How to Apply

Apply for Fall Admission!

The M.S. in Environmental Management program only accepts students for the fall semester. The application deadline for fall 2015 is February 15, 2015. Applications are accepted and considered for admission after February 15 on a space-available basis.

To start your application, click here for important instructions. Please also read the information below for instructions specific to the M.S. in Environmental Management.

International applicants please click here for additional important instructions.

Bachelor Degree Background

Applicants can hold any Bachelor's degree.  Prior to beginning the program, students must have completed at least one semester of college level general or introductory chemistry, preferably with lab.

Advising, Registration, Orientation and Start of Classes

Classes for fall 2015 will start on August 22.  On August 15th, 2015 MSEM will hold a required all-day orientation. All entering students need to attend the orientation.  Admitted students can contact the MSEM Program for details about the advising and registration schedule for new students each fall. The MSEM Program can be contacted at 415.422.4119 or contact Prof. Maggie Winslow at