LCC Classroom

There are 24 computers available for all MCL and ESL faculty and students in the LCC Classroom. The space is available for instructional use only; faculty must be present at all times.

The LCC Classroom is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 7:00 pm.

Please submit a LCC Classroom reservation request every semester starting on the first Monday of August and the first Monday of every January in order to get your classrooms updated and scheduled in Banner.

Faculty Resources

At the request of faculty, software is installed once correct licensing is obtained at the beginning of every semester.  Audacity, Skype, Robo Sensei, Insight and Deep Freeze are installed on all of these computers.  In order to maximize the use of these applications, two workshops have been organized at the beginning of each semester.  It is recommended that faculty attend these workshops prior to using the software. 

Additional faculty training is available through CIT. Contact John Bansavich ( and Ken Yoshioka ( to schedule. Or contact Eileen Lai ( to schedule CIT Mac/PC Lab training.

Access to Cowell Hall G25

Faculty members are required to use their USF ID cards to gain access to the room.  An individual alarm code is assigned to each faculty member in order to access the classroom.  It is the faculty’s responsibility to arm and un-arm the security system in order to secure the classroom’s computer assets.  Please contact for additional training and orientation information.

Classroom Technology Mac Laptop

Classroom Technology provides a Macintosh Laptop with Mac OS X & Windows XP, a DVD/ VHS player and a projector at the podium.  To access these resources, all faculty must obtain a key by contacting ITS at (415) 422-6668.  Please ensure you test your key along with the alarm code/swipe access.