On-Campus Media

One of the exciting things about Media Studies at USF are the many opportunities students have to make and be a part of a team that makes media. These opportunities include a radio station, a newspaper, and a television station.

Students may also earn credit for their participation in student media by enrolling in Media Workshop (MS 395). More information on Media Workshop >>
  is the University's online radio station. The station can be found at kusf.org and can be heard throughout the world.  KUSF as an FM station (1977-2011) was known both nationally and internationally for its innovative programming and approach to music. Students in Media Studies and other majors are welcome to use KUSF as a recreation activity as well as a training facility. Alumni of KUSF (FM) have
                                            often been very successful in pursuit of employment in the
                                            radio and music industries.        


USFtv logo F14USFtv is community-based TV, for students and by students, with on-campus broadcasting on channel 35, as well as on YouTube. USFtv covers topics such as news, sports, and cultural events both on campus and in the city of San Francisco. It's a great opportunity for students to    work in teams to create engaging and provocative media
                                          and distribute it across campus and on the web.

                                          The San Francisco Foghorn
The San Francisco Foghorn
  is the student-run newspaper where the University community can find out what is happening on campus and exchange diverse views and ideas. The San Francisco Foghorn, whose motto is "Freedom and Fairness," is dedicated to providing up-to-date news and information for the University of San Francisco audience in its print and online editions.