Tutoring Programs

How to Book an Appointment on TutorTrac

  1. Log in to USF Connect and navigate to the Student tab.
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom to the box that says USF Tutors. Select “TutorTrac.”
  3. Log in with your USF username and password. Select “Search Availabilities.”
  4. From the center drop-down menu select “Learning Center.” 
  5. Search by selecting from the Sections menu and clicking “Search.”
  6. Select an appointment from the schedule on the right by clicking on the time.
  7. Save and exit.

If there are no tutors available, please contact us at 415-422-6713 or in Cowell 227.

Conversation Tutoring Program

All lower-division language students are required to attend a group session outside of class for one hour a week for ten weeks. This is not simply a conversation hour; it is a unique opportunity for students to speak the language with more frequency and less anxiety than in a traditional classroom setting.

Peer Tutoring Program

Peer tutors are available at the Learning & Writing Center to students who need extra one-on-one help in addition to the help they will receive during instructor office hours. Peer tutors can assist students in improving study skills. Students wishing to take advantage of this program should contact their instructors immediately for more information.

Student Disability Services

Specialized tutors are available for students with learning disabilities enrolled in French and Spanish courses at USF. If you have, or suspect you have, a disability that may require an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact both your instructor and either Student Disability Services at (415) 422-6876, or the Disability Related Services office at (415) 422- 2613 as early as possible in the semester.

Interested in Tutoring for MCL?

Conversation Tutors:
Conversation tutorial positions are available for native or advanced American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish speakers. Conversation tutors lead weekly conversation sessions with small groups of language students and are responsible for creating in-class conversational activities in accordance with the instructor’s guidelines. Please note: You are not required to have taken a language class at USF in order to be eligible for this position.

Peer Tutors:
Peer tutorial positions are available for American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish speakers. Peer tutors assist students one-on-one with various aspects of foreign language courses. Please note: All eligible applicants must have already successfully completed the course they wish to tutor at USF and must have a recommendation from that language instructor. 

To apply, complete the Application Form and the Availability Form and send them to the instructor of your language listed below. 

Arabic Ahmed Bangura (banguraa@usfca.edu)

ASL Kyoko Suda (sudak@usfca.edu

Chinese Wei Yang (wyang16@usfca.edu

Filipino Edith Borbon (erborbon@usfca.edu

French Ahmed Bangura (banguraa@usfca.edu

German Susanne Hoelscher (shhoelscher@usfca.edu

Ancient Greek J.F. Garcia (jfgarcia2@usfca.edu

Hebrew Esti Skloot (skloot@usfca.edu

Italian Matthew Jan Motyka (mjmotyka@usfca.edu

Japanese Noriko Nagata (nagatan@usfca.edu

Latin Rose Marie Deist (deistr@usfca.edu

Portuguese Luciana Lage (llage@usfca.edu

Spanish Karyn Schell (kschell@usfca.edu)