage to Refuse
Carl Mirra, Conscientious Objection in Operation Desert Storm
David Cortright, Reminiscences of Resistance
Gerald R. Gems, Small Acts of Mutiny and Clandestine Subterfuge
Merv Brown, The Courage of a Conscientious Objector
Javier Treviño Rangel, The Human Rights Movement and the Torture Debate
Dale C. Tatum, Preaching Smith but Practicing Keynes
Ken Coates, The UN, Civil Society, and the Peace Movements
Nayef H. Samhat and Rodger A. Payne, American Foreign Policy Legitimacy and the Global Public Sphere
Kurt Mills, The Postmodern Tank of the Humanitarian International
Alon Ben-Meir, Democracy of Convenience?
Judith Soares, God and Caesar Are One
Adebola Babatunde Ekanola, The Moral Demand of Peace on the Global Capitalist Order
Peace Profile: Kerr Eby by Loramy Gerstbauer and Don Myers

Special Editors: Michael Stanfield, University of San Francisco and Allyn Nobles, University of San Francisco
Jan Knippers Black, What the U.S. Electorate Might Learn from Latin America
David Vela, Terror Through the Eyes of Latin American Novelists
Indira Rampersad, Human Rights Groups and U.S. Cuban Policy
Russell W. Ramsey, When Fidel Dies
Vera Eccarius-Kelly, Guatemalan Women's Cooperatives and State Neglect
Elizabeth Greenwood, Constructing the Votán-Zapata Narrative
Felipe Zuluaga and Lindsey Michelle Jones, Protecting Indigenous Rights in Colombia
Howard J. Shatz, Job Displacements and U.S.-Mexican Economic Integration
Vincent T. Gawronski, “Cómo Están, Y’all?”
Danny Malec, Transforming Latino Gang Violence in the U.S.
Edward Drachman, Access to Higher Education for Undocumented Students
Greg Schelonka, Mexican Rock and the Border Under Globalization
Yetkin Yildirim, Peace and Conflict Resolution Concepts in the Medina Charter
Jim Bowman, Seeing What's Missing in Memories of Cyprus
Nicolas J.S. Davies, The Trail from Downing Street to Washington
Peter J. Quaranto, Ending the Real Nightmares of Northern Uganda
Thomas Butko, Terrorism Redefined
Alon Ben-Meir, Lost Perspectives
Peace Profile: Joseph Rotblat by David Krieger

WAR AND PEACE IN THE MEDIA (17:4, Fall 2005)
Special Editor: Cynthia Boaz, State University of New York at Brockport
Cynthia Boaz, Introduction
Barry L. Gan, Pressed into War
Cynthia Boaz, War and Foreign Policy Framing in International Media
Ingrid A. Lehmann, The Transatlantic Media and Opinion Divide Over Iraq
Bernadette Barker-Plummer, Framing the UN in International War News
Debra Merskin, Making Enemies in George W. Bush's Post-9/11 Speeches
Monica Brasted, Protest in the Media
Tom H. Hastings, Media Messaging and Conflict
Vamsee Juluri, Media Wars in Gandhian Perspective
Jack DuVall, Nonviolent Reality and Violent Myths
Gregory Mason, Witness and Appropriation in Hibakusha Stories
Radhika Parameswaran, Global Beauty Queens in Post-Liberalization India
Nicolas J.S. Davies, From Nuremberg to Fallujah
Peter Jacques, Ecology as Resistance
Muzaffer Ercan Yilmaz, Interactive Problem-Solving in Intercommunal Conflicts
Dietrich Fischer, The Real Threat is Nuclear Terrorism
Peace Profile: The African Resistance Movement by Travis Sharp

INTERNATIONAL LGBT RIGHTS & GENDER AND GLOBALIZATION (17:2/17:3, Double Issue, Spring/Summer 2005)
Special Editor: Peter Novak, University of San Francisco
Carlos Castresana, Gay Marriage in Spain
Danielle Elliott, Australia and Gay and Lesbian Rights
Wim Lunsing, LGBT Rights in Japan
Anthony Lester and Alison Hayes, Homosexual Equality in the United Kingdom
Magaly Pazello, Sexual Rights and Trade
Chelsea HaleyNelson, Sexualized Violence Against Lesbians
Elizabeth Kukura, Sexual Orientation and Non-Discrimination
Special Editor: Cecilia Santos, University of San Francisco
Janet Walsh, Women's Property Rights Violations and HIV/ AIDS in Africa
Athena Staik, Gender Theories, Partnerships, and Global Transformation
Jerome Teelucksingh, The U.S. Media and Gender Relations in the Caribbean
Maria Inacia d'Avila and Juliana Nazareth, Globalization and Women's Employment
Laurie Calhoun, War and Degradation
Elisabeth Porter, The Harm of Dualism
Giampiero Giacomello, Using Peace Research to Assess Cyberthreats
Michael P. Levine and Damian Cox, Teaching War and Violence to the Like-Minded
Jason Ben-Meir, Creating a New Era for Islamic-Western Relations
Nils Rosemann, Privatized War and Corporate Impunity
Pippi Van Slooten, Dispelling Myths About Islam and Jihad
Yeshua Moser-Puagsuwan, Tyrants Always Fall
Stephanos Anastasiadis, The Big Problem in Understanding Climate Change
Tom Rockmore, The Scandal of Abu Ghraib
Diana Draganova, Peace or Perpetual War in Chechnya?
Peace Profile: David Dellinger by Matt Meyer and Judith Mahoney Pasternak

Special Editors: Wendy C. Hamblet, Adelphi University and Richard A. Koenigsberg, Library of Social Science
Babak Rahimi, Sacrifice, Transcendence and the Soldier
Norman Steinhart, Group Psychology, Sacrifice, and War
Patrick Porter, War and the Religious Will to Sacrifice
Deborah D. Buffton, Memorialization and the Selling of War
Andrew Robinson, The Mythology of War
Wendy C. Hamblet, The Manic Ecstasy of War
Paul Saurette, Humiliation and the Global War on Terror
Myra Mendible, Dominance and Submission in Postmodern War Imagery
Carl Mirra, Guilt and Sacrifice in U.S. Warfare
Jeannette Marie Mageo, Male Gender Instability and War
John M.G. Van der Dennen, Combat Motivation
Kevin W. Donovan, The Unfortunate Triumph of Destiny
Charles E. Morris and Amardo Rodriguez, Toward and Existential Model of Trust
Nancy Snow, Truth and Information Consequences Since 9/11
Michael D. Newman, A Prescription for Peace
Peace Profile: Michael Mandel, Lawyer Against the War by Kevin Gray

Special Editors: Jeffrey Paris, University of San Francisco and Michael Ault, California State University, Bakersfield
Jeffrey Paris and Michael Ault, Subcultures and Political Resistance
Alan O'Connor, The Sociology of Youth Subcultures
Oliver Marchart, New Protest Formations and Radical Democracy
Graham St. John, Counter-Tribes, Global Protest and Carnivals of Reclamation
George McKay, Subcultural Innovations in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Helen Reddington, The Forgotten Revolution of Female Punk Musicians in the 1970s
Elke Zobl, Revolution Grrrl and Lady Style, Now!
Dylan Clark, Waker Cells and Subcultural Resistance
Karenza Moore, A Commitment to Clubbing
Robert K. Bothwell and Emily Kennison, The Authoritarian Personality and Attitudes Toward War
Tom Crumpacker, Birds of Guantánamo
Gabrielle Frölich, Discrimination in German Immigration
Charles Ongadi Nyambuga, Media, Ethnicity and Conflict
Nicholas Patler, From Pathan to Palestine
Roberto Toledo, How Congress Has Legitimated Latin American Counter-Insurgency
Peace Profile:  Jayaprakash Narayan by S.P. Udayakumar

LAW AND WAR (16:3, Fall 2004)
Special Editor: Chad Kautzer, State University of New York, Stony Brook
Noam Chomsky, On Law and War
Andrew Lichterman and John Burroughs, You Don't Get the War You Want
Gerd Oberleitner, A Just War Against Terror?
Fred Dallmayr, The Law of Peoples and the Laws of War
Curtis F.J. Doebbler and Maha W. Eid, American International Lawyers and the Use of Force
Stephen Zunes, International Law, the UN and Middle Eastern Conflicts
Scott Michaelsen and Scott Cutler Shershow, Beyond and Before the Law at Guantánamo
Tom Rockmore, On Pre-emptive War and Democracy
Liz Harrop, Propaganda's War on Human Rights
Michael Struett, The Meaning of the International Criminal Court
Emily Krasnor, Undermining International Law by Opposing the ICC
Iavor Rangelov, International Law and Local Ideology in Serbia
Chad Kautzer and Eduardo Mendieta, Law and Resistance in the Prisons of Empire: An Interview with Angela Y. Davis
Laurie Calhoun, An Anatomy of Fanaticism
Peter Shields, Finance Warfare, Surveillance and Collateral Damage
Toran Hansen, The Campaign to Ban Landmines
Trudy Govier and Wilhelm Verwoerd, How Not to Polarize "Victims" and "Perpetrators"
John La, Forced Remittances in Canada's Tamil Enclaves
Peace Profile: Nelson Mandela by Daniel Lieberfeld

Special Editors: Rebecca King-O'Rianin, National University of Ireland, Maynooth and Davianna McGregor, University of Hawai'i, Manoa
Robyn Rodriguez and Nerissa S. Balce, American Insecurity and Radical Filipino Community Politics
Monisha Das Gupta, A View of Post-9/11 Justice from Below
Julie Sze, Asian American Activism for Environmental Justice
Ty P. Kawika Tengan, Of Colonization and Pono in Hawai'i
Grace Yoo, A Not So Forgotten War
Daniele Archibugi, The Schizophrenia of American Democracy
Steve Carlton-Ford, Armed Conflict and Children's Life Chances
Michael S. Carolan, Unmasking the Commodity Chain
Carlos Castresana Fernandez, Justice, Globalization and Human Rights
Katri Silvonen, Conscientious Objection in Finland
John Moolakkattu, Salvaging the Fractured Sri Lankan Peace Process
Niklas Swanström and Mikael Weissmann, The Chinese Influence on the DPRK Negotiations
Janice Casil, Falun Gong and China's Human Rights Violations
Peace Profile: Emily Greene Balch by Anne Marie Pois

Special Editor: Linda Basch, National Council for Research on Women
Linda Basch, Human Security, Globalization, and Feminist Visions
Mary Robinson, An Ethical, Human-Rights Approach to Globalization
Kristen Timothy, Human Security Discourse at the United Nations
Sadako Ogata, The Human Security Commission's Strategy
Charlotte Bunch, A Feminist Human Rights Lens
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Gender, Globalization and New Threats to Human Security
J. Ann Tickner, Feminist Responses to International Security Studies
Deborah L. Rhode, Gender and the U.S. Human Rights Record
Leith Mullings, Domestic Policy and Human Security in the U.S.
Gwyn Kirk and Margo Okazawa-Rey, Women Opposing U.S. Militarism in East Asia
Sally L. Kitch and Margaret A. Mills, Appropriating Women's Agendas
Sima Wali, Violence, Terror, and Accountability in Afghanistan
Geeta Rao Gupta, Globalization, Women and the HIV/ AIDS Epidemic
Rabab Abdulhadi, Imagining Justice and Peace in the Age of Empire
Ken Coates, Dealing with the Hydra?
Emily Cohen, The New Green Movement in Cuba
Peace Profile: Muhammed Ali by Timothy L. Reed

PATRIOTISM (15:4, Winter 2003)
Special Editors: David Haekwon Kim and Robert Elias, University of San Francisco
Louise Antony, The Puzzle of Patriotism
Michael Parenti, What Does it Mean to Love One's Country?
Robert Jensen, Patriotism's a Bad Idea at a Dangerous Time
Peter Dreier and Dick Flacks, Patriotism and Progressivism
Steve Martinot, Patriotism and Its Double
Michael J. Webber, Recasting the Bonds of Affection
Hwa-Ji Shin and Michael Schwartz, The Duality of Patriotism
Richard Duffee, Patriotism in the Age of Investors
Eduardo Mendieta, Patriotism and Anti-Americanism
Clair Clark and William Hoynes, Images of Race and Nation After September 11
M. Shamsul Haque, Patriotism versus Imperialism
Sally Haslanger, Gender, Patriotism and the Events of 9/11
Patrick G. Coy, Gregory M. Maney and Lynne M. Woehrle, Contesting Patriotism
Monica Antonazzo, Problems with Criminalizing Female Genital Cutting
Tony Jenkins, Exhuming a UN for "We the Peoples"
Andrew Newby and Gavan Titley, The "War on Terror" and Non-alignment
Francis Frascina, Inventing and Sustaining a Visible Resistance
Peace Profile: Father Joseph Wresinski by Ada Guisti

Special Editors: Ange-Marie Hancock, Yale University and Karen Bouwer, University of San Francisco
Clemente Abrokwaa, A Call for Peace and Unity in Africa
Nancy Kendall, Localizing Democracy and Good Governance
Tsakani Ngomane and Constance Flanagan, The Road to Democracy in South Africa
Heather Hoag, Who Should Decide the Future of Africa's Natural Resources?
Kari Hill and Harvey Langholtz, Rehabilitation Programs for African Child Soldiers
Ervin Staub, Laurie Anne Pearlman and Vachel Miller
Janet Tinsley, Urban Agriculture and Sustainable Livelihoods
Mark F. Massoud, The Evolution of Gay Rights in South Africa
Natalie Pearl, Leh di Pipul dem Tok
Jeffrey Paris, The Black Bloc's Ungovernable Protest
Marie Dennis, Terrorism and Catholic Theology
David G. Kibble, Religion and Peacemaking in Palestine
Abdul Aziz Said and Nathan C. Funk, Making Peace with the Islamic World
Peace Profile: Aung San Suu Kyi by Alison Koistinen

ARTISTS OF RESISTANCE (15:2, Summer 2003)
Special Editors: Roberto Gutierrez Varea and Peter Novak, University of San Francisco
Introduction: Roberto Gutierrez Varea and Peter Novak
Francis Frascina, Inventing and Sustaining a Visible Resistance
Girma Negash, Resistant Art and Censorship in Africa
Justyne Balasinski, Staging Resistance in Poland
Jean E. Abshire, Northern Ireland's Politics in Paint
Christine Evans, Asylum Seekers and "Border Panic" in Australia
Philip Metres, June Jordan's War Against War
Dean Rader, Engaged Resistance in American Indian Art, Literature, and Film
Len Richards, Art as the Soul of the Revolution
Anthony Lott, The Mobilizing Aesthetics of Street Protests
Angelica Gallardo, Get Up, Stand Up
Laurie Calhoun, The Strange Case of Summary Execution by Predator Drone
Eugene B. Shultz, Jr., Jolanda Westerhof-Shultz and David J. Ragland, September 11 as a Theme for a Peace-oriented Course
Matthew McCoy, Outsider on the Inside
Peace Profile: Amilcar Cabral

ISRAEL AND PALESTINE (15:1, Spring 2003)
Special Editor, Stephen Zunes, University of San Francisco
Gloria Bletter, Israel's Impunity under International Law
Stephen Zunes, The U.S. Role in the Collapse of the Peace Process
Douad Kuttab, Non-Violent Options for Palestinian Resistance
Janet M. Powers, Women and Peace Dialogue in the Middle East
Steve Niva, Bombings, Provocations and the Cycle of Violence
Neve Gordon, The Israeli Peace Camp in Dark Times
Gokham Bacik, Peace and the System
Ada Aharoni, The Forced Migration of Jews from Arab Countries
Starhawk, The Boy Who Kissed the Soldier
Johan Galtung and Dietrich Fischer, A Peace Proposal for the Middle East
Shimon Levy, Dual Solitudes
Tom Crumpacker, The Path Less Travelled
Francis Adams, International Support for Latin American Political Reform
Michael Carolan, Who's Growing You?
Peace Profile: Bertrand Russell by Rosalind Carey

IMMIGRATION (14:4, Winter 2002)
Special Editors: Susan Zaraysky and Lois Ann Lorentzen
Lorrie Ranck, Gays and Lesbians in the U.S. Immigration Process
Luis Enrique Bazan, Liliana Harris, and Lois Ann Lorentzen, Migrant Gangs, Religion and Tattoo Removal
Valeriu Nicolae, Romanian Gypsies
Henry F. Carey, Immigrants, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
David Ingram, Immigration and Social Justice
Joseph Cheah, Cultural Identity and Burmese American Buddhists
Rosalina Mira and Lois Ann Lorentzen, Women, Migration, and the Pentecostal Experience
Lori Hartmann-Mahmud, War as Metaphor
Randall Amster, Anarchist Pedagogies for Peace
Julaine Eberhard, Flags and Forgiveness
Tom Hewitt, A Question of Justice
Bruce P. Montgomery, The Human Rights Watch Archives
Gregory Mason and Paul Joseph, Moving Beyond Accusation and Self Pity
Peace Profile: Justin Dart Jr. by Fred Fay and Fred Pelka

Special Editors, Carol Rank and Andrew Rigby, Centre for the Study of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Coventry University
Carol Rank and Andrew Rigby, Introduction
Michael Henderson, Acknowledging History as a Prelude to Forgiveness
Cristina Jayme Montiel, Sociopolitical Forgiveness
Mark Gibney, Rethinking Our Sorrow
Frances McLernon, Ed Cairns, and Miles Hewstone, Views on Forgiveness in Northern Ireland
Timothy Murithi, Rebuilding Social Trust in Northern Uganda
Roland Bleiker, Towards a Culture of Reconciliation in Divided Korea
Chea Vannath, Khmer Rouge and National Reconciliation
Mark Flanigan, From Hatred to Hope
Jenna Jordison, Making Peace with Myself
Saliba Sarsar, Reconciling the Children of Abraham
Peter Shields, The Escalation of Telecommunications Surveillance
Kevin Thomas, The Other
Jon D. Unruh, Local Land Tenure in the Peace Process
Peace Profile: Myles Horton by Shadi Rahimi

UTOPIAS (14:2, Summer 2002)
Special Editors: Eduardo Mendieta and Robert Elias, University of San Francisco
N. Katherine Hayles, Is Utopia Obsolete?
Drucilla Cornell, The Sublime in Feminist Politics and Ethics
Richard Rorty, Hope and the Future
Hans Achterhuis, Violent Utopias
Sean English, Peace and the Failure of Utopian Vision
Tracy Lightcap, Uncertainity and Utopia
Jeffrey Paris, The End of Utopia
Eduardo Mendieta, Utopian Bodies
Daniel Sabia, Utopia as Critique
Cynthia Boaz and Cheryl Schoenberg, Refugees, War Criminals, and International Law
Todd S. Frobish, Neo-Luddites and Their Rhetorical Paradox
Eghosa E. Osaghae, Regulating Conflicts in Nigeria
Kendall W. Stiles, The Dangers of Running Up the Score
Stephen Zunes, Redefining Security in the Face of Terrorism
Peace Profile: Esther I. Madriz by Nikki Raeburn and Mike Webber

Special Editor: Andrew Murray, Juniata College
Andrew Murray, Introduction
Peter Lawler, Peace Research, War, and the Problem of Focus
Gregory H. Mason, Peace Studies in the Next Half-Century
Stephen Ryan, Peace and Conflict Studies in a Divided Society
Ute Buhler, Reflection on the Position(s) of Peace Studies
Richard A. Matthew and Ted Gaulin, The Ecology of Peace
Celia Cook-Huffman, Paths for Peace Studies
Wolfgang Dietrich, Farewell to the One Peace
James M. Skelly, A Constructivist Approach to Peace Studies
Marvin J. Berlowitz, Eurocentricity as a Barrier to Peace Studies in the New Millennium
Rachel M. MacNair, Effects of Violence on Perpetrators
Robin J. Crews, A Modest Proposal for Peace Studies
Joseph J. Fahey, The Task Ahead for Peace Studies
Laurie Calhoun, The Terrorist’s Tacit Message
John N. Clark, A Pragmatic Approach to Humanitarian Intervention
Kevin Moss, Controversies in Constitutional Law
Peace Profile: Gush Shalom

THE DEATH PENALTY (13:4, Winter 2001)
Special Editors: Steven Shatz and Connie de la Vega, University of San Francisco, School of Law
Connie de la Vega and Steven Shatz, Introduction
David Michael Smith, The Death Penalty Capital of the Western World
Walter Long, Sanctuary for Texas Juveniles
Vittorio Bufacchi and Laurie Fairrie, Execution as Torture
Claudia Whitman, The Death Penalty as the Will of the People
Wolfgang Buschlinger, My Way
Lonnie Valentine, The Execution of Timothy McVeigh as Religious Sacrifice
Steve Russell, Audrey Zamora and Christopher Boeck, The Two Faces in the U.S. Human Rights Mirror
Arthur H. Auerbach, The Dividing Line on Capital Punishment
Christopher Kelen, In China, The Last Picture of Yang Jingtao
Lorne Waldman, Italy Versus the United States in Canada
Elise Boulding, Peace Culture and Social Action
Fred Emil Katz, Moral Mutation
Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic, Children as Multiple Victims of War
John Ungerleider, Bicommunal Youth Camps for Peace in Cyprus
Peace Profile: Arundhati Roy by Paul Kingsnorth

Editors: Dorothy Kidd, University of San Francisco
Bernadette Barker-Plummer, University of San Francisco
Matthew Eagleton-Pierce, The Internet and the Seattle WTO Protests
Jesse Drew, U.S. Labor Organizations and New Communications Technologies
Maria Elena Martinez-Torres, Civil Society, The Internet, and the Zapatistas
Adrienne Russell, The Zapatistas and Computer-Mediated Peace
Jennifer Pickrill, Environmental Internet Activism in Britain
Christina Vogt and Peiying Chen, Feminisms and the Internet
Marouf Hasian, Jr., Indigenous Response to the Human Genome Diversity Project
Loong Wong, The Internet and Social Change in Asia
Rod Troester, Using the Internet For Peace in Isolated Burma
Eliza Tanner, Growing Pains in Chilean NGO’s Internet Use
Hans Klein, Online Social Movements and Internet Governance
Katherine Black, The Doctor Is (Not) In
Roberta Ann Johnson, Cyberspace and Elections
Robert E. Jones and Amy K. Pearson, Save Ronnie Chandler!
Arjan El Fassed, The Meaning of Home
James Thomas Snyder, The Moral Imperative
Kalowatie, Deonandan, The Lost Mission of Nicaragua’s “ Popular Church”
Peace Profile: Hildegard Goss-Mayr by Lester Kurtz

LITERATURE AND PEACE (13:2, Summer 2001)
Editor: Tracy Seeley, University of San Francisco
Victor Luftig, Poetry, Causality and an Irish Ceasefire
Teresa Longo, Migrancy, Exile and the Hybrid Landscapes of Homelessness
Stephen Vincent Kobasa, “The Small Thing”
Piotr Gwiazda, “Avenue of the Conquered”
Roland Bleiker, Anna Akhmatova’s Search for Political Light
Gyula Illyés, Paul Sohar, translation, “Tyranny in One Sentence”
Timea Tamás, Paul Sohar, translation, “Vale!”
David Jefferess, Violence, Culture, and Politics
Sharon L. Joffe, African-American and South African Poetry of the Oppressed
Elaine R. Ognibene, Civil Rights Still “A Dream Deferred”
Pete Smith, “Non-Stop from Ben-Gurion to JFK” and “Hebron”
A.Clare Brandabur, George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda
Margaret D. Stetz, Rebecca West and the Nuremburg Trials
Loretta Stec, Pacifism, Vera Brittain, and India
Darrell g.h. Schramm, “Ben Franklin,” “Custer Courthouse Riot,” and “Owl at Night”
W. Narne Açerón, “The Affecting Words and The Fresh: Abstracts as Lyric: no.12”
Donald Fletcher and Rosemary Whip, Deconstructing Realism in Literature
Gregory H. Mason, The Province of Literature and the Pursuit of Peace
Daniel Brook, The Continuum of Collective Action
Laurie Calhoun, The Military’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
George H. McGlynn, The Façade of Good Intentions
Varda Mulbauer, Israeli Women and the Peace Movements
Peace Profile: Gustavo Gutiérrez by Anne Hieber

Special Editor: Pete Shirlow, University of Ulster, Coleraine
Michael A. Poole, One Day at a Time
Duncan Morrow, The Elusiveness of Trust
Alan Bainer, Gender, Class and Nation
Patricia Lundy and Mark McGovern, The Politics of Memory in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland
Neil Jarmen, Not an Inch
Dominic Bryan, Parade Disputes and the Peace Process
Katie Radford, Creating An Ulster Scots Revival
Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto, Territoriality, Symbolism and the Challenge
Pete Shirlow, Fear and Ethnic Division
Colin Coulter, Unionists after Unionism
Mark McGovern, Rhyming History with the Man From Hope
Siobhan McEvoy-Levy, Youth, Violence and Conflict Transformation
Robert Getso, More Violence Expected in Northern Ireland
Manochehr Dorraj, Iran’s Democratic Impasse
Albrecht Schnabel, Preventing the Plight of Refugees
James M. Skelly, On the Obsolescence of Just War and Military Neutrality
Elisa Facio, Anne R. Roschelle and Maura I. Toro-Morn, See You in Havana!
Peace Profile: Bobby Muller

Special Editors: Lois Ann Lorentzen, University of San Francisco
Eduardo Mendieta, University of San Francisco
Vandana Shiva, North-South Conflicts in Intellectual Property Rights
Jack Kloppenburg, Jr., Biopiracy, Witchery, and the Fables of Ecoliberalism
Stuart A. Newman, The Role of Genetic Reductionism in Biocolonialism
Philip L. Bereano, You Are What You Eat
Jeffery L. Anderson, Transgenic Transnational Relations
Richard Hindmarsh, The Problems of Genetic Engineering
Douglas Holdstock, Biotechnology and Biological Warfare
Chikako Takeshita, Bioprospecting and Indigenous Peoples’ Resistances
Hugh Lacey, Seeds and the Knowledge They Embody
Shane Mulligan, Biosafety, Risk and the Global Knowledge Structure
Kuruvilla Pandikattu, For A Collective Human Future Project
Manuel Poitras, Globalization and the Social Control of Genetic Engineering
Shamil Idriss, Ask the Old Ladies of Burundi
Nayef H. Samhat, Heather Bradley, and Jane Elizabeth Owen, Global Environmentalism and the Political Community
Glenn M. Hudak, Envy and Goodness in Academia
J. David Singer, Triumphalism and Reality in U.S. Cold War Policies
Peace Profile: Margaret Sanger by Kristie Yasunari

CHILDREN AND WAR (12:3, Fall 2000)
Special Editors: Jennifer Turpin, University of San Francisco
Patricia Lin, University of San Francisco
Martin Hebert, A Family Remembers a Zapatista Child Soldier
Ilina Moreno, Kosovar-Albanian Children Draw War
Zarko Trebjesanin, Natasa Hanak, Dijana Kopunovic, Serbian Children Talk About War and Peace
Margit J. Horvath, A Hungarian Child Soldier’s Tale
Jo Lynn Cunningham, Adults’ Use of Children in Wars of Many Varieties
Wendy Varney, Playing with “War Fare”
Marvin J. Berlowitz, Racism and Conscription in the JROTC
Lisa Huges, Can International Law Protect Child Soldiers?
Michael Wessels, How We Can Prevent Child Soldiering
J. Christopher Kovats-Bernat, Anti-Gang, Arimaj, and the War on Street Children
Nancy Scheper-Hughes, After the War is Over
Daniel L. Shapiro, Program Development for Refugee Youth
Michelle LaSeur, Seeds for a Non-Violent Future
James S. Page, Can History Teach Us Peace?
Laurie Calhoun, The Injustice of “Just Wars”
Mustafah Dhada, Frankly My Dear, We Should Give a Damn!
Patrick Belton, The Children Who Pick Our Grapes
James Burk, What Justifies Peacekeeping?
Peace Profile: Laura Lopez by Renny Golden

WORKPLACE DEMOCRACY (12:2, Summer 2000)
Special Editor: Mary Abascal-Hildebrand, University of San Francisco
Jeff Gates, Humanizing Capitalism
David Ellerman, Responsibility and Workplace Democracy
Jon Wisman, Competition, Cooperation, and the Future of Work
Jonathon Michael Feldman, Extending Disarmament Through Economic Democracy
Daniel Wolf, Landmine Clearing, Capitalism, and Workplace Democracy
Nancy Williams and Rebecca Keith, Democracy and Montessori Education
Roy Morrison, Organizing an Entrepreneurial Cooperative
George E. Schultze, SJ, Workplace Democracy as Church
M. Shamsul Haque, Threats to Public Workplace Democracy
John Logue and Jaquelyn Yates, Modeling an Employee Ownership Sector
Debi Barker and Jerry Mander, The WTO and Invisible Government
David Michael Smith, Workplace Democracy at College of the Mainland
Peter Gabel, Generating Meaning and Connection in ‘New College’ Culture
Virgil M. Lorenzo, Arizmendiarrieta and the Good Workplace
Mary Abascal-Hildebrand, Mondragon’s Algebra of Community Economics
Richard Steven Street, Knife Fight City, The Poorest Town in California
Paul Joseph, Forgetting and Remembering Hiroshima in the U.S.
Dragos Paul Aligica, Romania’s Structural Crisis
Terence Duffy, Exhibiting Human Rights
Ramon Lopez-Reyes, Hawaiian Sovereignty
Patricia Lane, Cuba’s Green Design
Roberto Rodriguez, Forgiveness as Part of the Rehumanization Process
Stephen Zunes, East Timor’s Tragedy and Triumph
Peace Profile: Elise Boulding by Mary Lee Morrison

TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE (12:1, Spring 2000)
Special Editors: Aleksandar Jokic, Portland State University
Abrol Fairweather, University of San Francisco
Angelo Corlett, Secession and Native Americans
Burleigh T. Wilkins, Secession
Thomas W. Pogge, Transition to Democracy
Myroslava Antonovych, Punishing Communist Rights Abuses
Mary Bentley Abu-Saba, Planning for Justice in South Lebanon
Alfred P. Rubin, Some Objections to the International Criminal Court
Svetozar Stojanovic, On the Sinking of the Titonik
Norma Kriger, Traditional Justice as Socioeconomic Rights
Sharon Erickson Nepstad, School of the Americas Watch
Andrew Rigby, Amnesty and Amnesia in Spain
Richard Falk, Criminal Accountability in Transitional Justice
Jovan Babic, Justifying Forgiveness
Cristina Jayne Montiel, Constructive and Destructive Post-Conflict Forgiveness
Aleksandar Pavkovic, A Reconciliation Model for the Former Yugoslavia
Dana P. Eyre, Clueless in Sarajevo
Anne Adelson, Globalization and University Peace Education
Chunghee Sarah Soh, Human Rights and the “Comfort Women”
Birgit Brock-Utne, Peace Education in an Era of Globalization
Andrew Lui, Looking Back at Tiananmen Square
Peace Profile: The Federation of African Women’s Peace Networks by Anna Snyder

Special Editors : Jeremy Howell, University of San Francisco
Robert Elias, University of San Francisco
Toby Miller, Geoff Lawrence, Jim McKay & David Rowe, Playing the World
Osvaldo Croci & Julian Ammirante, Soccer in the Age of Globalization
David L. Andrews, Whither the NBA, Wither America
Andrew Grainger & Steven Jackson, Resisting the Swoosh in the Land of the Long White Cloud
Mike Cronin, Global, Parochial, Still Anti-Imperial and Irish
Paula Pettavino & Philip Brenner, More Than Just a Game
Michael Black & Dick Hebdige, Women’s Soccer and the Irish Diaspora
Tara Magdalinski, Sports History and East German National Identity
John Marks, Wrestling Diplomacy Scores in Iran
Jean-Marc Ran Oppenheim, The Gezira Sporting Club of Cairo
Wendy Varney, Howzat! Cricket from Empire to Globalization
Mark Dyreson, Sport and Visions of the “American Century”
Gerald R. Gems, Sports, War, and Ideological Imperialism
Thomas Carter, The Political Fallacy of Baseball Diplomacy
Nigel Crowther, Sports, Nationalism and Peace in Ancient Greece
Peace Profile: J. William Fulbright by James Bennet

Special Editors: Walden Bello, University of the Philippines and Focus on the Global
Ehito Kimura, Chulalongkorn University, Focus on the Global South
Richard Falk, An Alternative to Geopolitics
Tom Athanasiou, Ecological Decay and, Eventually, War
Kamal Malhotra, Resource Conflict in the Lower Mekong
Walden Bello, The Insecurity of Asia’s Financial Crisis
Joseph Gerson, Architecture of U.S. Asia-Pacific Hegemony
Rachel Cornwell and Andrew Wells, Deploying Insecurity
John Feffer, North Korea and the Politics of Engagement
Tao Wenzhao, U.S. Interests in the Asia-Pacific Region
Hiromichi Umebayashi, Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone
Anuradha Mittal, Redefining Security in the New World Order
Wigberto E. Tañada, Human Security from a Filipino Perspective
Stephen Zunes, NATO’s Rush to War in Yugoslavia
Albrecht Schnabel and Ramesh Thakur, Kosovo and World Politics
Tarynn M. Witten and A. Evan Eyler, Hate Crimes and Violence Against the Transgendered
Margo Tamez, Difficult and Blessed
Peace Profile: Adolfo Pérez Esquivel by Anne Bacon

IMAGES OF CLASS (11:2, Summer 1999)
Special Editors: Steven Kaplan, Butler University
Carl Pletsch, University of Colorado at Denver
Will Wright, University of Southern Colorado
Carl Pletsh, Class Nationalism and Identity Politics
Stanley Aronowitz, Class Denial and Class Renewal in America
Cris Rojek, Reviewing Veblen’s View of the Rich
Robin Brooks, Ethnicity and Class in Bulgaria
Ingrid Hill, A Poetics of Trailer Park Class
Beatrice Arronson, Dancing Our Way Out of Class Through Funk, Tecno or Rave
Alexandra Dundas Todd, Malcommunication and the Case of Maria M.
William Sheidley, Hamlets and Hierarchy
Jane Eblen Keller, Three Orders, Three Women
Ian Gomme and Anthony Micucci, Class Inequality in Higher Education
Boyd Littrell, The Liberal Arts and the Working Class
Beate Gersch, Class in Daytime Talk Television
Pierre Ouellet, The Invisible Specter of Class
Will Wright, Ecology, Equality, and Class
Steve Russel, Identity as Survival
Tristan Anne Borer, Truth, Reconciliation, and Justice
Peter M. Sanchez, Teaching U.S.-Latin American Relations in Panama
Yuh Ji-Yeon, Dangerous Communists, Inscrutable Orientals, Starving Masses
Ramsay Liem, Silent Famine in North Korea
C.G. Jacobsen, Is Our War Culture Immutable?
Peace Profile:  Thomas Merton by Stacia Valterza

Special Editors: Laura Stein, University of San Francisco
Dorothy Kidd, University of San Francisco
Bernadette Barker-Plummer, University of San Francisco
Laura Stein, Media and Democratic Action
George Gerbner, The Stories We Tell
Brenda Dervin and David Schaefer, Peopling the Public Sphere
Howard Besser, Will Copyright Protect the Public Interest?
William Hoynes, Democracy, Privatization and Public Television
Hans K. Klein, Making it Happen Now
Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Letters-to-the-Editor
Eleanor M. Novek, Communication and Community Empowerment
Laura Saponara, Confronting the Logic of the New Right
Jorge Ruiz Miyares, A look at Media in Cuba
Karen Lee Wald, Popes, Prostitutes, and Prisoners
Jill Godmilow, What’s Wrong with the Liberal Documentary
Deborah Kelly, Necessity is the Mother of Intervention
Stefan Wray, On Electronic Civil Disobedience
Dorothy Kidd, The Value of Alternative Media
Kalle Lasn, Media Carta
Robert Hackett and Megan Adam, Is Media Democratization a Social Movement
Julio Enriquez, The English Patient
Amanda Marie Rose, From Sunningdale to Peace?
Arjun Makhijani, The south Asian Nuclear Crisis
Kathy Kelly, Banning Child Sacrifice
Antonio L. Rappa, Imprisoning the Other
Rajini Pani, The Pangs of Global Citizen Participation
Kevin Klement, Is Pacifism Irrational?
Ann T. Keene, Jody Williams, Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo, Jose Ramos-Horta

LINGUISTIC VIOLENCE (10:4, Winter 1998)
Special Editors: Ralph Summy, University of Hawai`i
Brien Hallett, University of Hawai`i
Mary Tiles, University of Hawai`i
Brien Hallett, Overcoming Linguistic Violence
Ellen W. Gorsevski, The Physical Side of Linguistic Violence
Mary Tiles, Mastering Metaphors
Vrinda Dalmiya, Linguistic Erasures
Andrew Kelley, On Listening
Gary Baran, Speaking Giraffe Language
Donna J. McInnis, Caring Communication in the Language Classroom
William C. Gay, The Practice of Linguistic Nonviolence
Li-Hsiang Lee, What Is It About “Bitch” that Makes Us Laugh?
Helen Yeates, A Shameful Spectacle
Michael J. Shapiro, Representational Violence
Iulia Trombitcaia, Facing Linguistic Imbalances
Ralph Summy, Nonviolent Speech
Hal Pepinsky, War of the Words
Bradd C. Hayes, Religion and Metaphor of War
Ruben G. Apressyan, Violent Speech
Matt Mogekwu, Overcoming Violence in Language in Africa
Jonathan P.G. Bach, Deploying Soldiers, Deploying Words
Ira Chernus, The Word “Peace” as a Weapon of (Cold) War
Andrew G. Wood, Four Times Heroic
Nancy Snow, The Smith-Mundt Act of 1948
Edward A. Dougherty, At the Crossroads in Hiroshima
Manochehr Dorraj, In the Throes of Civilizational Conflict?
Peace Profile: William Jay by Stephen P. Budney

ANNIVERSARIES OF U.S. EMPIRE 1848 1898 1998 (10:3, Fall 1998)
Special Editors: Teresa Walsh, University of San Francisco
Anne Roschelle, University of San Francisco
Noam Chomsky, A Century Later
Edward J. McCaughan, La Virgen Meets the Salsa Police
Matthew Jardine, “Operation Gatekeeper”
Melanie A. Perez Ortiz, Two Wings of an Eagle
Amilcar Antonio Barreto, Reaffirming Cultural Parameters
Liza Fiol-Matta, Poems of the Mute Country
Lisa Brock, Black America’s Contradictory Politics of Inclusion (1898-1998)
Walden Bello, U.S. Imperialism in the Asia-Pacific
Lise Namikas, Samoa and U.S. Empire
Haunani-Kay Trask, Colonization
Gloria Bletter, Self-Determination for Native Hawaiians
Rebekah Bloyd, Cultural Convergences in Cathy Song’s Poetry
Therese Adams Muranaka, Juichi and Me
Jose Quiroga, Imperial Laboratories
Margaret Randall, Grief in, Not in Front of, the Mirror
Christian Parenti, Postmodern Maroon in the Ultimate Palenque
Lisa Reynolds Wolfe, Havana Blues
Marc Richards, The Cold War’s “Soft” Recruits
Henry Gonshak, Prisoners on the Hell Planet
Li Xing, Sleeping in the Same Bed with Different Dreams
John Sislin, A Convergence of Weapons
Peace Profile: Victor Jara by Ana Gutierrez

Special Editors: Stephen Zunes, University of San Francisco
Teresa Walsh, University of San Francisco
Vanessa Pupavac, The Post-Yugoslav States
Georgios Kostakos, Many Questions, Few Answers
Michael Freeman, National Self-Determination, Peace and Human Rights
Graham Smith, Russia’s Politics of Multicultural Recognition
Husam Mohamad, The PLO’s Search for a Peace Strategy
Emil Nagengast, Germany’s Troublesome Devotion
J. Kristen Urban, Palestine’s Paradoxical Search
Matthew Jardine, Power and Principle in East Timor
Leonard A. Stone, Nationalist Consciousness
F. Lincoln Grahlfs, Does Self-Determination Lead to Autonomy
Richard L. Johnson, The Burmese People’s Struggle
Necati Polat, Regressive Versus Progressive Self-Determination
Rodney C. Watkins, Multinational Self-Determination
Jurgen Habermas, Beyond the Nation State
Stephen Zunes, New Hope for Western Sahara
Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic, Serbia Between Civil War and Democracy
Michelle Myers, Feminist Contributions to National Development
Tracy Fitzsimmons, Engendering A New Police Identity?
Ralph B.A. DiMuccio and Kym-Gu Kang, The Irony of U.S. Policy Towards North Korea
Henry Gonshak, A Queer Kind of Death
Cynthia Carmen Snow, In the Air We Breathe
Peace Profile:  Alexandra Kollontai by Tina Braun

Special Editors: Lester R. Kurtz, University of Texas, Austin
Shu-Ju Ada Cheng, University of Texas, Austin
S.P. Udayakumar, Landing Peace Theory on Solid Ground
Robina Bhatti, The World Economy, Development and Women
Santiago Castro-Gomez, Latin American Postcolonial Theories
Gerald Chan, Chinese Perspectives on Peace and Development
Susan Evangelista, Peace Making in Southeast Asia
Xu Yi-chong, Maintaining Peace And Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific Rim
Amani Daima, Challenges for Emerging African Democracies
Anirudha Gupta, Prospects for Social Democracy in Postcolonial Societies
Syed Sikander Mehdi, Rediscovering the Culture of Peace in South Asia
L.K. Bharadwaj, Principled versus Pragmatic Nonviolence
Majid Tehranian, Dialogue of Civilizations for Peace
Ken Coates, Poverty and Peace
Miles D. Wolpin, Military Professionals and the Peace Movement
David A. Gabbard, Decolonizing Society
David A. Ogren, Enemies
Peace Profile: Frances Freeborn Pauley by Kathryn L. Nasstrom

Svante E. Cornell, Conflicting Identities in the Caucasus
Ivelin Sardamov, Identity’s Role in the Serbo-Croatian Conflict
Carol Wolfe Konek, Women’s Secret Business
Jesús Martín Barbero, Teenagers as Social Agents
Christine Kelly-Filkohazi, No Map, No Compass, No Dime
Amós Nascimento, Identities in Conflict? Latin (African) American
Eduardo Mendieta, Identity and Liberation
Leila F. Dane, Ethnic Identity and Conflict Transformation
Karin G. Wilkins and Peter D. Siegenthaler, Media and Identity in Hong Kong
Steve Russell, The Politics of Indian Identity
Charles Green and Ian Isidore Smart, Ebonics as Cultural Resistance
Alice Hashim, Conflicting Identities in Somalia
Will Coleman, West African Roots of African American Spirituality
Rick Sarre, Justice as Restoration
Lauren Mitten, The Human Cost of Deforestation
Tim Hamilton and Satish Sharma, The Violence and Oppression of Power Relations
Albrecht Schnabel, A Future for Peacekeeping?
Peace Profile: Paulo Freire by John Higgins

GLOBAL DEMOCRACY (9:3, Fall 1997)
David Held, Globalization and Cosmopolitan Democracy
Derek Heater, Cosmopolis, the Way to Peace?
Ekkehart Krippendorff, Against A Politics of Scale
Derk Bienen, Bolker Rittberger and Wolfgang Wagner, Individuals and States as Democratic Subjects
Jeffrey J. Segall, A First Step for Peaceful Cosmopolitan Democracy
Monique Chemillier-Gendreau, Law, Politics and the International Court
David Beetham, Linking Democracy and Human Rights
Mathias Koenig-Archibugi, International Electoral Assistance
Ivan Vejvoda, East-Central Europes’s Unchartered Democratic Waters
Julius O. Ihonvbere, Democratization In Africa
Daniele Archibugi, So What If Democracies Don’t Fight Each Other?
Martin Köhler, Towards a Cosmopolitian Public Sphere
Bernard Dreano, The Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly
Linda Stamato, Commerce & Conflict Resolution in Harlem
Jon Barnett, Reclaiming Security
Mary Rose Fernandez, Commodified Women
David Newman, Conflicting Israeli Peace Discourses
Charles Kegley, Jr., Placing Global Ecopolitics in Peace Studies
Peace Profile: Dorothy Day by Brianna Leavitt

ZONES OF PEACE (9:2, Summer 1997)
Christopher Mitchell and Susan Allen Nan, Local Peace Zones as Institutionalized Conflict
Kevin P. Clements and Suzanne Ghais, Nuclear Weapons-Free Zones
Arie M. Kacowicz, Third World Zones of Peace
Alice Bettis Hashim, Proactive Protection in “Zones of Turmoil”
Winston E. Langley, Children, A Global Ethic and Zones of Peace
Brady Lee, Peacekeeping, The Congo, and Zones of Peace
Robert F.A.R. Gravelle, Cyprus as a UN Protected Area
Terence Duffy, Civic Zones of Peace
Liam Mahony, Unarmed Bodyguards
Karen Ridd and Craig Kauffman, Protective Accompaniment
Ed Garcia, Filipino Zones of Peace
Ramon Lopez-Reyes, Establishing Salvadoran Zones of Peace
Liam Mahony, Redefining Acceptable Norms of Military Behavior
Nancy Finneran and Mara Lyn Schoeny, Identifying Violence, Pledging Peace
Davin Bremner, Local Peace and the South African Transition
Wallace Warfield, Moving from Civil War to Civil Society
Susan Allen Nan and Christopher Mitchell, Generalizations and Practical Applications
Neve Gordon, Scars of Repression
Umut Arifcan, The Saturday Mothers of Turkey
Naseer H. Aruri, Netanyahu’s Real Peace
Mary Anna Culleton Colwell, A Peace Research Agenda
Allison McNaught, English Curriculum Against the Peace
Peace Profile: Siu Wai Tam by Chico Mendes

IS SOCIALISM DEAD? (9:1, Spring 1997)
Carl Swidorski, Socialists Carry On
Scott Tucker, Labor Is Prior to Capital
Bertell Ollman, A Bird’s Eye View of Socialism
Manfred B. Steger, An Autopsy of Marxist Socialism
David Smith, Why Socialism Has a Future
Gar Alperovitz, The Old Socialist Idea and the New Century
Ken Coates and Michael Barratt Brown, Inventing Socialism
Michael Parenti, Free Market “Reform” and Communism’s Suppression
William Blum, Will Humans Ever Fly?
Georgeta V. Pourchot and Daniel N. Nelson, Post-Communist Europe’s New Left
Iljah Herold, The Only Way Out
Gerald Horne, Race, Economics and Asian Socialism
Lonnie Valentine, Small Socialism and Human Sympathy
Holly Sklar, Economics for Everyone
Charles Derber, If Not Socialism, What?
Joseph Gerson, U.S.-Japan Alliance for 21st Century Hegemony
Jennifer Manlowe, Gender, Freedom and Safety
Ward Churchill, Lie for Lie
Stephanie Vandrick, Feminist Teaching in the Mixed Classroom
Peace Profile: Danielle DeBiagio by Rigoberta Menchu

Stephen R. Shalom, Reflections on Intervention
Richard Falk, Grounds to Reject Intervention
Michael Parenti, The Myth of Good Interventions
Eugene Carroll, Jr., Should the U.S. Be the World’s Policeman?
Mohamed Sahnoun, Managing Conflict After the Cold War
Shridath Ramphal, Law and Intervention
David Carroll Cochran, Complication Military Intervention’s Moral Case
Mary Kaldor, A Cosmopolitan Response to New Wars
Keith Suter, Globalism and Humanitarian Intervention
Taylor B. Seybolt, The Myth of Neutrality
Beatriz Manz and Amy Ross, UN Peace-Building in Guatemala
Nazare Albuquerque Abell, Politics, Migration and Intervention
John Sislin and Fred Pearson, Arms, Mediation and Ethno-Political Disputes
Michael Salla, Peace Enforcement vs. Nonviolent Intervention
Paul Wehr, The Citizen Intervenor
Dietrich Fischer, A Global Peace Service
Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan, Grassroots Initiatives in Unarmed Peacekeeping
John J. Gibbs, Making Peace with Books
Oryeda Alfred, Africa Yearns for Peace
Peace Profile: Cathy Barrett by Stephen Biko

WOMEN AND WAR (8:3, Fall 1996)
Betty Reardon, Women or Weapons?
Jodi York, The Truth(s) about Women and Peace
April Carter, Should Women Be Soldiers or Pacifists?
Harriet Hyman Alonso, Dissension in the Ranks
Leila Rupp, Wartime Violence Against Women and Solidarity
Elaine R. Ognibene, Imagining Peace
Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Maternal Thinking and the Politics of War
Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic, War, Nationalism and Mothers
Darius Rejali, After Feminist Analyses of Bosnian Violence
Angela Woollacott, Women Munitions Makers, War and Citizenship
Francine D’Amico, Feminist Perspectives on Women Warriors
Ronit Lentin, Israeli and Palestinian Women Working for Peace
Diana Mulinari, Broken Dreams
Pamela Collett, Afghan Women in the Peace Process
Carolyn Nordstrom, Girls Behind the (Front) Lines
Guy H. Stevens, Translating Human Rights into Women’s Rights
Lynne M. Woehrle, Silent or Silenced?
Aqueil Ahmad, Powerful Reaction to Powerlessness
Daniele Archibugi, Democracy at the United Nations
Peace Profile: A Philip Randolphby Bayard Rustin

WAR AND REMEMBRANCE (8:2, Summer 1996)
William C. French, Knowing Where You Are
John Lindsay-Poland, Soft-Pedaling American Intervention
Robert D. Benford, Whose War Memories Shall Be Preserved?
Jennifer Turpin and Patience E. Patterson, Sacrilizing Total War
Barton J. Bernstein, American Memory and the A-Bomb
Sam Marullo, Bomb’s Away at the Smithsonian
Frances B. McCrea and Gerald E. Markle, The Instrumental Rationality of Extermination
Fred E. Katz, We Need Not Remain So Impotent
Fuyun Hsu, A New Page in My Life
Gregory F. DeLaurier, Thailand 1970
Edward P. Morgan, America’s Post-Vietnam Stress Disorder
Steve Russell, A Time to Bury the Dead
David Officer, The Ulster Division’s Unburied Dead
Lyn Graybill, Remembrance of War in South Africa
Andrew Rigby, Palestinian Collaborators
Mick Broderick, Apocalyptic Desire
Iwona Irwin-Zarecka, Neutralizing the Past
Imtiaz Ahmed, Rebuilding Sri Lankan Security
Phyllis Bennis, United Nations Remains A U.S. Tool
Gregory McLauchlan, Nuclear Politics on the Pacific Rim
Barbara Ann Scott, Empowering Women in the Global Media
Peace Profile: Larry Hatfield by Jack McCloskey

MEDIA AND SOCIAL CHANGE (8:1, Spring 1996)
Robert Hackett and Yuezhi Zhao, Journalistic Objectivity and Social Change
Charlotte Ryan, The Media War Over Welfare
Robert Jensen, What Are Journalists For?
Bernadette Barker-Plummer, The Dialogic of Media and Social Movements
Kevin M. Carragee, Defining Foreign Social Movements
Francisco A. Magno, Media And Environmental Politics
William S. Solomon, Covering Cuba in a New Light
Henry Gonshak, Coming Out of the Celluloid Closet
Clemencia Rodriguez, Shedding Useless Notions of Alternative Media
Robert Huesca, Diversity in Communication for Social Change
Mercedes Lynn de Uriarte, One Press, Divided Nation
Daniel Marcus and Laura Stein, Radical Uses of Public Access Television
Peter Shields, State, National Identity and Media
Karin Gwinn Wilkins, Development Communication
Hamid Mowlana, Communication and Development
John D. H. Downing, Internationalizing Media Theory
Vincent Mosco, Myths Along the Information Highway
Radhika Parameswaran, Media Representations of Third World Women
Douglas W. Vick and Nancy Morris, Free Press, Corporate Style
Tina Evans-Mitchell and Irlene P. Ricks, The Bell Curve, Media and Public Policy
Peace Profile: Jacob Lawrence

TERRORISM & POLITICAL VIOLENCE (7:3,4, Fall & Winter 1995)
Mihalis Halkides, How Not to Study Terrorism
George Lopez, Terrorism and Peace Studies
Lewis H. Lapham, Seen But Not Heard
Francois Debrix, Simulated Terrorism
Chip Berlet, The Violence of Right-Wing Populism
Robert Elias, Violence is the Answer
Rodney C. Watkins, Making Sense of Terrorism
George Gerbner, A Word for all Seasons
Wolfgang Deckers, The Real State Terrorism
Miles Wolpin, Diminishing the Appeal of “Retail” Terrorism
David Kauzlarich and Ronald C. Kramer, The Nuclear Terrorist State
Stephen Zunes, Terrorism by Another Name
Silvio Lenart and Harry Targ, The Media War Against Nicaragua
Jeffrey Ian Ross, The Structure of Canadian Terrorism
Cynthia Irvin, Revolutionary Violence, Revolutionary Politics
Nancy E. Bell, Frisbies, Croissants and State Terrorism
Katie Monagle, How We Got Here
Laura Flanders, Far-Right Militias and Anti-Abortion Violence
Paul Leighton, Industrialized Social Control
David Helvarg, The War on the Greens
Simona Sharoni, Peace As Identity Crisis
William Dan Perdue, Civilization
Keith Suter, Testing the South Pacific’s Nuclear Patience
Deogratias Mabirizi, Political Freedom, Economic Progress
S.P. Udayakumar, The Free Trade Frenzy
Manne Wäengborg, NGO’s in Post-Cold War Europe
Anne R. Roschelle, The Political Mileage of Racism
John J. Gibbs, Peace from Moment to Moment
James O’Connell, The Essence of Forgiveness
Suzanne Rotondo, Who’s Protecting Whom?
Peace Profile: Aime Cesaire

Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities
Arif Dirlik, What’s In A Rim?
Michael Haas, Asian-Pacific Economic Control
Greg McLauchlan, Nuclear Weapons and the Pacific Rim
Michael Schiffer, Pacific Confidence Building
Joseph Gerson, The Smithsonian’s Final Act
Claire Van Zevern, Transnational Ethnic Identity
Ramon Lopez-Reyes, The Pacific Rim Betrayal
Keith Suter, Nuclear Archeology and Australian Aborigines
Michael Salla, East Timor’s Nonviolent Resistance
Albert F. Celoza, Democratic Development for the Philippines?
Vilho Harle, The Ancient Daoist Alternative
Ralph Pettman, Taking Human Rights Education Seriously
Kumar Rupesinghe, Confronting the Complexity of Conflict
Michael Parenti, Serving the Few
S. P. Udayakumar, The Peacekeeping Triangle
Michael Hallett, Guns and Roses on “Cops”
Peace Profile: Eric Foner by Jose Martí

Robert Elias, Peace Review Revisited
The Guest Editors, Religion and Globalization
Rodney Watkins, Transitional Christian Unity
Mark Juergensmeyer, Can We Live With Religious Nationalism?
Stephen Zunes, The Roots of Radical Islam
Jim Wallis, Toward A Prophetic Spirituality
Dwight Hopkins, Globalization and Black Theology
Randall Balmer, The Enemy Among Us
William T. Smith, Signifiers of the Apocalypse
Elizabeth Jones, The Beats and Eastern Religion
Vivian-Lee Nyitray, What’s Religion Got to Do with It?
Berit Bretthauer, The Challenge of Televangelism
Lois Lorentzen, Popular Resistance and Material Culture
David Batstone, Strategic Religious Organizing in Chiapas
Brett Greider, The Gospel Behind the Masks
Eduardo Mendieta, A New Theological Paradigm
Joseph Prabhu, Gandhi’s Economics of Peace
Declaration on the Role of Religion in the Promotion of
a Culture of Peace
Peace Profile: Jeannette Rankin

Michael Webber, The Challenge for Transnational Social Movements
Roberta Garner, Transnational Movements in Postmodern Society
Stephen Breyman, New Movements in the West
Ron Pagnucco/David Atwood, Movements and Tactics
Jackie Smith, Organizing Social Action
Sam Marullo/Bob Edwards, Survival Strategies for Peace Groups
William Savitt, Is the Debt Crisis Really Over?
Kalowatie Deonandan, Learning from Somalia
Kelley Hargrave, Chiapas and Cultural Nationalism
David Cortright, Love It or Leave It?
Rodney Watkins, Deconstructing War Mythologies
Gordon Fellman, Ambivalence and Social Change
William C. French, God and Biosphere as Superpowers
Peace Profile: Herbert Aptheker by W.E.B. Du Bois

Paul G. Harris, Global Equity and Sustainable Development
Patricia M. Mische, Peace and Ecological Security
Erick Highum/Karen Parker, Development, Rights and the Rainforests
Asoka Bandarage, The New Malthusianism?
Claire Van Zevern, Land, Ecology and Women
Salem Ajluni, Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Bernard den Ouden, Poverty, Rights and Deforestation
Ken Conca, Peace, Justice and Sustainability
Daniel Whelan, Women, AIDS and Development
Gus Newport, The Third World in the First World
Joseph Gerson, Desert Storms, Deadly Connections
Paul Joseph, Individualism and Peace Culture
M. Teresa Walsh, Human Rights and Double Standards
Hamid Mowlana, Muslims and Genocide in the Balkans
Peace Profile: A.J. Muste

Robert Elias, Taking Crime Seriously
Tony Monteiro, The New Face of Racism
J. Radford & E. Stanko, Contradictions of Feminist Crime Control
David Friedrichs, Crime Wars and Peacemaking Criminology
David Kauzlarich, Epistemological Barriers to Peacemaking Criminology
Ronald Kramer, State Violence and Violent Crime
Michael Hallett, Why We Fail At Crime Control
Virginia Mackey, Mixed Motives, Mixed Messages
Lester Kurtz, The Geometry of Deterrence
Emilio Viano, Empowering the Family
Fay Honey Knopp, Radical Feminism and Abolition
Robert Elias, A Peace Movement Against Crime
Charles Derber, Beyond Wilding
Linell Roccaforte, Freedom As Process
Michael Salla, Dedicated Minorities
Peace Profile: Michael True by Le Xun

David Levinson, Ethnic Conflict
Richard Matthew, Single Planet, Divided World
Robert Schaeffer, Separatism and National Partition
Miriam Feldblum, Fortress Europe, Fortress America
Mindy Gerstein, Abandon the Rhetoric of Self-Determination
Stephen Zunes, Zionism, Anti-Semitism and Imperialism
Robbie McVeigh, The Politics of Violence
Klaus Schlichte, Is Ethnicity A Cause of War?
Ramon Lopez-Reyes, Beyond the European-Dream-In-America
V. Spike Peterson, Gendered Nationalism
Carol A. Brown, Reproductive Control and Ethnic Conflict
Philip Jenkins, Peacemaking and Terrorism
Mark Reitman, Return of the Cossacks
S.P. Udayakumar, The Wolf and the Sheep
Peace Profile: Michael True by Maura Clarke

Robert Elias and Jennifer Turpin, Conflict and Power
Joseph A. Scimecca, What Is Conflict Resolution?
Alan C. Tidwell & Andrew Heys, The Ashes of Conflict Resolution
Colin Rule, Questioning Dispute Resolution
Joseph J. Fahey, Conflict Creation
Louis Kriesberg, Intractable Conflicts
Jan Oberg, Conflict Mitigation in Former Yugoslavia
Loramy Conradi, Grassroots Peacework in Nicaragua
George Klay Kieh, Jr., Resolving African Conflicts
Ulrike C. Wasmuht, Conflict Administration in Germany
Kathleen Neal Cleaver, Philadelphia Fire
Gregor Tomc, Our Men (and Women) from UNCLE
David S. Meyer, Where Is the Peace Movement When You Need It?
Terence Duffy, Exhibiting Peace
Trond Jacobsen, Education for the New World Order
Stephanie Vandrick, Feminist Fiction for Social Change

REFUGEES (5:3, Fall 1993)
Serena Wellen, Refugees
Arthur C. Helton, Current Dilemmas
Vera Gowlland-Debbas, The Expanding International Concern
Karen Musalo, Beating A Hasty Retreat
Pamela Goldberg, Gendered Persecution
Bill Frelick, Preventive Protection
Roger P. Winter, An End to Arms
Le Xuan Khoa, The Comprehensive Plan of Action
Earl Noelte, The New Host Country
Daniel Warner, The Dynamics of Community
Alberto Huerta, Cesar Chavez and the Smell of Earth
Beverly Woodward, A Reminiscence of Myrtle Solomon
Malcolm Saunders, Women on War
David Krieger, Ending the Scourge of War
J. David Singer, University and Society

Jennifer Turpin, Art As Political Culture
Stephanie Vandrick, In Memory of Audre Lorde
Paul von Blum, The Critical Vision
Ricardo Levins Morales, Importance of Being Artist
Mathew Schwarzman, It's About Transformation
Isabel Allende, Writing As An Act of Hope
Julio Cortazar, Story With No Moral
Lois Ann Lorentzen, Our Poetry Will Inhabit This Land Forever
Bron R. Taylor, Evoking the Ecological Self
Guy Brett, No Condition Is Permanent
Don Adams and Arlene Goldbard, Cultural Democracy
Peter Wicke, The Times They Are A' Changin'
Reebee Garofalo, Understanding Mega-Events
Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World
Donna Henes and Dominique Mazeaud, Peace: Piece By Piece
Judith Malina, Culturing Peace
Kathryn Roszak, Art and Peace, The Living Icon
Mary Kaldor, The New Nationalism in Europe
Omar Souki Oliveira, War and Soaps

PEACE, WAR, AND THE MEDIA (5:1, Spring 1993)
Robert Elias, Peace, War and the Media
Charlene Spretnak, The Political Legacy of Petra Kelly
William A. Dorman, The Media's Civil Voice
Robert Hackett, Structuring the Hierarchy of Dissent
Hamid Mowlana, Triumph of the Image
Maartin Shaw and Roy Carr-Hill, The Denial of Death
Sam Husseini, Killing the Peace
Michael Parenti, A Devil in Panama
Daniel Hallin, The Uncensored War
Daniel A. Buford, Marketing the Military
Jacqueline Sharkey, DisInformation and DatInformation
Martin A. Lee, Mainstreaming Human Rights
Robert Elias, Crime Wars Forgotten
David Croteau and William Hoynes, The Male Presence
Nell Bernstein, Covering Women Soldiers
Abigail A. Fuller, The Alternative Peace Press
Jackie Smith, Frame or Be Framed

EASTERN EUROPE (4:4, Winter 1992)
Jaroslav Sabata, What Kind of Dream is Disappearing in Prague?
Judit Kiss, After the Euphoria: Hard Lessons in Eastern Europe
Scott McElwain, U.S. Response to Events in Eastern Europe
Beverly Woodward, Civil Society in Transition
Jirina Siklova, Dilemmas of Transition
Asparouch Panov, Bulgaria as an Island of Peace
Vaclav Trojan, Dilemnas of Freedom and of the Past
Dimitrina Petrova, Permanent Revolution in Bulgaria
Venelin Zhelev, Bulgaria and the Free Market Economy
Ina Bordan, Elections in Romania
Judit Acsady and Agnes Hochberg, Feminism Misinterpreted in Hungary
Barbara Einhorn, Women and Citizenship in Eastern Europe
Shana Penn and Lenore Goldman, New Moves: Hungarian Women and Feminism
Milan Nikolik, War in Yugoslavia: Causes and Prospects
Predrag Simik, Yugoslavia: From Dispute to Regional

WHY VIOLENCE? (4:3, Fall 1992)
Myriam Miedzian, Real Men, Wimps and Our National Security
Theresa Wirtz, The Role of Death in War
Arnold P. Goldstein, Aggression Reduction Strategies
Sam Marullo and Jan Hlavacek, Sociologists on War as a Social Problem
Nancy Hutchings, Family Violence
Michael A. Messner, When Bodies Are Weapons
James D. Wright and Joseph F. Sheley, Teenage Violence and the Urban Underclass
Joseph J. Fahey, Columbus and the Catholic Crusades
Dietrich Fischer, Rio: A Missed Opportunity

Kevin Clements, Editorial
Andrew Mack, Prospects for Security in Asia-Pacific
Herb Feith, Conflict in East Timor
John McKinnon, The ASEAN Response to Burmese Repression
Tarcissius T. Kabutaulaka, Violence in the Southwest Pacific
Katsuya Kodama, Challenges for the Japanese Peace Movement
Johan Saravanamutta, Peace Advocacy in Malaysia
Roger Peace, On the Direction of the US Peace Movement

ECONOMICS AND PEACE (4:1, Spring 1992)
Albert and Hahnel, Participatory Economics for 21st Century
Kenworthy, What Do We Do Now?
Melman, Measuring the Nation's Wealth
Henwood, War and Waste
Witt, Economics and Peace in North America
Morison, Mondragon: Reimagining Future Society
Vickers, Development Policy With a Human Face
NGO Group, Problems the Market Can't Solve
Wachtel, Material Development and Life Satisfaction
Boulding, Peace Research and the U.S. Institute for Peace

AFRICA (3:4, Winter 1991/1992)
Special Editor: Ali A. Mazuri
Consulting Editors: Abdalla S. Bujra, J. Isawa Elaigwu, and Peter B. Okoh
Hussein M. Adam, Crisis in Somalia
Dominique Bangoura, West Africa Clamps a Peace Plan on Liberia
Deogrtias Mabirizi, Uganda Today: People's Power
Stephen Zunes, Democratic Trends in Insurgent Movements
Abdul Aziz Said and Abdul Karim Bangoura, Ethnicity and Peaceful Relations
J. Isawa Elaigwu, Ballot Box or Barracks for Nigeria?
Larry Diamond, Nigeria's Search for a New Political Order
Hendrick W. van der Merwe, Ian Liebenberg, and Gabi Meyer, Changing Political Styles in South Africa
Laurie Nathan, Joker in the Pack: South Africa's Security Forces
Donald Chimanikire, Zimbabwe and Trade Liberalization
Ben G. Aigbokhan, Threats to Peace in West Africa
Layi Egunjobi, On the States of African Women
Layi Egunjobi, Population Growth and Health Care
Dokun Oyesbola, Europe '92 and Peace in Africa
Fabian E. Alepan, The Refugee Dilemma and Africa's Children
Abdallah J. Saffari, Namibia's Constitution: A Foundation for Peace
Akin Fadahunsi, The Economic Influence of the Superpowers
Khabele Matlosa, Africa and Changes in Superpower Relations
Omari H. Kokole, Nuclear Weapons in Africa
Abdelwahab Biad, Security and Disarmament in Africa

PEACE AS A HUMAN RIGHT (3:3, Fall 1991)
Bertram Gross, Power, Rights and Peace
Ralph M. Goldman, Physical Safety: An A Priori Human Rights
Katarina Tomasevski, The Right to Peace After the Cold War
Philip Alston, Legal Basis of the Right to Peace
Syed Sikander Mehdi, The Gulf After the Gulf War
Abdelwahab Biad, The Maghreb Perspective
Bernard Dreano, Maghreb Culture and the Gulf War

Abdul Aziz Said, A Middle Eastern Peace Strategy
Stephen Zunes, Arab Nationalism and the Gulf War
Khalil Barhoum, Perception and Reality
Jonathon Boyarin, Palestine and Jewish History
Mohammed Ahsen Chaudri, The Gulf War and Islam
Jerry W. Sanders, The Gulf War and Bush's Folly
Joseph Gerson, The War and the New World Order
James N. Karioki, African-Americans and World Peace
Femi Adesina, African Attitudes to the War

NUCLEAR WEAPONS (3:1, Winter/Spring 1991)
H. Bruce Franklin, Fantasies of Power
Morris Bradley, Escaping the Nuclear Trap
Thomas Bernstein, The Dream of Nuclear Warfare
Vladislav Zubok, Learning Against the Grain
Matthew Melko, Present Age and the Myth of Deterrence
Charles Hauss, The Bomb, the Movement and the Future
John MacDougall, Disarmament Through Legislation
John M. Pickering, The U.S. and the Land of Morning Calm

WOMEN, MEN AND THE STATE (2:4, Fall 1990)
Ali A. Mazrui, Contradictions in the Gulf
Dorothy Dinnerstein, Survival on Earth
Elizabeth Dodson Gray, Gender Reflections at a Time of Confrontation
Batya Weinbaum, Feminism and the State of Israel
Olga Lipovskaya, Women as Objects of Consumption
Maria Elena Valenzuela, Gender Issues in Chilean Politics
Anne Sisson Runyon, Gender Relations and the Politics of Protection
Birgit Brock-Utne, Listen to Women--For a Change
Anne Fagan Ginger, All Filled with (Women and) Men
Rita Giacaman and Penny Johnson, Palestinian Women

USSR (2:3, Summer 1990)
Andrei Kortunov, Civil-Military Relations in USSR
Vladislav M. Zubok, Nyet to Arms?
Aziz Kamilov, Internal Conflicts in Soviet Central Asia
Jennifer E. Turpin, Gorbachev and the Soviet Media Revolution
Vasily A. Vlasihin, Slow Progress on Road to Rule of Law
Andrei A. Kuteinkov, Perostroika's Unbeloved Child
Beverly Woodward, Opposition to Military Service in USSR

EDUCATION FOR PEACE (2:2, Spring 1990)
Ian M. Harris, Goals of Peace Education
Hans Nicklas, Peacemaking as Goal of Education and Culture
Joseph J. Fahey, Peace Studies and the American Ethos
Lana L. Hostetler, Preparing for Peace in Early Childhood Years
David Rubin, News Media and Peace
Charles Hauss, New Challenges
David W. Orr, Liberal Arts, The Campus and the Biosphere
Abelardo Brenes, Educating for Universal Responsibility
Carol Rank, The Process of Peace Learning

HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE (2:1, Winter 1990)
Bertram Gross, The U.S. and Human Rights
Abdul Aziz Said and Laura A. Barnitz, Dialogue Between Peace and Human Rights
A.N. van Aubel, The Continuing Cambodian Tradgedy
Beverly Woodward, Human Rights and the New Eastern Europe
Alexander Wilde and Coletta Youngers, The Latin American Challenge
Barbara Pope, El Salvador: Human Rights and U.S. Interests
Mark Anner, Salvadoran Unionists Right to Survive
Joesph Gerson, U.S. Foreign Bases and Human Rights
Susanna Hecht and Alexander Cockburn, Defenders of the Amazon
Clovis Brigagao, Amazon and the Antartic

MITTEL EUROPE (1:4, Fall 1989)
Ferenc Miszlivetz, Europe: Redefining the Possible
Audrey Kortunov, Is There Any Future for the Warsaw Pact?
Mathew Melko, The Great Northern Peace
Dietrich Fischer, Peace Through Cooperation
Michael D. Intrilgator, Perestroika and the West
New Forum, Starting Point 89
Jim Wake, Which Way to Central Europe
Daniele Archibugi, J.M. Keynes Persisted
Mary Friedland, Dalai Lama Awarded Nobel Prize

Chadwick F. Alger, Grassroots Approach to Life in Peace
Will Swaim and Michael Schuman, Municipal Diplomacy
Patricia Chilton and Jiri Dienstbier, European Citizens Assembly
Detlef Kantovsky, Sarvodoya Shramadama in Sri Lanka
Ann Fagan Ginger, Peacemakers Turn to Peace Law
Niall MacDermot, Standard Setting for Human Rights
Liane Ellison Norman, Citizens Make a Peace System
Kevin P. Clements, Quaker Contribution to Peacemaking

COMMON SECURITY (1:2, Spring 1989)
Jean Bethke Elshtain, Peace, Security and Politics
Dietrich Fischer and Alan H. Bloomgarden, Non-Offensive Defense
Paul Chilton, Safe as Houses?
Vitaly Zhurkin, Sergei A. Karaganov, and Andrei V. Kortunov, Old Perceptions and New Realities
Michael Renner, Who Are the Enemies?
Jacques Grinwald, Safeguarding the Biosphere
Mark Sommer, Qualitative Disarmament
Christian Mellon, Jean-Marie Muller, and Jacques Semelin, Civil Defense

Michael Mann, Cage of Civilization
Paul Seaver, Armies, Nations and Liberty
Donna Gregory, The Dictator's Furnace
Cyrus Veeser, War, Propaganda and Civilized Values
Rodrigo Carazo Odio, The Seed of Peace
William Schwartz & Charles Derber, Hardware Is Not the Problem
Patricia Chilton, Ending the War
Bruno Barrillot, Violence in Paradise