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USF Seminar Series in Analytics

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The Analytics Program has been privileged to host exciting and informative speakers at our weekly Seminar Series, which is open to the public. Past topics and speakers include:

Introduction to Portfolio Analysis & Management

Alfonso Portillo, Portfolio Manager and Managing Director at Charles Schwab and a Former VP at PIMCO

Loyalty Marketing – A Casino Gaming Perspective

Jonathan Lowenhar, Former Corporate Vice President of Loyalty Marketing at Harrah's, Co-founder and Former CEO of Trooval

Current Problems and Opportunities in IT for Big Data Experts

Xavier Quintuna, Big Data & Platform at France Telecom

Destruction, Disinvestment, and Death: Losses Following Environmental Disaster

Jesse Anttila-Hughes, Assistant Professor of applied Econometrics, University of San Francisco's Department of Economics

Analytics in Politics: The Many Ways Numbers can Shape a Campaign

David Latterman, Principal of Fall Line Analytics, Political Analyst

Financial Crime Counter Measures With Maths

Graham Bailey, Senior Vice President Wells Fargo Bank, Corporate BSA office, AML Detection and Data Analytics

The Analytics of Designing Software Products

Kevin Hale, Senior Product Manager at SurveyMonkey, Co-founder of infinity Box Inc.

Using Big Data analytics for Improving On-Line Games

Andreas Vogel, VP Global Business Incubator at SAP

Using Visualization to Understand What Makes City Streets Successful

Eric Fischer, ASrtist in Residence at the Exploratorium after working for several years at Google

The Revolution of In-Memory and Realtime Analytics – Rationale and Case Study

Denis Descause, Global Business Development Lead at SAP

Does Statistics Still Have a Role in Big Data?

Norm Matloff, Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis, Author, The Art of R Programming

Dude, Where's My Alpha?

Steven Pav, Quantitative Strategist at Cerebellum Capital, LLC

Business Case for Machine Learning: Algorithms and Use Cases

Michael Bowles, instructor at Hacker Dojo, Co-founder of Biomatica

YouTube and the Role of a Data Scientist

Sundar Dorai-Raj, Senior Quantitative Analyst at Google

Data Science at 2 Billion Hits Per Day

Mike Brzustowicz, Data Scientist at Kontagent

The Art of the Data Mash-Up

Jed Kolko, Chief Economist and Head of analytics at Trulia

Engaging Audiences with Data Visualization

Scott Murray, Assistant Professor of Design at the University of San Francisco

Logistic Regression vs Naive Bayes: Hierarchical Approaches to Risk Prediction

Brian Lucena, Interim SVP of Analytics at the Parkland Center for Clinical innovation

Platform Analytics at Twitter

Aaron Siegel, Managing a Platform analytics Team at Twitter

The Data Side of Big Data: Crowdsourcing Content and Smart Systems

Shane Lewin, Managing a Data Science and Engineering Team at Netflix

Probability Paradoxes IRL

Alon Amit, Co-founder and VP of Product at Origami Logic, former Product Manager at Google and Facebook, former VP at Compugen

Unleashing Data in the Public Sector

Dr. Jonathan Reichental, Award-winning Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the City of Palo Alto

Social Selling: Conversation Mining

Michael Osofsky, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, NetBase

Business Analytics at SaaS Company

Jill Zheng, Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst at SurveyMonkey

Data Science for Sustainability

Matthew Dixon, Assistant Professor at the University of San Francisco

(Im)Practical Data analytics

Bradley Voytek, Professor of Computational Cognitive Science and Neuroscience at UC San Diego and Data Evangelist at Uber, Inc.

The Art of Social Data

Dr. Andreas Weigend, Expert on the future of big data, social-mobile technologies, and consumer behavior, founder of the Social Data Lab

LogicBlox: Declarative Programming for the Cloud

Dr. T.J. Green, Computer Scientist at LogicBlox and Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Davis

Computational Analytics in Forensic Genetics

Dr. Jianye Ge, Senior Staff Algorithm Engineer in the Life Technologies

Reporting Can Be Sexy,

Dan Voorhies Director of Analytics at Trulia

Data, Data, Everywhere...and Not a Byte for Me

Kord Davis, Digital strategist, author, speaker, and facilitator

Shape and Meaning: An Introduction to Topological Data Analysis

Anthony Bak, Senior Data Scientist and Mathematician at Ayasdi

Large Scale Integration of Disparate and Disconnected Data in Life Sciences

Sven Junkergard, Director of Technology at Zephyr Health Inc.

Challenges for Machine Learning in Computational Sustainability

Thomas G. Dietterich, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Oregon State University

Convergence of Big Data, Analytics, and Marketing - Staying on the Bleeding Edge

Jarvis Mak, SVP Customer Success at Rocket Fuel

Teaching Computers to Think like Decision Makers

Mark Zangari Co-founder and CEO of Quantellia

Advanced Analytics in Government - Current Uses and Trends

Denise Callahan, President and Principal Consultant, TAP International

Privacy in Statistical Databases

Kunal Talwar, Senior Researcher at Microsoft

Solving Social Impact Challenges with Data Science

Paul Duan, Chief Scientist, Bayes Impact

Parking Spot Real-time Prediction at Parknav

Eyal Amir, CEO, Parknav

You Tube Data Science with Application

Sudar Dorai-Raj, Senior Quantitative Analyst, Google

Designing a Predictive Churn Model for a Private Club

Thomas Maier, Associate Professor, Hospitality Management, University of San Francisco

Veritable: A Predictive Database

Fritz Obermeyer, Engine Development for Veritable,

Data Science Use Cases at StumbleUpon

Debora Donato, Senior Director, StumbleUpon

Label Partitioning for Sublinear Ranking

Hector Yee, Software Engineer, Airbnb

Do-not-track and the Economics of Third Party Advertising

Sharad Goel, Assistant Professor, Management Science and Engineering, Stanford

Empowering Rapid Data Science

Jake Quist, CEO, Zillabyte

Situating Data Science in the Process

Chris Diehl, Co-founder, The Data Guild

Unleashing Data in the Public Sector

Jonathan Reichental, CIO, City of Palo Alto, California

Industrial Internet: Big Data and Analytics Driving Big Outcomes

Beena Ammananth, Big Data and Analytics Leader, GE Software

Creating End to End Big Data Science Solutions

Alok Aggarwal, CEO, Scry Analytics

High-Speed Data Analytics, Web Scraping and Open Data with

Alex Salkever, Head of Marketing and Data Evangelism,

Accelerating the Analytical Lifecycle, from Development to Deployment

Nick Elprin, Co-founder, Domino Data Lab

High-Speed Data Analytics, Web Scraping and Open Data with

Alex Salkever, Head of Marketing and Data Evangelism,

Creating a Better Experimental Platform for Bing Ads

Lars Hirsch, Leader of Bing Ads Data Science Group, Microsoft

Productizing Data Science in Digital Advertising

Kyle Napierkowski, Senior Director of Product Management, RadiumOne

Charts and Queries

Walter Kim, Software Engineer, Dropbox

Probabilistic Logic and Probabilistic Programming

Rodrigo de Salvo Braz, Computer Scientist, SRI International

How to Teach Machines to Read and Use the Web

Beniot Dherin, Director of Data Science,

Bootstrapped Learning of Affective Indicators in Social Media Text

Ellen Riloff, Professor of Computer Science, School of Computing, University of Utah

Machine Learning and AI: The Difference Between Knowledge and Action

Don M. Dini, Principal Data Scientist at AT&T

The Chiasm Data Visualization Platform

Curran Kelleher, Software Engineer, Alpine Data Labs

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