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Equipped with the unique combination of the techniques and skills necessary for data-driven decision-making — the key to effective business strategies — the program’s graduates are well prepared for a career in the rapidly growing field of analytics.Businesses demand knowledgeable and well-trained analytic specialists, whether they’re financial firms such as Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab and Bank of America, retailers including the Gap,, Macy’s, Safeway and, energy companies such as PG&E and Southern California Edison, or web companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Retailers have access to a huge amount of data about customer-buying patterns, both individual and aggregate. This data provides the opportunity to ask a number of questions: What deals should be offered to a customer? What items sell well in which markets? What are the buying preferences of particular market segments?

Energy companies are keen on monitoring and tracking power usage in order to detect potential points of failure, brown-outs, or excess demand. The advent of SmartMeters provides data for differentiated pricing depending on time of day, but analytical tools are needed to understand and predict this usage.

Social media and web search providers seek analytic specialists to understand their users’ experiences on a massive scale. Why does someone click on one link instead of another? What ads should a consumer see? What sorts of items, people or pages are users interested in, given the data we know about them?

Financial companies use analytics in more traditional settings. How can we predict the performance of a portfolio? Given a particular risk profile, what is the best investment for a particular fund? What are the implications of different leveraging and investment strategies for a firm?

Marketers and political analysts employ analytics to understand public opinion. How do we craft surveys to mine people's opinions on a topic? How do we understand and act on these survey results? How do we incorporate demographic and other background information into the results?

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