Japan Student Association (JSA)

The Japan Student Association (JSA) at USF is growing in membership and providing exciting opportunities for students to expand their knowledge about Japanese culture and society.

Many students who are pursuing majors, minors and certificates in Japanese Studies belong to the JSA. The group sponsors a variety of activities and events, including the recent Kimono wearing demonstration and Tea Ceremony. The JSA also volunteers for community activities, such as assisting with the annual Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco Japan Town and guiding college students from Japan to major attractions in San Francisco.

tea kimono1

You do not have to know Japanese in order to join — You just need to be interested in Japan! For more information, contact Professor Noriko Nagata (JSA Advisor) at nagatan@usfca.edu.


Photo credit: © Noriko Nagata — Tea Ceremony (left); Kimono wearing demonstration event (right)